Why is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is one of those auspicious festivals that bring about the joy and merriment of the winter season. It is believed by many that Jesus Christ was born on this day and hence the name of the festival. Churches are adorned with glory on the day of Christmas and feasts are arranged on Christmas Eve. Christmas is truly one of the most popular and majorly celebrated festivals all over the world with people from both Christian and non-Christian communities taking part in the celebrations. Though Christmas is primarily observed to commemorate the birth of Jesus, it is widely celebrated for a number of additional reasons. A few of those reasons include homecoming, family get-togethers, feasts and exchange of gifts.

Christmas has gained immense popularity as a major festival because it is the sole celebration of the winter holiday season, thus, bestowing people a reason to get out of their home and enjoy the chill of December. One of the most popular myths associated with Christmas is about a big fat man named Santa Clause dressed in red and white robes who rides a sleigh run by reindeers bringing gifts for children on the midnight of Christmas Eve. The folklore has since become one of the major reasons of Christmas celebrations with little children hoping to get attractive gifts from Santa.

Merry Christmas

Though anyone has hardly seen the real Santa, most children’s Santa is their own father who dress like the man and buys gifts for them. As many non-Christian countries have adhered to Christmas celebrations, sharing of gifts have become an inevitable custom. Christmas parties are organized in many households where friends and family gather and exchange gifts to celebrate the cause of the very day. In Christmas themed parties, Christmas trees are decorated with tinsels and lights and fruit cakes are prepared. A feast is, thus, surely one of the integral parts of the festival of Christmas.

When it comes to sharing of Christmas gifts between loved ones, there can be no compromise in selecting the best from the lot. Bringing about a smile on someone’s face is perhaps the greatest gift we can get in return and to help you out in choosing outstanding gifts for your family and friends, we have shortlisted seven unique Christmas gift ideas that are sure to make the evening more special than ever before.

  • Christmas tree: Nothing can be more delightful than gifting your loved one a Christmas tree on the eve of the festival. This will not only make the celebrations complete but also adorn his/her house with a symbol of your love forever. Christmas trees are available in different sizes with optional or complementary customizations. You can even buy decorative bulbs, stars and tinsels to decorate the Christmas tree before gifting it. We recommend the SGS Christmas Tree  for this very purpose.

sgs christmas tree

  • Candles: Christmas and candle is a co-related term and any Christmas party is complete without adorning the house with candles. Imagine how happy your friends would be if you gift the same to him or her. Candles are surely one of the best Christmas gifts and can be purchased for anyone irrespective of age and gender. The Candle Shop Christmas Candle  is a great gift for the occasion.

christmas candle

  • Wreaths: The primary criteria of organizing a successful Christmas party is not only adorning yourself with good clothes but also decorating your house and places surrounding it with various Christmas ornaments. These include Christmas trees, tinsels and wreaths. Wreaths are a great way to signify the purpose of Christmas, i.e. to commemorate the birth of Jesus, and at the same time decorate the interiors and exteriors of one’s house outstandingly. If you are attending a Christmas party at a relative’s house or that of a friend’s, you can surely gift them the Christmas wreath with decoration by Decorika. Believe us, they will surely appreciate such an excellent Christmas gift idea.


  • Baking utensils: Christmas is the time when cakes are prepared at home to invite friends and relatives and organize a feast for them. In order to help your family member in creating a special cake for the evening, you can gift him/her baking utensils this Christmas. Not only can it be considered as a unique Christmas gift suggestion but also a great commodity for the very purpose of gifting. We recommend the Tag3 Baking Measurement Measuring Cups and Spoons Set.

tag3 measuring cups

  • Marshmallows: Winter is the season of Marshmallows and, thus, buying the very same as gifts for Christmas would not only bring about a wide smile on the face of your loved one but would also help you to get closer to him/her. This is because sweets are everyone’s popular choice of a holiday treat and marshmallows are better suited for the Christmas season. The Chocholik’s Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Pack is a sure delight for any chocolate and sweet lover and can thus be considered as a great gift for this Christmas. Buy them before stocks last!


  • Christmas mug: As Christmas brings about the winter holiday season, it brings with it the chilling blows of the season. A hot coffee is the best measure one can take to cope up with the cold and when served in a customized cup, the feeling is even more special. You can make your friends feel the same by gifting them the Valerio Christmas mug  which is made up of long-lasting porcelain and is microwave safe.

christmas cup

  • Family games: If you are still hovering for Christmas gift suggestions, your search ends here. Christmas is the time when family comes close to each other for celebration and thus it is the best time to gift a family game to any member of your family. The games can only be played by involving a certain number of players which, in turn, serves the purpose of merriment during the festival. The Funskool Game of Life  is perhaps one of the best family board games to enjoy quality time during this Christmas.

family game