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Holi T-Shirts – Extremely Necessary For You To Keep It Cool!

India is a country of colours, zest and festivals. There is one festival in particular that celebrates all these features together. It is none other than the festivals of colours, Holi. Holi certainly makes it to the heart and minds of so many regardless of their age and state. Though there is nothing much that can stress a person out …

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Holi gift ideas for spreading joy and happiness

Holi gift ideas

The festival of Holi is celebrated worldwide and especially in our country, with a lot of pomp and show. Its spectacular grandeur is worth viewing and therefore have been attracting thousands of tourists from across the world over the years. The overall atmosphere in some parts of the country is mesmerizing and people participate whole heartedly by playing colours and …

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Celebrating Holi with gifts and sharing the joy of colours

Holi gifts

The festival of Holi, often celebrated with colours, finds completion in gift giving. The tradition is not only followed in India, but even by Indians settled abroad who send their warm and heartfelt wishes by sending across Holi gifts to friends and relatives in India. In the land of festivals, Holi adds endless vibrancy through the convivial celebration of rituals, …

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Top 10 popular and unusual holi gift ideas

Holi is one of the most popular festivals that are celebrated around the world. This festival involves so much fun and beauty that it is not simply restricted to India anymore. Every country has incorporated this colorful and vibrant festival into their lives. This festival involves playing with a lot of powdered and water colors and having the largest water …

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Holi: The Festival of Colors

Description: Many of us just see holi as the festival of colors, but there is much other importance associated with this festival. Let us gather some details in this regard. There are many aspects related to the Holi festival that makes it the ideal celebration in the lives of humans. Even though, many of us celebrate this festival with whole …

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