Romantic gifts for him

Just like women, men also crave attention and validation from their partner or lover. This is a natural desire born out of an affectionate relationship and needs to be appreciated and taken care of. Thoughtful gifts with a hint of personal touch do help in these situations. If you are looking for romantic gifts for him, then here is a list of unique gifts you should consider getting for your male partner. 

Romantic gifts for him

1) Romantic vinyl records/ music CD’s


Romantic vinyl records or music CD's


There is nothing like music to set the tone up for a relationship. If you are looking for romantic gifts for him, then old-school vinyl records or music CD’s is a nice way to go. Marvin Gaye’s Sensual 1973 album “Let’s Get It On” is a very popular choice as far as vinyl recordings are concerned. 

  • The title song of this album has many layers to it. It is at once full of heart, extremely sexual and with spiritual overtones. 
  • “Please Stay (Once You Go Away)” talks about a lover’s desperate longing to be with his partner but also terribly missing the security that partner brings to that individual. 
  • “If I should die tonight” is one of the most poignant songs he has ever written. It is an anthem for true love, the finding and appreciation of it.
  • This can make the perfect romantic gift for men idea if you need some spicy bedroom fun.


2) Conversation Cards Game for Couples


Conversation Cards Game for Couples

If you are looking to bring back the lost spark in your relationship and enjoy quality time with your man behind the closed door, these card games should be one of the romantic gifts for him. Whether it is a first serious date night or a weekend gateway in years of marriage life, these cards are made for all kinds of couples. Before jumping onto the bed with your partner, you need to have that mental bonding over these funny, quirky conversations where you get to know each other inside out.

  • The pack contains 100 high-quality cards made of 300 gsm stock papers. So you are never going to run out of topics to talk about.
  • Full refund within 30 days of delivery in case you find them to be faulty or below your expectation level!


3) Fill in the blank love book


Fill in the blank love book

  • This cute little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines narrating different aspects of your endearment with your special one.
  • It has a hardcover with removable clear plastic cover; 4.5 × 3.25 inches; 112 pages
  • Simple prompts help you navigate your feelings and easily express yourself
  • Just complete each line and voila: you have a unique romantic gifts for him which will be read time and again.
  • You can make the blanks turn out to be emotional, naughty, or witty as you choose!



4) Customized Star Map


Customized Star Map

This customized star map print adds the cherry on top to any significant life event. Witness the night sky as it was at the exact moment that has been ached in your memory forever! This romantic gift for him would let him revisit the sky just as it was on the special moments.

  • It is developed on white, acid-free, 100% cotton-based paper It is produced at photo-quality resolution
  • It comes in any standard-size frame, which can be found easily both locally and online 
  • It needs to be customized, so providing crucial information such as date, time, and the location is very important.


5) Heart-shaped LED light


Heart-shaped LED light

The most romantic gifts for men are the ones who speak for how much you love and adore the man in your life. If that is the case, then why not gift him this beautiful heart-shaped LED light? With a heartwarming text carved on it that is sure to bring a smile on his face, this can be a unique showpiece that you can gift him on his birthday, anniversaries, the V day or just any day on the calendar!

  • With a dimension of (12×5.5x15cm) and weight of 200 g, this is a light and compact gift which can fit anywhere from his office showcase to the cute little bedside table in your cozy bedroom
  • The letters are etched in LED light so they shine even in the dark. The roses at the base are made of polyresin, which means this gift is not going to age.


6) Sensual Massage Oil


Sensual Massage Oil

Shower your love while taking turns and giving each other a nice warm massage with the Honeydew Sensual Massage Oil. This oil is ideal for different massage techniques because of its perfect consistency and absorbency. 

  • It is 100% natural oil made of pure lavender, jojoba and almond oil.
  • The oil is enriched with vitamin E that helps in firming, smoothening, and softening the skin. 
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and great for men and women alike. Ideal for at-home massage therapy or as a couple’s gift set.
  • 100% money-back guaranteed against customer dissatisfaction.



7) Hug me pillowcases

Hug me pillowcases 

  • Made of 125 gsm Luxury Microfiber 
  • If you’re in a long-distance relationship you can understand the sorrow of not having your loved one beside you at nights, but this pillowcase can at least numb the pain while you’re apart! One (1) 20×30″ Standard/Queen Size Pillow Case.
  • The pillowcases are colored with CPSIA Approved Digital Dyes, which makes them last for a long duration. They are also machine washable and dries up fast. 


8) Trimmed Box Sign


Trimmed Box Sign

This beautiful box sign by Kathy Chevron is probably the most elegant as well as a minimal gift that you can opt for. With a heartfelt text that will resonate with him, this gift is a timeless classic.

  • Measuring only 3 inches, this gift can go in anywhere and can be carried around with ease in case he doesn’t want to let go of you while traveling.
  • Made with superior quality wood, these box signs can be put up on walls.


9) Date night box set

Date night box set

  • · It has three levels of closeness: you have to choose talk, flirt or dare cards to choose which level the two of you are comfortable in.
  • · The Talk cards are instant icebreakers and can jumpstart interesting conversations.
  • · Heat things up to strengthen the connection in your marriage or relationship with Flirt & Dare cards. All in all a perfect romantic gift for him. 


These 9 gifts are surely going to catch the attention of your angry young man and put a satisfactory smile on his face. After all, being vulnerable in front of a man and express your admiration for him makes him feel wanted. And what better way to admire your man other than spoiling him with well-thought gifts.