Retirement gift ideas for principals

Often students and/or teachers do not know what to bring as a gift at their principal’s retirement party. There are a lot of options – many being cliché or even tacky. It is truly time consuming to search for the perfect gift on such an occasion. If you are someone in this situation, you do not need to worry anymore. We bring to you a list of 10 most popular retirement gift ideas for principals. This list will help you narrow down your choices to the best available in the market. There is something here for everyone – all types of gifts to appease all types of personalities.

Retirement gift ideas for principals

Not only are the following products unique and memorable, they will not burn a hole through your pocket. You will be able to impress your peers and wow your principal, all within your budget. So find a comfortable position and blaze through our list of retirement gift ideas for principals. You will not regret it!

1) Wampumtuk Funny Coffee Mug


Coffee Mug - retirement gift ideas for principals


If your principal has a great sense of humour, he / she will absolutely love this gift. It will be something to cherish and laugh at every time they look at it, and what more could you ask for than bringing a smile to their face?

Even if your principal doesn’t like to drink tea/coffee, they can drink any beverage from this mug, and enjoy the looks on people’s faces and have a good laugh.

This white ceramic mug is brought to you by Wampumtuk, the people’s choice for buying funky mugs as gifting options. The mug has printing on both sides, so each side is its best side. It has a stylish C handle, giving it an overall elegant look.

This product is made of 100% pure white ceramic of the highest quality. You can use this mug at your home or at restaurants.


  • This mug is very easy to handle and can be cleaned without hassle. It is dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to worry about hand washing it after every use.
  • You can even heat liquids up using this mug in the microwave. The colour will remain intact and the print will not fade, unlike in many low quality items in the market.
  • This perfect mug is exactly the kind of exclusive drink ware your principal would love to flaunt. That’s why this item makes it to our list of best retirement gift ideas for principals.
  • Affordable and elegant, this funny cup featuring a sarcastic print is made with utmost care and precision in order to bring full satisfaction to its users.

This is the perfect gift for your principal, who will be reminded of you from the moment they open the sturdy gift packaging, to every moment after when they use this mug in their daily life.

2) Journal with Lined and Blank Pages


Journal with Lined and Blank Pages - retirement gift ideas for principals


One thing that we can consistently associate with teachers / principals is their trusty journal. So why not gift your retiring principal a beautiful appreciation gift that they would love to use and show off to their friends and family?

Everyone appreciates being acknowledged for their hard work. This journal with ‘I’m the Principal, What’s Your Superpower’ printed on it is the one exact gift that would show your principal how much you valued their hard work over the years.


  • This journal is ideal for making notes / lists or even writing short articles as the inspiration strikes. It has half lightly lined pages and half blank pages – so your principal can deftly illustrate their ideas and plans.
  • The cover of the journal is of a soft matte texture – which looks glossy and beautiful under any light. An illustration of blackboard and chalk along with the phrase ‘I’m the Principal, What’s Your Superpower’ is printed upon the cover.
  • The journal is of the size of 6 inches x 9 inches – the perfect size to keep it in purses or bags or for holding in your hand. Your principal will be able to carry this journal with them everywhere, writing their ideas or any reminders in it on the go.
  • On a list of retirement gift ideas of principals, this is one item that will be loved by all kinds of principals, as all principals are characterized by their intelligence and hard work. Now they can pursue their flimsy ideas and fancies, doodle in the margins, and simply enjoy their retirement with this journal.

Anyone who sees this journal with your principal will be quick to compliment it, letting your principal bask in the appreciation long after you have gifted them with it. So order quickly and get your principal the perfect gift for their retirement party.

3) Angel Stone Resin Figurine


Angel Stone Resin Figurine - retirement gift ideas for principals


Enesco, the world famous home decor company, is here to serve you one of the very best retirement gift ideas for principals. This premium global brand of fine dining ware and luxury gifting options is dedicated to bringing happiness to people.

Enesco’s Foundations collection seeks to spread warmth and love through inspiring messages reminiscent of friends, family and faith. It seeks to capture the eternal beauty of timeless moments with your loved ones.

A part of this enchanting collection, this Retirement Angel is here to usher in an exciting new adventure for your principal. A masterfully crafted sculpture, this Angel is made from the finest stone resin with a beautiful linen texture.


  • It has gentle swatches of colour and delicate crystal accents that make the Angel look truly divine. There is an elegant and sophisticated look about this sculpture, which makes it a pleasure to display in your home.
  • The intricate craftsmanship lets shine the care and love behind this gift making it stand out among any other generic gift your principal could possibly have received.
  • This gorgeous Angel comes with a message of peace and hope.
  • This Retirement Angel is of the dimensions 4.5 inches x 3.9 inches x 9.25 inches. It is of the perfect size to grace a nook in your principal’s home and remind them of your affection and appreciation.

4) Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser & Strainer


Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser - retirement gift ideas for principals


LeafLife brings to you a gift that will not only meet your principal’s expectations, but will in fact surpass them by a huge leap. Among all the retirement gift ideas for principals, this is the one for your environment conscious, recycling warrior principal.

Constructed with 100% natural bamboo and premium grade 18/8 quality stainless steel, this is one sturdy tumbler that will withstand all kinds of rough conditions it may be subjected to. It is durable and strong, and will remain a beloved companion by your principal’s side for a long time.


  • With ground breaking vacuum insulated technology, this tumbler promises to keep your principal’s drinks piping hot for 12 hours or icy cold for an entire 24 hours.
  • The temperature of the drink is maintained by creating an empty space between the two steel walls of the tumbler that traps the heat and stops it from escaping easily. This allows your principal to enjoy their tea / coffee in any weather condition, without worrying that it will quickly get lukewarm.
  • Now they can enjoy your gift and remember you by in every season of the year – be it summer or winter, spring or fall.
  • This carefully crafted bamboo tumbler looks elegant and stylish in any situation. With its own exclusive grain pattern, this high quality flask will be as unique as a snowflake, the perfect gift for your unique principal.
  • With a capacity of 17 oz, this tumbler is both leak-free and spill-free. It fits in most average cup holders, and is thus safe and convenient for travel.

LeafLife brings a fantastic two-in-one kind of gift with a bonus tea infuser and strainer! Now your principal can easily brew their favourite tea, or simply infuse water with nutritious fruits etc in this tumbler. The infuser is detachable and can be handled easily by anyone.

Not only is this gift unique and stylish, it is also easy to clean and store. This is what makes us give it a spot in our top 5 retirement gift ideas for principals.

5) Officially Retired! Sash


Officially Retired! Sash - retirement gift ideas for principals


Doesn’t every one wish to be firmly remembered as the glamorous star of their own retirement party? If you wish to make your principal’s retirement party a long remembered bash, this is the perfect retirement gift for you to buy.

With a 4.3 star average customer rating on Amazon, the Jpaco ‘Officially Retired!’ Sash is one of the best and evidently more popular retirement gift ideas for principals on our list.


  • Made of 100% quality satin, this perfect retirement party accessory will feel silky smooth around your principal’s shoulders. They would love showing off this sash in pictures and to all people present. After all, wouldn’t you love an absolutely soft sash declaring you as the person of the moment?
  • This sash will instantly pinpoint your principal as the celebrity of the party, gathering numerous compliments and well wishes from anyone who sees it on them.
  • This sash is tailored to be of a size that fits everyone. It doesn’t matter whether your principal is tall or short, our carefully researched length of 32 inches and width of 3.5 inches gives the sash a measurement that fits everybody.
  • With an elegant and classy design, this sash is of a pearly white colour, with the words ‘Officially Retired’ printed in beautiful blue stamp letters.
  • An attention grabber from the get-go, this gift will go with all kinds of outfits your principal may wear to their retirement party. It will turn heads and garner lots of compliments, allowing your principal to bask in the affection and attention they rightfully deserve.
  • This sash comes to you sewn and ready to be worn. You can easily gift wrap it, or present it as it is to your principal, with a guarantee that it will bring a bright smile to their face.
  • This sash can be cleaned very handily and kept as a souvenir by your principal. Made of premium quality material, you do not need to worry about it getting torn after use.

In the above article, we have presented a carefully curated list of the top 5 retirement gift ideas for principals. You will notice that all the presented ideas are perfect for both male and/or female principals. These gifts are something that everyone will love to receive. So you can easily tick one item of worry off of your mind when browsing through these gifts.

These gifts will be memorable for your principal and all those who attend their retirement party. They are great ways of showing your gratitude and appreciation for your principal, who guided you and took care of the entire school, especially in hard times. So don’t waste more time trying to find the perfect gift for your principal, just choose one from our list of retirement gift ideas for principals.