What should a Christmas Gift Basket have?

If you are planning to present a gift basket for your family members, here are some ideas for the contents to form part of the basket.It is really adorable to choose Christmas gifts baskets as gifts for Christmas.

The reason is that besides being good at the look, they are affordable and they can be personalized as well.

Christmas gifts baskets

Even, if you do not want to shop for a gift basket as a whole with the items filled in it, you can opt for gift basket separately and can buy the items that you should be filling for each individual in your family as per his/her personal needs. For instance, kids can be presented with gift baskets filled with pens, pencils, and other stationary items, while an elderly person can be presented with gift baskets filled with healthy fruits and veggies. As you are planning to present gift baskets for your loving family members, here are some ideas to consider:

1.Citrus Spa Soap Gift Box Set:

Citrus Spa Soap Gift Box Set

If this gift basket is for your girlfriend, your wife or your teen daughter, who is highly concerned about her beauty, you can choose this basket that is filled with face mask, hand cream, rescue balm, deep cleanse soap, body butter, and detox bath salt to relax muscles. Each of these items will be liked by her to a great extent for sure.


2. Wine gift basket:

Wine gift basket

If this is a gift for your boyfriend, your husband or your brother, this Longaberger wine gift basket will surely be loved by any man. It comes with a large canister and wooden lid and a plastic insert with sealing lid. There are also strawberry sweets filled in the basket and the glittering gift will surely enthrall your man.

3. Aromatherapy gift basket:

Aromatherapy gift basket

If you know that one of your family members has a great attraction towards aromatherapy and he/she takes it on a daily basis or as and when he/she gets time, this aromatherapy gift basket can surely be a great choice. It is filled with handcrafted soap, body spritz and bath bomb to bring relaxing days ahead for him/her for sure. Even, you can choose from a wide range of other options for the scents to be included in the basket.


4. Organic gift basket:

Organic gift basket

Nowadays, many of us are moving towards organic products and particularly women are highly particular about choosing organic items when it comes to skin care. If one of your family members does it, you can stay confident that she will be highly satisfied to receive this Christmas Gift Basket that is filled with organic body butter, bath salts, and body scrub.


5. Coffee gift basket:

Coffee gift basket

One of the best Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for coffee lovers is to present them baskets with great-tasting coffee powders and coffee cups. You can opt for this coffee gift basket that is decorated, shrink-wrapped and ready to gift. It comes with a gift card included and so you need not have to shop for a gift card separately. This can be the excellent news, isn’t?

6. Dark chocolate gift basket:

Dark chocolate gift basket

If you are looking for the ideal Christmas basket ideas for one of your family members with diabetes, you can opt for this dark chocolate gift basket. Studies show that dark chocolate is highly beneficial for patients with diabetes and so it will bring some health benefits to the individual. This gift basket has a packet of dark chocolate Florentines, a pack of almond flavored biscuits, a packet of dark chocolate Mendiants and also a box of dark chocolate truffles. The diabetic patient, who has so far been craving for foods that taste good, this can be the best gift for sure.

7. Personalized baby gift basket:

Personalized baby gift basket

If you have a baby girl in your home, this can be one of the coolest Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for the little girl. It comes with 5 successful customized burp cloths, a customized comfy cozy, a customized diaper cover, a customized onesie, a customized hooded set of towel, a couple of customized pullover bibs and everything is packed together in a white willow basket with a customized liner. The excellent thing about this gift basket for your little girl is that you can choose trim and thread colors, plush animal and font style of your choice.


8. Car Care gift set:

Car Care gift basket

If your boyfriend has recently brought a new car and is highly happy about his shopping, you can make him even happier by presenting him with this great gift basket. It constitutes items like microfiber car cloth, car fragrances, wash pad, interior clean items, de-icer, tire shine, a window scraper and many other items that will help your boyfriend to keep his car tidy and fresh always.


9. Men’s grooming gift basket:

Men’s grooming gift basket

If your intention is to present a gift basket with items that can be used on a daily basis by your boyfriend or your husband, you can place an order for this Men’s grooming gift basket. It comes with items like grooming scissors, hair comb, beard oil, face moisturizer, beard conditioner and many other items that will help your man to pamper himself and look at his best.

10. Cookie Gift Basket:

Cookie Gift Basket

Each one of us loves cookies and irrespective of the age of the receiver, this is one of the best Christmas Gift Basket to choose. This handmade gift basket has items like brown sugar, baking soda, milk, baking powder, cocoa, nuts, walnuts, vanilla extract, eggs, white sugar, and unbleached flour.


11. Gluten-free chocolates:

Gluten-free chocolates

If one of your family members is allergic to gluten, he/she will always have a tough time in selecting some goodies. You can present him/her with this gluten-free chocolate gift basket with nut clusters, chocolate dipped fruits, chocolate covered pretzels with meringues, ginger nut bars, almond cranberry bark, and many other items for quench the taste buds of your family member, who is allergic to gluten.

12. Snacks and games gift basket:

Snacks and games gift basket

Kids generally love games and they also love snacks too much. So, if you are looking for the best Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for your little girl or boy, you can opt for this gift basket that has a collection of games and also some mouth-watering snacks for him/her to enthrall on this Christmas.


13. Dora gift basket:

Dora gift basket

If you have a little girl in your home, you might be aware of the fact that girls are greatly attracted towards the Dora character in cartoons. This gift basket will have different items that will suit your little girl and she will be enthralled to see the picture of Dora on each and every item that she gets from this dora gift basket for this Christmas.

14. Superhero gift basket:

Superhero gift kit

When girls are attracted towards some characters like Dora, boys are highly attracted towards superheroes like Spiderman. Your son will be truly enthralled to get a gift basket with the images and stickers of his favorite heroes like Batman, Avengers, etc. You can also customize the gift basket when you place an order such that you can get the images of your son’s favorite characters alone and not others. So, this is one of the best Christmas basket ideas for boys.Button

15. Dory gifts:

Dory gifts for baby

Dory is a cartoon fish character that attracted not just kids, but also many adults to a great extent. If you are looking for Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for kids, you can choose this Dory gift basket that can be customized with the items that you need apart from the images of Dory.


16. Vintage Christmas Quilted Centerpiece Basket:

Christmas red basket

This is just a quilted gift basket that can be filled with any of your favorite items. If you are planning for a gift for her, regardless of whether she is your girlfriend or lover, you can opt for this basket, which will turn out to be a holiday décor in your home in the future.


17. Gardening gift basket:

Gardening gift basket

If you are planning to gift someone, who has a great attraction towards gardening, you can present this gardening gift basket, which has a 2-ounce herbal salve, 4 oz deet free-kid friendly bug repellent and about 5 oz all natural gardening soap. Also, the gift basket has a wooden nail brush. All these items will be of great help to the individual interested in gardening without any doubt whatsoever.

18.Chemo survival gift basket

Chemo survival gift basket

If one of your family members has undergone chemotherapy, this chemo gift basket with items like shea butter, beeswax, lavender, detox bath salt, cotton, gift card, coconut oil and other useful items can really come handy without any doubt whatsoever.


19. Winter season survival kit:


Christmas falls in the winter season and even though it is a holiday season to enjoy, winter always brings with it some skin ailments and other problems for many of us. This is why this Winter season survival kit gift can be the excellent Christmas Gift Basket for any of your family members and it has items like organic shea butter, botanical extracts, and essential oils to keep the skin safe on winter.

20. Dried fruits and flowers gift basket:

Dried fruits and flowers gift basket

Many of us are interested in collecting dried fruits and flowers and many are interested in gardening as well. If one of your family members has these interests, the best gift that you can ever select for her for the holiday occasion is the dried fruits and flowers gift basket that comes with a watering can. She will be enthralled to see all her loving stuff in a single gift basket.

21. Fairy smoke incense:


As you are looking for some useful ideas to fill up your Christmas Gift Basket with some useful stuff, you can opt for incenses. Some incense is highly relaxing and they can actually take up to another world. If you wish to enthrall your entire family in a holy smoke, you can fill up the Christmas basket with this unique fairy smoke incense.


22.Game of Thrones Gift Popcorn Seasoning set

Game of Thrones Gift Popcorn Seasoning set

Nonna’s Game of Thrones themed Popcorn Seasoning Gift set
with LIMITED EDITION “Game of Thrones” label and flavors!


23. Baby diaper gift basket:

Baby diaper gift basket

If you have a new member in your family, your wife will be enthralled to get something that will be highly helpful for her to take care of the new baby. So, you can place an order for this completely customized diaper gift basket. This set comes with 74 size 2 diapers, baby wipes, diaper changing pad, diaper bag dispenser and bags, additional diapers, baby lotion, baby wash, hand sanitizer, diaper rash cream, newborn socks and wash clothes. In short, this gift basket will have the stuff to meet the needs of the little one.


Gifts make Christmas special and memorable. Some of these Christmas Gift Basket Ideas can make the Christmas highly memorable for your family members. When you present them with something that will help with their personal needs, they will feel highly happier. The needs differ with age, sex, situation and many other factors and if you are more particular about personalization, you should be well-aware of the needs of the individual to whom you are planning to gift something useful.

For instance, kids always love chocolates and games, while women taking care of the entire family will be happy to get something that will be useful for her to bring ultimate happiness. Similarly, the needs differ and personalization can be achieved only when the right gift at the right time is given to an individual. So, after analyzing the needs, you can choose the appropriate gift for each one of your family members to enthrall them on this Christmas.