How To Make Your 11th Anniversary Special?

So, now you are all set to celebrate your 11th anniversary and now your mind will be full of thoughts to make this occasion special. It is true that the 11th anniversary cannot be considered a milestone in the life of a couple.

But, due to the fact that it comes a year after the couple had happily celebrated their 1st decade of conjugal life, most men and women wish that this anniversary should be made special to their partner in one way or another. Here are some 11 year anniversary gifts listed below:

year anniversary gifts

Make it personal:

After having celebrated your last anniversary with friends and family, the 11th anniversary is something that should be converted into an extremely personal event. Without the presence of your friends and relatives, both of you can plan for a romantic evening by the fireside. You can arrange for a home-cooked meal and a candlelight dinner to make the night even more special for both of you.

But, if you are too tired to cook, you can of course order for your favorite delicacies and can get them delivered to your doorsteps. In short, you can plan to celebrate the occasion in your own way sitting with each other and remembering the happier moments of life. If possible, you can also plan for a quiet dinner with your kids and can enjoy the special day in your life.

Traditional gifts:

Traditional gifts

If you are practicing the habit of sharing traditional gifts to each other on each anniversary, you might well be aware of the fact that the 11 year anniversary gifts as per tradition is an item made out of steel. There are different types of items like steel watches, photo frames, cooking utensils, tableware and even fitness equipment in steel are available to make your partner fit and health.

Gifts for men:

Gifts for men

The 11th wedding anniversary is actually a very easy shopping year for women looking for traditional gifts for their partner. There are steel watches, sports gear, accessories and memorability from his favorite sports team.

Gifts for women:

Gifts for women

When it comes 11th anniversary gifts for women, men need not have to spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect gift. They can choose a bouquet of 11 roses and the flowers can be attractively placed in a steel vase. Another fantastic gift can be roses made out of steel to show their love and affection to their lady.

For both:

coffee mug

Without any doubt, steel is an excellent way to choose a gift for the 11th anniversary when it comes to items suitable for both like a steel art, furnishings, home appliances and even pretty much anything for the home made out of this material.

What is the alternative?

If you consider that steel can be boring, you can opt for the alternative modern material called jewelry. But, if you wish to follow the tradition anyway, you can opt for steel jewelry. Not just steel, your partner will feel happy about receiving a gift that is reminiscent of steel like silver or white gold. There are lovely stone choices for the 11th anniversary and they are citrine and turquoise.

Why steel for 11th anniversary?

You have made it through 10 years of togetherness and you have given a tin last year to represent flexibility and durability. Now, both of you have made it to the 11th year of togetherness. So, now your relationship needs the strength of tough steel.

You will find it easier to find SS jewelry and it will not be that much tough like tin last year. Steel is much like a macho material. The thing to remember here is that stainless steel is hypoallergenic and so even if your partner is allergic to metals, he/she will feel safe with steel.

Suitable flower:

Suitable flower

Do you know that the flower suitable for 11 year anniversary gifts is morning glory? Yes, you can look for a bouquet made out of this flower to make the 11th anniversary special for your partner. But, this is a short living flower and it can be a suitable bouquet to present only in the early morning, immediately after plucking it from the plant.

To end up, to make the event special, you can also plan a trip to a romantic island or even a mountain hideaway.