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How Can You Celebrate 40th Birthday For Your Dad?


Summary: In case, the 40th Birthday of your father is fast approaching, you might have plans to celebrate the same. Here are some ideas to help. People say that life begins at 40. Yes, as your father is nearing 40, you might have plans to celebrate the beginning of the next decade of your father with great surprises for him. …

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8 Ideas To Make The 30th Birthday Party Memorable


Summary: Without any doubt, the 30th birthday is a milestone in the lives of humans and if you wish to make this birthday special for someone, here are some ideas. Reaching 30 years is not a thing to worry about just because you have crossed your 20s, but it is the year to celebrate. This year should start in a …

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200 cool Christmas gifts for everyone


During childhood, Christmas was my favorite season of the year because we usually used to get a week to celebrate it and used to give out cool Christmas gifts to each other. Years have passed since then; still it remains the favorite period of the year. Whenever we speak about Christmas, the thought about giving out cool Christmas gifts often …

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20 Things To Buy Before Dusshera


Summary: With only a few weeks left for the beginning of Dusshera celebrations, you should be aware of the things to keep ready. Here is a list to help you out. It is true that Dusshera, the festive season is fast approaching in India. Even though Dusshera is celebrated in different manner in India in different parts of the country, …

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15 Unusual Gift Ideas For Dusshera


Summary: So, what are your plans for Dusshera this year with just few weeks left? Here are some gift ideas to help. As the festival of Dusshera is just a few weeks away, time has started to begin your celebrations right away. This is a festival that signifies the victory of good over evil. So, eating delicious foods and wearing …

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10 Unusual Navratri Gifts For Your Family


Summary: In India, as you know Navratri is a 9-day festival celebrated to honor goddesses and here are some Navratri gift ideas to help you out. Navratri is celebrated as a 9-day festival in India and this festival is celebrated in a different manner in different parts of the country. For instance, when it comes to southern states like Tamil …

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7 Reasons why an iPhone is A Great Gift to Technology Lovers


Summary: If one of your friend or your close relative is a tech lover, you might be thinking whether the latest iPhone can be the great gift for him. Some people have great craze towards iPhone and they always want to own the latest iPhone in the market. If you follow iPhone, you might be aware of the latest introduction …

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Unusual Travel Gift Ideas for the Travelers


Summary: If your friend is planning for a huge travel, you might be thinking about presenting him a gift. Here are some unusual gift ideas for travelers. A popular saying reads that ‘exploration is the real essence of the human spirit’. If your friend is a frequent traveler or whether he has plans to begin his first journey of exploring …

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13 Wedding Gifts You Would Never Think Of


Summary: When we start thinking about wedding gifts, we get several ideas in our minds. But, we totally miss out something and here are such ideas that you might never have thought earlier. Many of us search for unique wedding gift ideas. Even though there are some gifts that are considered traditional for a wedding, many of us wish that …

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How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Gifts?


This is the question that most of us get in our minds when we get a wedding invitation. The decision should be made based on different factors. Every time you get a wedding invitation, the first question that will be arising in your mind is what to gift. It is true that most of us want our wedding gifts to be …

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