11 Unusual Gift Ideas To Convey I’m Thinking Of You

If you are away from one of your close friends or girlfriend or any other person, here are some Unusual Gift Ideas to show them that you are thinking of them. If this is the first time you are away from your family for your official work and you will have to be away for some months continuously, you might really feel homesick. Not just you, your loving spouse will also miss your presence and so your kids and parents. If you wish to share that you are thinking of them, here are some unusual gift ideas that will help:

Gift Ideas

1. Nail polish dryer for your wife:

Nail polish dryer

Earlier, you might have the experience of blowing the freshly applied nail polish in your wife’s nails. Now, if you get her remembrance and wish to share the same with her, you can send this gift. She will also get to those wonderful days and will feel happy that you remember those close moments. It is made out of high-quality plastic material and your wife will have to place her nails with freshly applied nail polish in the space provided in front of the monkey. The cute monkey will blow cool air to dry it immediately. It just weighs 114 grams and the cuteness will attract your wife.


2. Foot Massager Roller for your mom:

Foot Massager Roller

If your mom had been complaining about the pain in her foot for some time now and you also took her to the doctor for the same, you can show that you are remembering of her health by sending her this foot massager. It will relieve plantar fasciitis, foot or heel pain, and even stress. It is a wooden reflexology and acupressure tool. It is portable and versatile and suitable for all foot sizes. Not just your mom, the other family members can also use this tool for stress relief. You can show your care towards them by sending this thinking of you gift to your family.

3. Personalized jigsaw puzzle for your kid:

jigsaw puzzle

You know that by this time, your kid is grown up to solve jigsaw puzzles. When he receives a gift from his father, he will feel highly joyous. Particularly, when the gift turns out to be a puzzle with a family photo, he will still feel more enthralled. Just send your family photo and wait for a few days and the manufacturer Sweethome will send your parcel to you after your confirmation. Once you are satisfied, you can give the delivery address as your hometown address in the name of your kid to show him that you are thinking of him. Also, when the photo you choose turns out to be the most memorable day in your life, your wife and parents will also feel happy.


4. Set of encouragement greeting cards for your kid:

greeting cards

If you wish to encourage your kid for a forthcoming competitive examination, you can send this set of greeting cards. Besides sharing some words of encouragement, you can show him that he is reminded always. You can also show how important is his growth and development for you. These cards come with vivid colors and aqueous coating. These cards also have a matte writing surface inside to share your message personally.

5. Memorial Garden Stone:

Garden StoneIf you have lost one of your family members recently, but were not able to stay for long with your other family members to console them, you can send the memorial garden stone to your family. In addition to consoling them with the words inscribed therein, this garden stone will also remind your family that you are always thinking of them. Even though this is a decorative garden item, it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with weather resistant coating, but will not be suitable for extremely wet and cold temperatures.


6. Thinking of you coffee mug:

coffee mug

If you want that your wife should remember you every morning, you can send this coffee mug to her. This mug is printed with the message ‘thinking of you’. On the back, it reads as ‘filled with warm wishes and happy thoughts’. These words will bring happiness to her as well and she will remind of the great days earlier in your life together. This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and it is artist designed. It is also meticulously handcrafted to bring a smile on her face.

7. Red Rose flower bouquet:

Red Rose flower bouquet

Roses are always symbols of love and this bouquet will remind your wife of your excellent day of the wedding. Roses are always best gifts for girlfriends and wives and so this bouquet can be the wonderful gift to show her that you are thinking of her. Even though it is artificial, it looks highly natural. This bouquet has 18 red rose flowers with 11” long stem. For stems, iron wire is used and the leaves and flowers are made out of silk, thereby giving a soft feeling to touch.


8. Photo Collage:

Photo Collage

You can show how much you miss your family by sending them this photo collage. This photo collage frame will let you place 10 of your favorite photos. You might have taken many pictures on your mobile phone during some memorable occasions in your life. Just take 10 of the best photos from those occasions and place them in this collage and send the same to your family to make them feel highly happier about your thought towards them.

9. Consider candy gift boxes:

candy gift boxes

Who will dislike candies? Not just for your kids, you can send this Wilton Candy Cane Gift Boxes to everyone in your family. Yes, this set comes with three boxes of candies. The realistic red and white candy cane print gives an attractive look to this box. You can preview the cookies and candies inside this set as these boxes come with clear view windows. This can be perfect gift to share with your family that you miss them a lot and thinking about them always.


10. Interactive baby doll:

baby doll

In the case of men, who are just married and away from family, this interactive baby doll can be the excellent gift to send to their wife. This interactive baby girl doll comes with attractive dress and she will respond to touch. Just a gentle kiss on her nose will make her giggle. When a man sends this baby to his wife, who is alone at home, she will really enjoy the presence of the baby. The baby doll will also symbolically show the man’s desire towards having a baby soon.

11. Stress reliever:

Stress reliever

If you are worried that your partner is highly stressed just because you have got job transfer, this gift to say that I am thinking of you, can be the best choice. This stress ball Paul is made out of soft silicone rubber. This is a handheld stress relieving doll and when it comes to stress-busting needs Paul can be kept inside the palm for squeezing to relax. Can be kept on the desk or even in the pocket to relieve stress when need arises.

You might not have found these ideas elsewhere. Just try them out and you can rightly pass on your ‘thinking of you’ message to your loved one.


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Sravan Kumar

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