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10 unusual gift ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi

When it comes to the holy festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, Indians maintain the custom to gift blessings and small tokens of love to their loved ones. Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations last for ten days starting from the day Shukla Chaturthi of the Hindu month of Bhaadrapada. With arrangements having being started at home or pandals, it is of utmost importance to decide what to buy for your family members this Ganesh Chaturthi. To your aide, we have come up with 10 unusual gift suggestions that can serve as best Ganesh Chaturthi gifts you ever considered for your loved ones.

Ganesh Chaturthi

1. Ganesh Chaturthi Pendant:

The best way to be near God is by worshipping him and thus keeping a replica of the idol with you is no doubt a great idea. A pendant serves the purpose best and can be considered as one of the best Ganesh Chaturthi gifts. You can gift this to the young as well as the old members of your family and even to your friends, especially to those who are a great devotee of Lord Ganesh. Have a look at the Ganesh Chaturthi Special Pendant which will not only look great on anyone who wears it but would also keep Him close to him/her.

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Pendant

2. Ganesh Idols:

What else can you consider as the best Ganesh Chaturthi gift ideas if it isn’t a Ganesh idol? If you want to keep your near and dear ones safe and want to keep them protected from anything evil then gifting them a Ganesh idol might become the one of the best gifts you ever bought for them. There are a range of Ganesh Idols available and you can choose one of them based on their sizes, materials used and design.You can gift the beautiful Ratna Handicrafts Exclusive Diamond Stone Studded Ganesh Idol to your loved ones on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi and wish for their prosperity in His presence.

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Ratna Handicrafts Exclusive Diamond Stone Studded Ganesh Idol

3. Ganesh Chawki:

Lord Ganesh looks best when seated on a wonderfully decorated Chawki.A Chawki helps you to keep the tradition of making an idol sit on an elevated platform and at the same time serves as a resting place for the Lord. You can buy a decorated Chawki for your own Ganesh idol or can gift it to you friends and relatives as Ganesh Chaturthi gifts.You can go for various colours and design but nothing suits better than a beautifully decorated white Chawki which signifies peace and serenity. We recommend the RamaBhakta marble Ganesh Chawki to decorate your home and make the celebration even more successful than ever.

Ratna Handicrafts Exclusive Diamond Stone Studded Ganesh Idol

4. Handicraft Murtis:

If you are still hovering for unusual gift ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi, a handicraft murti can be one granted the position of one the best gifts this season. This is yet another masterpiece of the artisans for those who are in love with brass murtis.Brass materials are always reliable and due to their non-breakable nature, they serve as a source of everlasting prosperity.The Ganpati Murti for Home Entrance Decor can thus be considered as the best gift for this occasion.

ganesha idol

5. Ganesh Chaturthi clocks:

Ever imagined what makes a perfect combination? Well we say it is God and time. Popularly considered as one of the unusual gift suggestions, a specially designed Ganesh Chaturthi clock can serve as the best Ganesh Chaturthi gifts for your loved ones.As they say,God makes you realise of your time, let your loved ones realize the essentiality of time too and how it brings prosperity to anyone who respects time. Consider the Artist Haat Ganesh Chaturthi Gift Marble Table Watch Clock to serve both as a home decor and good times’ seeker.

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Artist Haat Ganesh Chaturthi Gift Marble Table Watch Clock

6. Modaks:

Ganesh Chaturthi without the main sweet, Modak is completely unimaginable. A modak is a mould of rice flour or wheat flour mixed with several other ingredients to add to its taste. It can thus be considered as one of the best Ganesh Chaturthi gift ideas for your friends and relatives. Simply make their celebration more happening by gifting them a pack of Ghasitaram’s Kaju Choco Modak. After all nothing soothes an Indian more than sweets.

Ghasitaram’s Kaju Choco Modak


7. Ganesh Chaturthi  Puja Thali Combo:

If you are unsure what to gift your elders and still looking for Ganesh Chaturthi gift suggestions then a Puja Thali combo can be one of the best gifts for them. We recommend the Marble Puja Thali Combo for the very purpose. It consists of a beautifully decorated and hand-painted marble Puja Thali, Ganesh idol, Conch bowl, pot and Diya. All the items are so beautifully designed that they are bound to attract everyone’s attention.

pooja thali combo


8. Roli Chawal:

Considered to be another incomparable gift for the elder women of the family, a pack of Roli Chawal is what you can buy for them this Ganesh Chaturthi. This would not only make them extremely happy but would also help them a lot in Puja preparations. Most Roli Chawal packs available are kept in a decorated peacock shell like the Purpledip Pack of Roli Chawal.

Purpledip Pack of Roli Chawal

9. Ganesh Chaturthi Books:

If you have book worms or book lovers in your family, you can go for some mythology books. It is always important to know the background story and legend of a certain Puja celebration and thus buying a book on the history of Ganesh Chaturthi would mean that the whole family would come to know about it. For the very purpose of knowledge about the legend of Lord Ganesh, consider the book Festivals of India Ganesh Chaturthi as one of the best yet unusual gift ideas for the holy event of Ganesh Chaturthi.

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Festivals of India Ganesh Chaturthi

10. Puja Kit:

One of the best Ganesh Chaturthi gifts for all the women of the family is a Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Kit which is a combination of all Puja essentials like Gomutra, Gangajal, Sweets, Dry fruits, Holy threads, Honey and several other items. They even provide a book and music CD especially made for Ganesh Chaturthi to make it more successful than ever in every possible way. One of the most popular and perhaps the best Puja Kit available this season is the ShubhBhakti Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Kit.

ShubhBhakti Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Kit

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