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14 Designer Etsy Earrings That Will Refurbish Any Jewelry Box!

Etsy Earrings

Are your earrings becoming commonplace wherever you visit? Well, gals! Time to get new pairs to go with the dresses in your wardrobe. Check out the 14 exquisite earrings below and grab the one you love! Accessories are but the compliments you pay yourself. Not only for you, but you can also buy these for gifting all those ladies out …

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13 Wedding Gifts You Would Never Think Of


Summary: When we start thinking about wedding gifts, we get several ideas in our minds. But, we totally miss out something and here are such ideas that you might never have thought earlier. Many of us search for unique wedding gift ideas. Even though there are some gifts that are considered traditional for a wedding, many of us wish that …

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How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Gifts?


This is the question that most of us get in our minds when we get a wedding invitation. The decision should be made based on different factors. Every time you get a wedding invitation, the first question that will be arising in your mind is what to gift. It is true that most of us want our wedding gifts to be …

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The best 50th anniversary gift ideas


The couples who have been together for as long as long 50 years deserve appreciation and special attention. So 50th anniversary gifts need more thought and care. You have to first create a list of 50th anniversary gift ideas and select the best from the list. Here I am going to list out some 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Magnifying …

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Best 6 ideas for 5 year anniversary gift

A figurine with a wish

The 5th year anniversary is a reminder to both husband and wife that they were able to go through every difficulty that the life threw at them together and they can continue like that till the end. The traditional theme for 5th year anniversary is wood and silver. You can present a traditional gift or a modern gift. So here …

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A list of golden wedding anniversary gifts


History says that the tradition of celebrating wedding anniversary dates back to the time of Roman Empire. At that time the husbands used to wear silver tiara to their wives on the 25th anniversary and gold tiara on 50th anniversary. 50th wedding anniversary is also known as golden wedding anniversary.  Completion of 50 years in marriage calls for celebration; in …

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8 best choices for engagement gifts


Engagement is a precursor to a wedding and that makes it all the more special. Though it retains less significance compared to the wedding event, it is still considered a function where special engagement gifts are showered to wish and bless the couple. In that aspect, one has to be very thoughtful in selecting the engagement gifts. We spare you …

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Wedding Gift Ideas for Him


Gift giving is a delicate but rewarding art. Wedding Gifts specifically tend to be hard to choose as they require some serious thought and consideration. Selecting a wedding gift for the groom in particular can be especially difficult as a good wedding gift should ideally be both thoughtful and practical. There are a large variety of products available online that …

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Wedding Gift Ideas for HER


Good gift giving is an art.  Wedding gifts specially tend to be very difficult to pick. More often than not people find wedding gifting a tedious exercise with their choices limited to clichéd ‘His and Hers’ gift items and household appliances. Selecting a wedding gift for the bride is even harder as people tend to pick boring utilitarian gifts. While …

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