20 Necessary Gift Items For a New Home

Moving to a new home is a dream-come true for many. It signals the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of those moving in. Many plan the relocation quite early, and the excitement levels run high as the day approaches. However, no matter how well one plans, there are bound to be a few short-comings.

If one of your loved one is going to move in to a new home, you can plan a wonderful gift for him or her that will make the event a memorable one as well as serve as a utility item in their household. Let me take you through a set of 20 gift items that can be termed as “necessary” gift items for a new home.

Best Gift items For a New Home

1. Personalized House portrait

Personalized House portrait

This is one for those with an aesthetic taste, especially when they have planned this movement for a long time. You can gift a personalized house portrait. This can be customized to suit the person (or people) you are going to gift.

You can find such customizable house portraits from a gift shop or you can find them online too. Just personalize the product and preview it online, before you place the order. You may even take a photo of the new house and get it printed or painted for the portrait.

2. Blender for smoothies

Blender for smoothies

Who doesn’t like a smoothie? This gift can be of great utility if the person is fond of smoothies or if the person is more of kitchen oriented or even health conscious. The kitchen blender is a thoughtful gift for somebody who is moving in to a new place. If the person is a homemaker he or she would definitely appreciate this gesture of yours. They can use it to make and serve smoothies for their guests easily.

3. Toaster


In most homes, the toaster is considered as an integral part of their daily chores. Without it the breakfast would be incomplete. Hence, the toaster serves as in good gift for any new home. Breakfast is considered “brain food” and the toaster that you gift would help them remain alert right from the beginning of the day by providing them the much needed nutrients.

You get to choose from innumerable models of toasters from different manufacturers. Just take into consideration the size of the family while deciding on the toaster. You may even control the toasting shade from light brown to dark brown.

4. Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner

With all the transportation of household items, the place can get a bit dusty. The dust and dirt that accumulates over a period of time can both cause detrimental effects to one’s health and give a bad impression to the visitors about the tidiness of the house.

A vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice in such cases as it helps them to keep their home neat as well as prevents many diseases that are caused due to dust and grime. Get a vacuum cleaner that has multiple heads that reaches even the narrowest crevices. You would be doing a great favour to the “home-dwellers” by gifting them this wonderful cleaning equipment.

5. Blankets for all


When the mercury levels drop drastically, all you need is a cup of hot coffee and a blanket to protect yourself from the biting cold. For many, it is a practice to use a blanket while at bed. So, blankets can be gifted to somebody who is moving in to a new home. Let the new blanket signify the new home that they are occupying.

The blanket would keep your loved ones warm and snug. It is indeed a good thing to spread a bit of warmth! You can get quality quilts or blankets and gift wrap them with the text “Warmly yours”. I am sure they are going to love this warm act of yours. I would be a good gesture if you can buy each family member a blanket and you may choose different colours.

6. Oven


Again, another gift that would be of great utility to your loved ones. A new home calls for new equipment, especially when it is something that you would use regularly. If the path to a person’s heart is through his or her tummy, the micro-wave oven help you achieve that.

Get one that has multiple settings and this gift of yours is going to serve your loved one for a long time. If you can gift microwave cookware along with oven it frees them from the hassle of buying a new cookware to use the oven.

7. Gift card for shopping

gift cards

Moving in to a new home isn’t an easy task. Like I mentioned in the beginning, there can be shortcomings no matter how well the relocation has been planned. Gift cards that you present to your loved one can be used to buy any item that may have been left and hence help complete the house into their loving home! Just make sure that the gift card can be used for any shopping and give it in a cover with a gift bow tied around it.

8. Flameless LED Candle

Flameless LED Candle

A candle serves many purposes. It can be a dispeller of darkness or it can be a catalyst to a romantic dinner. When you have a candle that only gives out a bright light but no heat at all, it should indeed be special. Our next gift in the list is a flameless LED candle. The source of light in this device is not an incandescent flame but a light emitting diode.

These flameless candles are very safe and eliminate the hazards of a fire. They have a glow time that runs into thousands of hours and hence can be a perfect gift to somebody moving in to a new home. I found one such set of flameless LED candles online. The good thing about this one is that it comes with a remote control!

9. Side Sofa Table

Side Sofa Table

The side sofa table is one gift that would fit almost anywhere in a house. You can place the side sofa table at the side of the couch or even in the bedroom. You can buy the side sofa table from any quality furniture store either locally or online. Select a model that is stylish and also light weight.

10. House warming gift basket

House warming gift basket

Well, if I have to point one gift that is designed for the occasion of moving in to a new home it should be the house warming gift basket. I found one such gift kit online. Don’t raise your expectations; this gift consists of only things to consume. In fact, it has an assortment of delicious cookies, chocolates, coffee, and tea. This gift kit would prove handy during their time of need right after moving in.

11. A shower combo

A shower combo

This can be gifted to your loved ones when they are building the house – exactly saying at the time of doing plumbing work. This is a necessity and why don’t you give them stylish one with the modern technology. The one in the link mentioned contains both head and handheld shower. This will help them complete the work easily when they are thinking what model to buy for their bath rooms.

12. Show case item

Show case item

Along with the other appliances the house owners will need something for decorating their house, but may have left it for later. You can help them here by gifting them some showcase items. When I checked online I could see so many options like aquariums, artificial plants, scriptures etc. So buy one and gift wrap it with a best wishes card and they will be very happy thinking that you have reduced their work (Thinking about how to decorate their house).

13. Tool kit

Tool kit

When you move in to a new place, you cannot expect everything to be perfect. There may be minor hiccups with the tap, or any mechanical or electric equipment. Looking for an expert to fix those minor hiccups could prove time consuming as well as expensive. A tool kit helps them take care of these minor issues by themselves.

Sometimes, this simple gift can save them a lot of money and spare the trouble of waiting for a technician or plumber. You can get a typical household tool set or kits for special functions (Battery repair, watch repair etc).

14. Clock


Well, you cannot change time, but a clock or a time piece lets you read them! For ages, clocks have been a gift that is suitable for any occasion. However, for your gift to stand out, you need to make sure that you get one that does leave an impression. You get to choose from plenty of models from online portal.

Select one that is quite uncommon but at the same time aesthetic as well. When I checked I found one clock that can be made of photos. I would suggest this as a great gift since they can be decorated with the housewarming photos or photos of the house (12 photos to represent 12 stages of house building).

15. Welcome mat

Welcome mat

This gift is something that is supposed to be left out at the door. Yeah, I am referring to the door mat. Find a door mat that reads “Welcome”. A new home and a new door mat welcoming people in to it is a perfect blend. Get a visually appealing door mat with the message “Welcome” to welcome one and all into their home! This is something that is readily available anywhere in the market and also can be ordered online.

16. Table lamp

Table lamp

A lamp is always a good gift, and when there is a table in a room, the table lamp is special. Once a crowning jewel in every room, the advent of brighter light bulbs have dented its usage significantly. But still this humble table lamp holds relevance even today, especially if the room is shared between somebody who is a night owl and the other who is not.

This lets both of them enjoy what they would like to do in the room, without disturbing the other. You can obtain fancy table lamps from nearby stores. You do get quite good ones online too.

17. Curtain set

Curtain set

There has been a lot of utility gifts discussed. Now, it is time to look for a gift that is visually appealing as well as serves its purpose with elan. A curtain set could be the best contender for this. You can gift a curtain set that adds beauty to the room and the window panes. Knowing the colour of the interiors of each room help you make your choice easily.

You can choose from either elegant plain curtains or ones that are in contrast to the colour of the room. Make sure that you do your visual planning well before ordering the curtain. Your gift can be a standing witness the history of that home. So choose well!

18. Name board

Name board

This is an essential thing once you have built a new house. A board to tell the family name. You can gift one board where your friends can write their family name and hang it in front of their house. You can buy a plain wooden plank and get their family name printed on it.

19. Coffee maker

Coffee maker

This makes their work easy while making coffee. They will be craving for a cup of coffee after a long day’s work and a coffee maker will serve the purpose.

20. Dining table coaster set

Dining table coaster set

This can be useful for them while they have guests for dinner or lunch. You will get to buy sets of coaster, table mat and table runner. Buy one set and gift it to them, they will be thankful to you because you gave them one more choice to select from.

I’ve listed a set of 20 items that would make a good choice as a gift for someone who is moving in to a new home. When you choose a gift for somebody there is nothing like a small gift or a big one. It all depends on what significance it holds in their life or in that specific occasion.

Each gift that I’ve listed has got its own significance and I am sure you can come up with many more. What make a house a home is the feeling of belonging towards it and in that context our list of gifts help the occupant(s) fulfill that sense of belonging.