Best 6 ideas for 5 year anniversary gift

The 5th year anniversary is a reminder to both husband and wife that they were able to go through every difficulty that the life threw at them together and they can continue like that till the end. The traditional theme for 5th year anniversary is wood and silver. You can present a traditional gift or a modern gift. So here I am going give the best 6 ideas that came to my mind as 5 year anniversary gift.

Wooden Notepad pen holder:

This can be given as a 5th year wedding anniversary for the couple who is celebrating their 5 years of togetherness. This is made from natural wood and so there is no artificial or harmful material used in this. This pack of wooden notepad pen and the pen holder will be ideal for a 5 year anniversary gift (traditional theme for 5 year anniversary). Get a pair of these and gift wrap it for the couple who is celebrating their 5th year anniversary.

Wooden Notepad pen holderSilver pendant for the couple:

This is an ideal gift for wedding anniversary and comes as a pair. The pendants in this set will be designed for the couple. I found this beautiful set online which has two pendants in which one has “His” written on it and the other one has “Hers”. The set comes in two gift boxes separately and you may wrap this in a gift wrapper (The pack comes with satin pouch) with a bow on top of it.


Silver pendant for the couple


Wedding song CD:

Song is a form of entertainment for any occasion; be it wedding or anniversary. A song CD with romantic songs will be an ideal 5 year anniversary gift. This gives the couple an opportunity to re-live their honeymoon memories.


Wedding song CD


A marriage sculpture:

You can gift a sculpture that represents the bond of the marriage. Spend some time in searching for a perfect design and on the base you may write the name of the couple. The one in the link has sculpture representing the ring exchange. You will even get the sculptures which are funny and contains the animation characters (couples like Mickey and Minnie mouse).


A marriage sculpture


A figurine with a wish:

A wish from you to the couple celebrating 5 years of togetherness will delight them. You can present this simple yet wonderful gift for remembrance of their special day. You can get any wishes or quotes for a couple etched in the figurine.


A figurine with a wish


Clock with photo:

This is an ideal for a 5 year anniversary gift. This can be customized with photos of the past 5 years in the couple’s life. If you can get a clock with 5 small frames integrated with the clock that will become a wonderful gift for them. If the clock’s body is made of wood; it will be a traditional gift for 5 year wedding anniversary. They are going to cherish those moments in their life whenever they look at this clock and they will appreciate the effort you have put in, for sure.


Clock with photo


This sums up the “samples” of the gifts that you can give to a couple celebrating 5 years of wedding. Even though 5 years is not a long time, this is the start of many more years to come. So get a gift for the couple soon and at the end stick a small greeting card to the gift.