DIY Rakhis; Make This Raksha Bandhan Special

A popular saying reads that ‘A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams’. Yes, with such a person in your life, you will have to look for the right opportunity to show your love and affection towards your brother.

This is what Raksha Bandhan is all about and this great festival brings great opportunities for sisters to express their love towards their brother.

DIY Rakhis

With these things said, how are you going to show your sisterhood this year on Raksha Bandhan? Are you going to get a beautiful rakhi online for my brother? If your answer is affirmative even though, it is true that rakhi online shopping can be enjoyable and will bring you a wide range of options to choose from, how about tying a handmade rakhi on the hand of your lovable brother? Yes, your brother will also feel happy about the efforts you have taken to make a rakhi with your own hands and not opted to buy rakhi online.

Best DIY Rakhis Ideas

But, are you wondering how to make a rakhi at home? No worries, here are some useful ideas that will help you come out with the most beautiful rakhi for your brothers on this Raksha Bandhan:

1. Letter rakhi

If your brother is a little boy just learning letters, a rakhi with letters filled can be the best choice for him. To make this rakhi, you will need letter beads that are available in different models online.

Make sure that you choose a product that will be suitable for jewelry making as they come with holes to easily attach to the thread.

Just gather the name of your brother or words like ‘brother’, ‘sister’, ‘affection’ or any other words of your interest and just send a thick and colorful thread through the holes in the right arrangement of words. This will also turn out to be personalized rakhi if you make it with the name of your brother.

letter beads

2. Beads bracelet rakhi

You need a few colored beads, a satin ribbon, and scissors to make this rakhi. It is all about your creativity and you can choose matching or contrasting ribbons and beads to make this rakhi.

Before sending the satin ribbon through the hole in the bead, just tie the knot somewhere in the middle of the ribbon such that the bead will not move.

Similarly, once you have arranged colourful beads in an organized manner, do not forget to tie a knot at the end of the bead. Make sure that the ribbon is lengthy enough such that you can tie the rakhi in your brother’s hand.

colored beads

3. Braided Rakhi

You can find many rakhi gift ideas, but before you opt for any gifts, you should make sure that your personalized rakhi is ready for your brother.

Braided rakhi will be highly suitable if your brother is a teenager as he will not be interested in a child-like or a girlie rakhi. You will need thick colored threads or woolen threads. You can choose three of your favourite colours and you will also need a diamond ring.

For a diamond ring, you can use one of your old earrings by removing the stick or you can also use a fancy button. Now, take the three color threads and make a knot at the end. Now, start making braids like you make in your hair.

Once the braid has reached half-way attach the ring and just complete the remaining part. Similarly, prepare a braid for the other side of the ring. Now, your handmade rakhi is ready.

woolen thread

4. Diamond-shaped rakhi

When you make this rakhi glittering with your creativity, it will add an excellent embellishment to the wrist of your brother. Just take a cardboard and cut it in a diamond shape.

Just make the possible decorations on the board like you can draw with glitters pen or you can decorate it with diamond stones or glass stones that are available online in different designs.

Once the designs are done as per your creativity, just make holes at the sides of the diamond-shaped cardboard to attach colorful or golden colored thread. That’s it your attractive and colorful rakhi is ready.

diamond stones or glass stones

5. Paper rakhi

You will need colorful papers or printed designer papers to make this rakhi. Take four equal sizes of paper and just make small fans out of them by folding the paper by alternating one over the next.

Once the four small paper fans are ready, just attach them to get a circle like structure. Remember that the four fans combined should come to the size of a circle that will be suitable to the wrist of your brother.

Just make small holes on both sides of the fan to attach colorful threads. Once the threads are attached, just paste a colorful button at the center of the circular fan to complete your rakhi project.

designer papers

6. God rakhi

For this rakhi, you will need some old wedding invitations. Just look for the images of gods like Ganesha. Just paste the motif on a white circular cardboard or you can also paste it on a foam sheet.

Just make holes in the sides of the circular foam sheet to attach thread or satin ribbon to finish your rakhi.

7. Lego rakhi

If your brother is a lego fanatic and your parents have brought a number of lego sets for yourself and your brothers, just choose different colored lego bricks for each one of your brothers to make rakhi.

Just get holes on both sides of the brick with the help of your father and attach suitable thread or satin ribbon for each lego brick.

lego bricks

8. Cartoon Rakhi

If your brother is a little champ, you can opt for cartoon rakhi for him. Just choose a suitable cartoon character like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Chota Bheem, Tom and Jerry or any other favourite character of your brother.

Just paste the sticker in a foam paper and carefully cut it out in the shape of the cartoon sticker. Now, attach thread or satin ribbon on both sides to prepare your rakhi.

Chota Bheem

So, remember the quote ‘sometimes being a sister is way better than being a princess. Now, with Raksha Bandhan fast approaching, do not opt to buy rakhi online India, but bring a big smile on your brother’s face by presenting him with a handmade rakhi.

Are you ready with the supplies needed for making one of the above-mentioned rakhis? If the supplies are not readily available at your home, just place order online and keep them ready for several Raksha Bandhans to come. Happy Raksha Bandhan!