Turtle Gifts

Throughout history, many symbols have been known as signs of good luck and fortune. The elephant is considered as a symbol of good health, love and a long happy life. The famous four-leaf clover is considered as a good luck sign by the Irish people. Similarly, there are many other such symbols of luck in the form of plants and animals. There is one such another symbol that is considered as good luck and as a sign of good fortune and prosperity by the Native American Indians. This is the symbol of a Turtle. This folk were the one that started the belief that turtles are their spirit animals. This belief came into existence because turtles have a long life-potency of up to 150 years and thus they can be considered as signs of good health and long life. Here we have listed unusual turtle gifts for turtle lovers.

Turtle Gifts

Gift- giving and Belief in Luck

When it comes to giving gifts to your loved ones, a long thought process is involved. You think about what they like or what is the purpose of giving the gift or what will make a great impression when it comes to giving gifts to colleagues. And when it comes to deciding a gift for housewarming or buying a new plot or starting a job, people strong belief on luck. Yes, merit and hard work does count, but luck plays a key role in our lives. Luck works like faith for many people in this world. Just like there are people who believe in God as the handler of the earth, there also exists another set of people who believe in luck.

Luck is like a chance event, it might be there someday, it might not be there on another. Nonetheless, it is a belief that binds millions of people on this planet. It is a hope, a guide through life that people believe will someday shine on them and good things will happen. Thus, it is important to keep this hope for people strong. Giving them a gift that is considered as a symbol for happiness and prosperity helps in bringing that smile on people’s faces that gives the giver a satisfaction that they have done something good.

Turtle gifts or Turtle-themed gifts

Turtle gifts are one of the most commonly chosen gifts these days. They are extremely adorable to look at and a sign of wisdom and patience. They are an emblem of permanence, stability and patience in many cultures and across many countries like Africa, China, Japan, India and America. A turtle gift is a symbol of protection to place in which they are kept. It acts as a symbol of luck and endurance to the person or family you give it to. Not only just luck, turtle themed gifts are also cute, and people find them extremely endearing. Some of the most commonly found turtle gifts have been discussed in this article.

Different Turtle gifts in the market

1) Dawhud Direct Tribal Sea Turtles Fleece Throw Blanket


Sea Turtles Fleece Throw Blanket - turtle gifts

  1. It is an extremely soft and cosy blanket.
  2. It is very warm, adequately thick and not heavy to carry.
  3. It is available in vibrant colours with big turtles printed on them in contrasting prints.
  4. It is made of polyester and can be easily washed in washing machines.
  5. A beautiful gift for friends and family and has multiple purposes, be it for home to be used as a lap blanket or to be used in a garden party or at a barbeque.


2) Karma Gifts Boho Black and White Mug, Sea Turtle


  1. It is a Boho and turtle themed black and white cup.
  2. Pretty design is made on the outside of the cup.
  3. An inspirational quote is written on the rim of the cup which can be a good start for the day to have morning tea in the cup.
  4. Can be used for both hot and cold drinks.
  5. It is durable and made of ceramic.
  6. It is one of the unique turtle gifts to be given individually; the quote can inspire a friend in need.


3) StealStreet Marine Life Snow Globe with Sea Turtle Statue Figurine

Marine Life Snow Globe with Sea Turtle Statue Figurine


  1. Snow globes are always beautiful and fascinating gifts to give.
  2. This is a turtle sea-world themed snow globe.
  3. It is stunningly crafted.
  4. A turtle is floating inside the snow globe, while the base has been decorated beautifully with the picturesque of different sea creatures along with, of course, the turtle.
  5. The globe is made of glass while the rest of the structure is made of strong and durable material of polyresin.
  6. A perfect gift for people who love and admire snow globes.


4) Regal Art & Gift Sea Turtle Wall Decor


Regal Art & Gift Sea Turtle Wall Decor - turtle gifts


  1. This is a beautiful wall decoration item.
  2. It can be used in houses with sea theme or by people living in tropical areas or for good luck.
  3. It is of emerald greenish blue colour.
  4. It is made of metal and the final finishing touches on the painting are handmade.
  5. Though made of metal, it is very light in weight.
  6. It can be hanged outside the door, in the porch, in your bedroom or bathroom. An admirable decor for turtle-loving people.


5) Ebros Whimsical Cute Sea Turtles Set


Ebros Whimsical Cute Sea Turtles Set - turtle gifts


  1. It is a set of four incredibly cute looking baby turtles holding signs.
  2. The signs have funny messages on them.
  3. They’ll look nice as table decoration or in cabinet collection of figurines.
  4. These are of good quality and made of designer composite.
  5. They have been crafted by hand and painted and polished to perfect finish.
  6. An extremely thoughtful gift for turtle-lovers.
  7. Can be given to friends, family or office colleagues on occasions like birthdays, valentine’s day or anniversary.


6) Ganz 4-Piece Measuring Spoons Set, Turtle


Ganz 4-Piece Measuring Spoons Set - Turtle gifts


  1. A beautiful spoon-set gift for families of a friend who is a cook.
  2. Chefs appreciate authentic and beautiful cutlery; this is a gorgeous looking set of silver spoons.
  3. Can be given as a good luck gift as it is one of turtle-themed gifts at a housewarming party or to newlyweds.
  4. It has been designed with precision on both the front and back sides.
  5. These are dishwasher-safe and can be used for decoration or style or used for eating.
  6. Different sizes from teaspoon to tablespoon are available.


7) Ganz Sea Turtle Car Charm


Ganz Sea Turtle Car Charm - turtle gifts


  1. Buying a new car is an auspicious and exciting occasion. This pendant is a perfect good-luck charm for a new car.
  2. It can be hanged from the rear-view mirror, the front mirror or from the hooks above the windows inside the car.
  3. A perfect gift for friends or colleagues if they have bought a new car and are turtle-lovers.
  4. It is silver in colour and of the perfect size to hang from anywhere in the car.


8) Integrity Bottles Sea Turtle Stemless Wine Glass

Integrity Bottles Sea Turtle Stemless Wine Glass

  1. These are incredibly beautiful, handcrafted wine glasses.
  2. The etchings of turtles have been made by hands and the bubble effect at the bottom has been made to perfection.
  3. They are perfect for a housewarming or for a wedding. The turtles signify good luck and they can be used daily.
  4. These are of the utmost quality and made of exceptionally durable glass.
  5. It can be used for wine or even hot drinks.
  6. The colour shades that are available for this glass are blue, teal, and purple.


9) Personalized Sea Turtle Bracelet

  1. It is an exclusive gift that can be customised and personalised.
  2. It has a small, adorable turtle hanging from the bracelet.
  3. The birthstone of the person you want to gift it to can be attached to the bracelet along with the initials of the same person.
  4. It is a beautiful gift for women and can be presented to friends or colleagues on birthdays or anniversaries.
  5. It comes in two sizes and can be made to fit comfortably.
  6. It gives a very trendy look and a modern vibe. More than that is makes an amazing gift, one that the person will cherish forever.


These are some of the most popular in the market that are turtle-themed gifts and can be given to turtle-lovers or as symbols of luck. All of them are exquisite and make memorable gifts for loved ones. Giving these gifts will not only make the receiver blissful but will also give the giver the satisfaction of having chosen the perfect gift.