Best gifts for Cops

Only those who have a police officer in their immediate families or the extended family of friends and relatives will understand how difficult the life of a cop is. They are constantly on their toes to look after society and take care of it. We often confuse cops as these powerful men who are physically and mentally unbreakable with a temper almost of a superhero. But what we do not see, or rather cannot see, is the humane side of the person inside the uniform. We forget they are someone’s children, someone’s parents or someone’s love of life. 

As the festive season is on its way, this is the perfect time to let the cops in our lives know how much they mean to you. Let them know of the unspeakable adoration you have for them, with a cute gift. But before you go on a spree of gift-hopping, you need to take out some time to narrow down your search by considering the most appropriate gifts for your loved ones. In case you are stuck in a loop of indecisiveness, or just do not have time to work on the list of gifts to buy, try not to panic because we have surely got you covered. 

Here we compile a list of amazing gifts for cops that you should consider buying this year:

Gifts for Cops


1) Singing police teddy bear


Singing police teddy bear

Let’s start with a funny light-hearted gift. Here is a toy bear that moves and grooves to the now-famous theme song of the movie Bad Boys, a cult song associated with the police and army officers in general. The police uniform with the black shoes makes this adorable toy look even cuter. You will need 3 AA batteries to keep it up and running, which are not included in the product. Other than that, this environmental friendly toy is pretty much self-sufficient. Keep it away from fire and water for obvious reasons. Also, there is no need to wash this doll.

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2) Police bicycle lights with electric horn bell


Police bicycle lights with electric horn bell

The blue and red light on top of a police vehicle does not only serve the purpose of an indicator but it is rather a status symbol. Given a chance, a cop would love to use them wherever they go, which will establish their identity unmistakably. Keeping that in mind in our search for gifts for cops, we stumble upon this gift. This bicycle bell with red and blue LED lights help to serve that very purpose. There are four control buttons attached to it that control the four distinct tones of the police siren. A total of six LED lights, with blinking effects, making it useful for biking on dark roads at night or biking in the cities. The lights are covered with hard plastic which makes them waterproof.

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3) Police badge bottle opener


Police badge bottle opener

The biggest honor in a cop’s career is to have a badge to honor and show for. Hence this cheeky little bottle opener, molded in the shape of a police badge, will make for one of the best gifts for cops.The imprint of the words “Open Up” adds to the dramatic twist. The heavy-duty stainless steel ensures the bottle opener is robust and long-lasting. This product is extremely thin and barely reaches 3 inches in height and width, so it can easily be carried around. A perfect gift for the cops who love to pop a few cold ones after duties every weekend.

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4) Bedside Organizer


Bedside Organizer

After a hectic day’s work, all a cop craves for is the warm comfort of his bed at home. They want to come back home, freshen up and throw themselves on a couch or a bed. To make their lives easier, this bedside organizer tool kit, which can be used with sofas, couches, and mattresses as well, is a perfect choice of gift. It contains three small mesh pockets and a large A4 sized pocket. While the smaller pockets can conveniently store TV remotes, phones, earphones, and other accessories; the larger pocket is suitable to carry magazines, books, iPads, and other large objects.

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5) Vacuum Insulated Tumbler


Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

It is a very popular stereotype that police officers love their morning coffees more than anything. The taste and warmth of the morning coffee dictate their moods for the rest of the day. When it comes to gifts for cops, nothing beats this vacuum-insulated rambler. Their slim size makes them easy to hold with the “No sweat Design” ensuring your hands will not start perspiration. BPA-free and dish washing chemical- proof, these bad boys have a double-wall thick stainless steel body that keeps the temperature of your favorite drink invariable with time.

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6) Decanter with Law Enforcement Badge


Decanter with Law Enforcement Badge

The list of gifts for cops is incomplete without the inclusion of a decanter. Cops, around the globe, are ardent admirers of good booze. Considering the hardships of the profession they are into, their love for a gulp of alcoholic beverage at the end of the day can be understood, even if partially. This globe-shaped decanter with a police badge crafted on top of it makes a perfect “cop gift” for its purpose and aesthetics. A liter of liquor can be stored in this glass container which has a large glass stopper. The glass stopper acts as a strong seal that helps to keep the liquor from evaporating. This is an ideal gift for a cop who is retiring at the end of a long and illustrious career.

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7) Funny Coffee Mug


Funny Coffee Mug

As we come to our last product, let us end the list the way it was started, on a funny note. This coffee mug with the graphics of US President Donald Trump on it and a funny sarcastic quote that goes very well with his demeanor will win the heart of every policeman. This quote is too funny to annoy the Democratic bunch while “the joke is on you” tone of the words will not anger the Trump supporters. 

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What do you think of our list? Do you think we covered all possible aspects or did we keep you wanting for more? Reach out to us and let us know if you have any suggestions or complaints. We will be waiting to hear back from you. Meanwhile, happy shopping fellas!