5 unusual things to do on your birthday

“Sigh…a year older, how is that a happy day?”

“Birthday Celebration…Are you kidding me, how old am I?”

These are common waivers designed, as replies to birthday wishes, to exhibit maturity. However, these lies fail to veil the truth that lies within.

The jolly mood, which takes over your body and soul as your birthday draws closer, is hard to hide. Our conditioned brain loves that special feeling every time a far away friend calls to wish you on your special day or an ex messages you out of nowhere. This day is all about you…and one should celebrate the feeling of being “oneself”. Afterall being selfish is necessary sometimes.

Here are 5 unusual ways to celebrate your birthday and add to its euphoria.

  1. Drunken Comedy

Stand – Up Comedy has been in trend for quite some time. Now, it is quite challenging to make people laugh when the situation demands (those tough ones I tell you). But a little bit of vodka and honesty will do the trick. And in case things get out of hand with some sensitive ones feeling offended, you always have the “but it is my birthday excuse”.


  1. Deadly Prank

I did this on my birthday and it was hilarious. I got the monster mask and put it on early morning before everybody was up. I hid behind the curtain and waited for my mom to get up. As she walked lazily towards the door, I jumped out and “booed” her. She stared for a second and then went like “ee..ee… eeeeeeee!”. The when I pulled off the mask, she slapped me!J

 unusual way deadly

But her expression was super comical J and we had a good laugh for the rest of the day. In addition, I got an apology later for being slapped simply because “it was my birthday”.

  1. Getting pampered at the spa


Now, this is ideal for those birthdays, which fall on weekdays (busy friends and family). There is no experience in this world as soothing as a good spa. The loosening of the stressed knots (pun intended), the neck massage, the hot stones therapy, and the steam bath are just some of the quarter day long rejuvenation processes.

  1. Evening Swimming Treat


Nothing beats the heat like a day at the pool. Relish the aqua fun and the sprightly summers with some Aqua Dodgeball and Spongehead, followed by some gourmand snacks at the local stall. This is a cheap and effective one as it is wallet friendly (nobody really cares what he or she eats when they have after-swim hunger). However, finding a pool or a clean water body is a small challenge.

  1. Retail Therapy and DSLRed


Practicing unlimited retail therapy (when you don’t really have to go like “I love this…let me check out the price…ohh…too expensive…let me go for a substitute instead) and then getting photographed by the local studio guy is enjoyable. A little bit of vanity, helps boost up one’s ego thus releasing the happy hormone.


So try these 5 unusual birthday tonics, seek them to give you a high and have a “Happy Birthday”. After all, that is the whole point of this , isn’t it??