What Gifts would an Architect Absolutely Adore?

Architects are a special breed. They don’t only design buildings for an office but also give the organizations a social presence. The architects are known for being thoughtful in their work. Hence, choosing gifts for Architects is not that easy as they have a keen eye for attention to detail.

Gifts for Architect

Some of them are also too picky about the aesthetics and benefits of the products. Hence, the selected gifts should be useful as well reflect the thought of appreciation towards them.

Here are some sharp ideas that can materializes great gifts for Architect –

Lego Blocks

Don’t think of Lego blocks as just a toy to be used for building architectural models. Many architects use this for inspiration as this can be helpful to build almost real structures. Also, these blocks can be used to explore the imagination of an architecture which in turn can benefit them in actual life designing.


Nothing reeks of architecture than a blueprint. Find out about the persons favorite building structure and get a blueprint for that. Further, frame and gift it to him.

Also,these blueprints can be customized portraying the person’s choice and preferences.

Architecture triangular scale

Architecture triangular scale is an essential tool for any designer. This scale is capable of three different readings at the same time; as a result, measurements can be converted easily without giving extra stress to the brain and save a lot of time.


Sure T-shirts can make anyone look nice. But customized T-shirts for Architects can be a great funky gifts for Architect idea!

You can opt for T-shirts with a quote like “trust me I am an Architect,” or “nothing makes me more productive than the last minute.”Now, this can be a quirky way to show that we rely on them to build our houses.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs with architectural drawings of famous buildings like the Guggenheim for Empire State Building can be a classic and fun gift option. This would remind an architect of the brilliant structural designs as well as inspire them to build something similar.

3D Doodler

An architect always has plans on his mind. He often formulates designs in his mind and presents them with diagrams or models. This 3D doodling pen can help to showcase instant actualization of one’s imagination and gives the power of endless creativity.

Offering a design course to learn from world-famous Architects is a unique gift. It can boost the proficiency of an architect and help him be better in this particular field.

Online course

Renowned architects like Frank Gehry provides online classes for advanced architecture and guide students with a gem of advice. This could be a golden opportunity for an architect to learn from one of the world’s best. It can be done online so last minute planning is okay too.

Drawing set

An architect must always be ready to put down an innovative idea or design. Also, inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime. So carrying a sketch and drawing set can be very much instrumental to jot down the ideas.


Customized blueprint cufflinks would give a nice touch to any architect’s sharp dressing sense. Only an architect is capable of pulling off something like this. Moreover, this makes the gift unique and attractive.

Desk Set

An architect has to spend countless hours on his desk. So there is a need for having a proper desk which is stable and smooth.Moreover, desk sets made of concrete can be an excellent choice as they are very durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Instead, a sawhorse desk can be offered too if the architect has a preference for a vintage rustic look, they can quickly roll blueprints on them to work in peace. Flip desks are also quite popular as they increase the office space easily. They also look quite sleek which is aesthetically attractive to most of them.

Also, architects have to draw a lot and make necessary changes as they design. They require proper concentration to do the same. Hence the desk should contain a good lamp which can shed light on their designs the perfect structure.

Pocket Watches

Architects generally stay so engrossed in their own creative universes, that they lose track of time. Hence, for your dreamy designer friend, get a branded pocket watch.

Not only will these be artsy but you’ll find him cracking up once you present him with such an original gift for Architect.

Whiskey glass set

Come now, every talented artist according to studies have a soft corner for alcohol. So, indulge your architect buddy a little and buy him a set of signature whiskey glasses. He can relax after a tiring day with a glass of his favorite drink and listen to some music to help him get in the creative mood.

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

At architecture school, a lot of things are taught. But people tend to forget most of them because of lack of practice or revision. This can help relearn these things and sharpen the concepts. Thus, it is widely found in the most architects’ bookshelf.


Give them with an organizer. It would help an architect to track all the essentials and increase his efficiency. Being organized would help to make better designs.

Pencil holder

An architect has a lot of sketching to do,and for that, he needs various types of pencils. Give him a pencil holder pencil holder with multiple compartments to hold different kinds of pens. This can come with a mirror finish and looks great on their desk. It is a simple yet very thoughtful gift.


The architect has to carry a lot of things like blueprints paper tripod large drawings sketching equipment. To hold these altogether a good bag is needed. Buy an all leather finished backpack which is stylish as well as useful in  everyday’s work.

Thus, these gifts can be very instrumental in winning over the heart of an architect as it shows that you care for them.