Lets Celebrate Raksha Bandhan – The festival of love and duty

A festival to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters, Raksha Bandhan is one of the sweetest festivals in India to celebrate the most affectionate and chaste relationship.

The essence of Raksha Bandhan lies in the vows that a brother takes and the responsibilities he promises to follow in order to protect his sister from any danger or calamity. Such is the noble and sacred bond between siblings.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Shravan month of the Hindu calendar all over India and also in a few neighbouring countries like Nepal and Pakistan.

Though there are numerous myths and legends regarding to the origin of the festival, the history of Raksha Bandhan probably dates back to the reign of the Rajput Queens when they used to send threads called Rakhis to neighbouring rulers as a symbol of unity and brotherhood.

However ancient scriptures have even hinted the possibility of its origin towards Hindu gods and goddesses. Some historians suggest that the event started when women used amulets to guard men during war and pray for their return.

Raksha bandhan

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

During the festival of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie Rakhis, which are special designer colored threads, on the wrists of their brothers to pray for their long life. However it is also customary for the brother to buy a gift for his sister to commemorate the day.

In some places, the brother even feed his sister with sweets, chocolates or desserts to maintain the sweet love and harmony between them.

We know how much trouble you have to bear to choose the best gift for your sister so that you can capture her smile and at the same time save yourself from her wrath.

We have thus organized five incomparable raksha bandhan gift ideas for this season to make her day bright. Whether her choices are orthodox or whether she likes to be trendy, these raksha bandhan gifts are surely to get you the biggest hug from your sister. After all sisters are special!

Raksha Bandhan

1. Chocolates


If a survey is conducted on whether girls love chocolates or not, the result will fly off the charts. Such is the love for chocolate of a girl irrespective of her age.

So how about if you buy her the best chocolate pack or the best assorted chocolate collection? We recommend the Lindt Swiss Premium Chocolate Napolitains Assorted Chocolates Box – 250 Grams or the Lindt Lindor – Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffles – 200 Grams .

Both the chocolate collections tagged at a relative high price can be considered as inevitable gifts for sister if she is a fan of imported chocolates.

If she prefers dark Belgian chocolates, then Chocholik’s Belgium Chocolate Hearts might be what you are looking for. However rest assured, on opening her gift box and finding these chocolates, she would surely go into some madness spree screaming loud enough to make you deaf for the entire day.

2. Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears

We know that over all the years you have been together, you have at least once fought with your sister and then have devised every possible way to cool down things between you two only to see her happy and smiling again.

And hence no one knows better than you that the best way to do that was to gift her a teddy bear which made her forget all her against you and instantly turned her into a child who would start playing with it and would often go over-possessive about it.

The most popular among these incredibly cute soft toys are the Golden Brown 5 Feet Bow Teddy Bear, Pink 5 Feet Giant Bow Teddy Bear and the Giant 5 Feet Kung Fu Panda Teddy Bear Soft Toy , each of which has the ‘huge’ potentiality of comforting her like nothing else.

3. Beauty products

Beauty products

Isn’t it the best thing to pamper your beauty queen on this very day of Raksha Bandhan with something she always craves for? Yes beauty products are what we are talking about.

You cannot expect your sisters to be without make up celebrating the festival and so to be her best brother, you can adorn with a gift set of various beauty products which she would cherish all the year round.

4. Restaurant gift cards

Though girls become quite conscious of their shape and weight when they come off age, there are some – the fluffs and the eternal food junkies who can never dream of a day without food.

Then arrives the moment when you can take advantage of your sister’s love for food and present her with restaurant gift cards as the best raksha bandhan gifts a brother can think for her darling sibling. You can find a wide range of restaurant gift cards with customizable card value.

Select the restaurants or cafes which have outlets in your locality and purchase their respective gift cards. You can buy a Dominos Pizza or a Pizza Hut Gift Voucher , a Café Coffee Day or Baskin Robbins Gift Card.

All these gift cards have customizable gift card value options which can be purchased considering your budget. Don’t forget to make her vow to take you with her when she goes on an eating spree with the cards.

5. Kindle


Specially designed for your bookworm sister, the Amazon Kindle is a great addition to her book collection with an exception that all her books would digitally fit into it.

The Amazon kindle provides a great reading experience with its interactive touchscreen with features like faster page turns and an integrated dictionary and vocabulary builder.

The kindle is one of the best technological advancements in the field of reading and bookworms have converted from paperback to the e-book trend since the advent of Kindles in the affordable price range.

A one-time investment to keep the smile on her face intact, the Amazon kindle is surely one the best raksha bandhan gifts this season.

Let’s make this raksha bandhan memorable 🙂