The best gifts for barbers

In today’s world looking good has become a necessity. With hair being one of the most visible and prominent parts of the human body, it is necessary to keep it looking fresh and stylish. Hairstyling is a very important part of grooming hence a good barber is nothing short of a very priced possession. A good barber is a human’s best friend. Do you have a favorite barber who just knows what’ll look good on you and what won’t? Are they among the people you can confide to? Check out this shortlist of gifts for barbers you can present your favorite barber and the smile on their face will make your day.

Gifts for Barbers

1) Scissor Handle Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug


Scissor Handle Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug

Adding a creative twist to the mainstream coffee mug, this coffee mug is one of the best gifts for barbers. The handle of this coffee mug is modified to look like a scissor. From crazy clients to long working hours, barbers face it all. Well, as we all know there’s nothing a little coffee can’t solve. Give this coffee mug to your favorite barber who you know could use some coffee to charge up.

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2) Snap Tool Roll/Barber Roll


Snap Tool Roll

The work of a barber is indeed very hectic. Keeping all things in place is very difficult in such a busy environment. However, a pouch is very handy in this case. This pouch is wearable and has slots to keep scissors, combs and other products in place. Even if barbers have to move about a lot in their salon, this is indeed very handy because then he/she doesn’t have to go back to their counter to bring back some equipment or products. This a very good gift for your very busy barber friend.

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3) World’s Greatest Barber Coffee Mug


The world’s greatest mugs are very mainstream as we all know. However just because it is mainstream doesn’t mean it can’t make a meaningful gift for your favorite barber. Give this gift to your favorite barber who you know is the world’s best barber. Finding the perfect barber is a very difficult job as we all know. When you do find one, make sure he/she doesn’t go underappreciated. 

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4) Professional Salon Scissors Racks Holder


Professional Salon Scissors Racks Holder

Scissors and shaving knives are barber’s best friends. It is possible that due to over usage and some normal wear and tear, their longevity is reduced. However, if they are kept in a protected case, it can be assured that the scissors and shaving knives will last for a long time and remain sharp and precise as well. This beautiful case keeps all scissors and knives in place protecting them from any kind of damage and wear and tear. Also, given its classy looks, it will add to the beauty of your barber friend’s salon. This is among the perfect gifts for barbers for that one barber friend who loves keeping things neat and simple.

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5) Barber Shop Man Vinyl Record Wall Clock


Barber Shop Man Vinyl Record Wall Clock

As we all know, time is money indeed. With hordes of clients and busy working hours, it is very easy to lose track of time. This innovative clock will help your barber friend keep track of time and perform effective time management. This clock has been given a creative twist by adding scissors and knife designs along the outer rim. This looks very creative and would add to the looks of your barber friend’s salon. 

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6) Work Apron with Tool Pockets


Work Apron with Tool Pockets

We all know how hairstyling and grooming can be a messy affair sometimes. Gift this heavy-duty apron to your friend so that they can prevent any product from staining their clothes. Using salon products may be messy sometimes and cause stains that are hard to remove. This apron has wide coverage and hence will protect from all kinds of product stains. Moreover, this also has a pouch that will help your barber friend to keep things in place even while in action.

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7) CCbeauty Fine Mist Spray Bottle


CCbeauty Fine Mist Spray Bottle

We all know how our barber sprays our hair with barber before they start styling our hair. This is done so that the hair can be styled more efficiently with better precision. The hair must be wet properly before the haircut. However, it is also necessary that the hair doesn’t drip with water. To get a perfect balance, hairstylists use a spray bottle. Gift your barber friend this beautiful and sleek spray bottle. It would be a useful addition to their hair styling kit.

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8) Waterproof Cloth Salon Barber Gown Cape


Waterproof Cloth Salon Barber Gown Cape

Your barber friend may already be having good quality capes for his/her customers. However, no barber wouldn’t appreciate having a cool funky looking cape for the times when there are too many customers. This cute cape isn’t only visually appealing. It is also waterproof and is made up of durable material. The material It is made up of is durable an also breathable and hence doesn’t cause any suffocation. It is large enough and can be adjusted according to the comfort level of the customer. Since it is made up of durable material, it is easy to wash. It is lightweight and easy to carry and hence is very convenient in case your barber friend offers at home services.

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Conclusively, it may be said that the above list is just a short and simple portion of a seemingly unending list. There are thousands of other barber gift ideas that you may consider before actually purchasing the perfect gift for your favorite barber. However, this list shows you the best rated gifts for barbers across many online sites and hence you can be assured of their quality and value. Various positive customer reviews are a testimony to this fact. Finding the best gifts for barbers may be a very tiresome process but at the end of the day, even you know they deserve the best.