Celebrate Rakhi in a Special Way! Buy Rakhi Online

The whole world knows that India is the land of colours. However, it is also the land of festivals where Diwali to Raksha Bandhan, everything is celebrated with the utmost fervour!

Out of these, rakhi is truly a festival of sheer affection between siblings about which you will get more insights below! Read on!

When did it all start?

Raksha Bandhan itself in India means a sacred thread which will protect the person who wears it. In Mahabharata, Kunti tied rakhi to Abhimanyu and Draupadi to Krishna

  1. It has not only contributed to mythology but history as well. According to Indian history, Raksha Bandhan dates way back in the time of Alexander, the great. As per the legend, Roxana, Alexander’s wife sent a sacred thread to king Porus, requesting him not to harm her husband.
  2. There are many incidents on Raksha Bandhan, but the event that people remember is the one which Rabindranath had initiated. He started the festival of Raksha Bandhan in 1905 in the protest of Bengal’s partition and to spread love and unity amongst different religions.

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Save the Date and the most Amazing Rakhis for August 2021!

Raksha Bandhan is not far away. It is on the 26th of August, 2018. This message is for all loving sisters out there; if you are running out of ideas on what kind of rakhi to tie on your brother’s hand this year, these are some fantastic ideas for you to buy Rakhi online:

There are plenty of shops that will be selling you colourful and well-designed rakhi, but frankly, they come up with somewhat same design and colours every year. So, buy rakhi online. It’s a worthy decision. Many sites sell rakhis with various design, fantastic colours and affordable prices.

Most Amazing Rakhis for August 2018

If your brother is a giggling kid, then you can find rakhis with cartoon characters etched on it. If he is an IT professional, a doctor or into any other profession; you can acknowledge that by tying him a rakhi where there is a drawing of his job. You can also award your brother with a tag-based rakhi which says: best brother ever or I love you brother. If you are a handicraft lover, you can also find handmade rakhi online.

If you are a handicraft lover, there is a total range of handmade rakhis for you. If your pocket is scratched, you can also do cheap rakhi online shopping. Some of the sites even give you free delivery. Some of the best sites to send rakhi online if your brother is living abroad or in a city far away. However, be sure that no distance is too long to keep you from reaching out to your loved ones.

Ending note to every sister…

Buy Rakhi online and save the energy to throw a big surprise party for your brother with a unique rakhi made exclusively for your brother and delivered to you on your doorstep. Make this Rakhi a memorable one for you and your brother.