Gifts That Start With R

We all know how life is a gift and are grateful for it. However, sometimes, to show people that we cherish them as well, we should shower them with gifts. After all, it is because of them that our life is indeed cherishable. Here is a list of gifts that start with R that will help you in all your creative gifting ideas.

Gifts That Start With R

Gifts That Start With R

1) Rosewood essential oil

rosewood essential oil

We all have a friend who is obsessed with everything organic and goes gaga over essential oils. Rosewood essential oils like all other essential oils are very useful in curing mild illnesses like cold, fever and are also useful for reducing acne and curing other skin allergies. Moreover, it also smells heavenly and is often used by therapists in aromatherapy sessions in order to reduce stress and tension. If you’re looking for gifts beginning with r for this friend of yours, this the perfect product for you.

2) Rocking chair

rocking chair

Looking for gifts that start with the letter r for a friend who always likes to relax and laze around? Your search ends here. With so many rocking chairs available in the market, you may be confused about which one to gift to your friend. However, this chair puts a stop on all your confusions and the customer reviews justify why this could be the best purchase you could make. Being a best seller across many online shopping portals, this comfy and durable chair makes the perfect gift.

3) Revlon lip kit


Revlon lip kit

We all know a friend who can’t go anywhere without some color on their lips. Whether it be the supermarket or a red carpet party, these beauties will always have a dozen lipsticks in their bags. If you’re looking for presents beginning with r for that beauty maniac friend of yours, this is where your search stops. This lip kit has a combination of lipsticks and lip glosses that are high quality and will go with almost every outfit.

4) Rubik’s cube


Rubik's Cube

If you’re looking for gifts that start with r that tickle the brain, the classic Rubik’s cube is the best for you. A favorite among all age groups, this gift can never go wrong. Gift this to a friend who loves challenging their patience and is always up for a puzzle.

5) Rice cooker


Rice cooker

Mostly in Asian countries, rice is an irreplaceable part of everyday meals. If you are looking for some gifts that start with r for a friend who loves to cook, gift them with this easy to operate rice cooker. Gone are the days when making rice was a messy and time taking affair. Gift this to a friend who loves hosting parties and they will be the happiest.


As you can see this is very shortlisted. However, you can also see that these are a few of the most creative gifting ideas among others. Make sure you take our recommendations into consideration and thank us later for the beautiful smiles you get from your near and dear ones.