Anniversary gifts for couples

Trying to think of an anniversary gift every year for your friends or your parents can be quite annoying; especially when you’re trying to get them something better than the previous year. It also difficult to find a single gift that is practical and useful for both men and women. You may not even know their tastes very well to give them specific household items. That what the list below is supposed to help you with – you will some of the best anniversary gifts for couples at some of the most reasonable prices below.

Anniversary gifts

Things to consider

Before you move on the unusual anniversary gifts, here are a few things you need in mind before and while you are shopping. These points will help you narrow down your choices and make a better choice of gift.

  • What kind of gift do you want to give them? Is it a household item? Are you considering bath or kitchen products? Once you figure this portion out, you narrow down your choices by quite a significant margin.
  • What is your budget? Are you alright with superseding it a little?
  • What are the couples likes and dislikes? Are they particular about the things that they use in their house?
  • Will the gift you want to give them be useful and match with the other things in their house?

All of these questions are things you should think about before you start. You will be a lot less confused if you have the answers to all these questions. The time you take to pick something will also be reduced.

Anniversary gifts

Here a number of very reasonable and very appropriate unusual anniversary gifts for couples. You can pick any of these before you head off to their house. They are appropriate for many other occasions as well.

  1. Wine Glasses

Wine glass anniversary gifts

This set of two hand painted wine glasses is the ideal gift for a couple who are wine lovers. They have lovely designs on them, and can used on an everyday basis or special occasions. They are hardy and won’t break easily when washing them. The design on the glasses is rather unusually abstract, but this means that you can use them at both casual and formal gatherings. After all, these glasses are made in the wine capital of the world, so the slender look and design is something that any wine lover would enjoy.

  1. The corner of I do

the corner of i do

Talk about unusual personalized gifts, this is definitely something that any quirky couple would love to receive as an anniversary gift. It is the perfect size of 11 inches in width and 14 inches in height. You can place in the corner of a room or even on a stand or table to show off to the world. It looks exactly like a sidewalk sign, except for the fact that it has the name of the couple and their wedding date on it. This is definitely a fun anniversary gift for couples, especially if they love to experiment with their décor.

  1. Poster


If you’re looking for a simple yet catchy anniversary gift for couples, then this is the perfect item. This poster comes in a number of dimensions that you can choose from. It can be hung on any wall in the house, above the fireplace, in the passage way or even on the bedroom door. It has the couples name on it and can be customized however you like. These posters are made to last for a solid 98 years; so you are definitely getting your money’s worth. It is the perfect unusual gift idea for any anniversary.

  1. Cutting Board

chopping board anniversary gift

If you’re looking for an unusual anniversary gift for couples that is both sentimental and useful, then this personalized cutting board is just what you need. It comes in a standard size of 12 inches by 16 inches, and is very handy in the kitchen. It even has a personalized messaged along with the names of the couple and their wedding date engraved onto it. You can choose any quote or design that you would like engraved on it, this will ensure that your gift is definitely one of its kind.

  1. Aspen tree painting

aspan tree painting

For some, old school is the way to go. This aspen tree painting has a vintage style engraved look with the names of the couple and their wedding date engraved on to it. This is something that everyone has done during their young days, and it is sure to take the couple down memory lane. This thoughtful gift can be framed and it is a decent size of 11 inches by 14 inches. This painting is neat yet colorful, it definitely lights up the room.

  1. Photo Frame

photo frame anniversary gift

A photo frame is a rather drab idea when thinking about an unusual anniversary gift for couples. If you want something that stands out, you should pick this personalized photo frame. You can place a 4×6 photo alongside a customized messaged with the names and wedding date of the couple. The frame in itself is quite attractive, and the personalized message adds a special touch to the entire thing.

  1. Bracelets

bracelet anniversary gift

If you want to get something for a couple on their anniversary that reminds them of how lucky they are to have each other every day, then these his and her stainless steel bracelets are the way to go. Her bracelet comes in pink and his in black. It definitely a great gift for your wife or husband on your anniversary. It is a gentle reminder of your love that you can wear wherever you go. It is also quite stylish so it will match with most of your outfits.

  1. Engagement paper

enganement paper

This one of a kind print has the dates of the when the couple started dating, got engaged and got married. It is definitely a lovely yet unusual gift to give to your significant other on your anniversary. You can have the print in any color your choice and you can even frame it and keep it anywhere in your house. This anniversary gift is definitely something that will be appreciated for its simplicity and thoughtfulness.

  1. Vase

vase anniversary gift

This household item doubles as an amazing anniversary gift for couples, especially if you are looking for an unusual gift idea. This vase comes with a smaller sphere attached to it, to give it an odd yet attractive look. You can put flowers into one or both spheres to create a unique flower arrangement design.

  1. Collage picture frame

collage picture frame anniversary gifts

This picture frame allows you to hold a maximum of four photos, and it is all intricately designed to look like a collage around the words, “A true love story never ends”. It is a black frame where you can place 4×6 inch photos. This is definitely an anniversary gift for couples that will make their day, it also commemorates their anniversary very well.

  1. Bed lamp

romatic bed lamps anniversary gift

This is a rather romantic LED bed lamp that makes the perfect anniversary gift. It is designed to look like mushrooms, and definitely fits in well in bedroom. It is a lovely gift to give to your significant other or to gift to another couple on their anniversary.