7 Gifts For Animal Lovers

Animals share the planet with us. While we have been the dominant species in Earth for quite some time, many of us the so called animal lovers have that special connect with the other creatures that inhabit our planet. You do not necessarily have to be a member of an animal rights protection group to decide on the best gift for an animal lover.

Gifts For Animal Lovers

Nothing can be more exciting for them than being gifted something that would be of great use for their loved ones – the animals. Here I am going to discuss about gifts for animal lovers that could well delight the individual who is an ardent animal lover.

Gifts For Animal Lovers

1. Scratching bed for cats

Scratching bed for cats-Gifts For Animal Lovers

The first one in my list of gifts for animal lovers is a Scratching bed for the feline companion – yes this is specifically for the cat lovers. This is for your furry cat who likes to play scratching. This bed can be used for scratching and once your pet is exhausted, it can take a catnap. The scratch bed usually contains a scratching pad which is cozy and a round cardboard case.

Your kitty can curl up and have a good sleep after its hunting and play time. You can place this anywhere near where your cat loves to hang around or scratch (Near furniture or even your bed).

2. Throw pillow

Throw pillow

This is for the animal lover in you. These pillows look very much like live pets when you take a look at them. They come in different designs – you get pillows in the shape of dog head, cat head and other animals as you wish.

You can gift this to your friend depending upon his or her favourite pet. You will get these with different facial expressions of the pets. You also get various breeds in each animal (dog or cat) and the pillows looks life-like. Like dogs you can gift kitty pillows, rabbit pillows and so on.

3. Phone case

Phone case

This is ideal for your friends who loves their pets and also have a smartphone. Search online and you will stumble upon a lot many options with beautiful designs. You can gift according to your friend and you may also print his or her pet’s photo from any studio.

This will give a personalized touch and your friend or loved one is going to appreciate your effort. There is another model which is a soft cover for your phone and is washable. Every time he or she takes their smartphone, the picture of their pet would bring a smile on their faces.

4. T-shirt or shirt

T-shirt or shirt

This is a common gift that can be given to your male and female friends. If they are dog person gift them a t-shirt which has a dog’s face printed on it. You may also print their pet’s photo on the t-shirt (or shirt). You can either buy a t-shirt with a pet’s picture on it online, or visit a nearby store and select the perfect gift for your friend or loved one.

5. A DVD collection of videos

A DVD collection of videos

You will get to buy a collection of DVDs about nature and animals from online portals. Buy one collection  and gift to your friend and he / she is going to be excited. It is also possible to procure a DVD collection based on different animals. Select the one that your friend will like and order it with a gift wrap. It will be a pleasant surprise if you get it delivered at their door step.

When I checked one such site I was able to see videos about wild elephants, tigers, lions, bears and other animals. Though the video are predominantly about wild animals, if you are going to spend some time searching, you could also stumble upon videos of domestic animals including your favourite pet animal.

6. Wall hooks

Wall hooks

Wall hooks in the shape of animals (mostly in the shape of head of the animal) as a gift for your animal loving friend will be quite a wonderful idea. It can be of an elephant, tiger, rhino and any other animals. I would suggest you to buy a set of different animal “head”Wall hooks for each room and see for yourself how excited your friend is going to be.

7. Dogbrella for their Dog

Dogbrella for their Dog

If your friend is staying at a place where it rains a lot, this can be a thoughtful gift for them. Buy a Dogbrella for your friend and rain will not stop them from taking their dogs out. The canine companion would be well served even during the rains and your friend would love the thought you have put in to gift him this particular item. Both man and man’s best friend would be mighty pleased with this gesture of yours!

Animal lovers are of a different world. Nothing excites them more than a gift that is best suited for an animal or brings about reminiscence of a pretty creature. The gifts that I have listed should help you decide on the best gift for them.