30 best christmas gifts for dads

Come the festive season and you are already bombarded with thoughts of shopping the best for Christmas and buying gifts that will amaze them all. However, finding gifts for dads that could express your appreciation and gratitude for over the years has always been harder. But whatsoever be the case, dads will always find your gifts to be unique, special and sentimental. With this overly extensive list of best Christmas gifts for dads, it’s going to be a lot more fun welcoming smiles and diving into the festive moods.

best christmas gifts for dads


1. Best Dad Ever Glass Coffee Mug:

Best Dad Ever Glass Coffee Mug


This simple and classy 12-ounce glass coffee mug with an enormous easy to grip C handle makes for a great Christmas present. The durable imprinted design display on the front creates a long lasting and vibrant lead free design that makes your washing convenient and easier through microwave or dishwasher.

2. Barbeque Grill Accessories Tool Set:

Barbeque Grill Accessories Tool Set


If you dad loves to spend his evenings barbequing his favorite meals, then this 18 piece barbeque kit is the prefect present for him. The complete kit includes spatula, basting brush, grill tongs, cleaning brush, fork and knife along with 4 corn holders and 8 BBQ shish kabab skewers. Its sturdy construction makes it fit for traveling and outdoor camping as well.

3. Bronze Script Dad Picture Frame:

Bronze Script Dad Picture Frame

Share one of your favorite father-son moments in this bronzed casted metal frame and make it a priceless present this Christmas. The bronzed finished frame with a short and sweet message at the bottom is sure to bring back special memories and moments for cherishing.

4. Favorite Child Ceramic Mug

Favorite Child Ceramic Mug

A simple, unique and humorous message imprinted on this ceramic coffee mug is great gift to have delivered to your father and let him know that you definitely are his favorite child. The durable cup can be used for all beverages and also for storing things such as pens, pencils and office stuff.

5. Hanging Rope Chair and Swing

Hanging Rope Chair and Swing


If your father is more of an adventure lover and travels frequently, this easy to hang and assemble relax hanging chair will tick off one important item from his travel essentials. The hanging rope chair offers the perfect setting to relax and unwind after a tiring day out.

6. Framed Wall Plaque

Framed Wall Plaque


The lovely heartfelt prayer is going to melt your father from the very moment he lays his eyes on this perfect display. With an easel back for table top display, the frame is a simple gesture with a greater impact presenting a beautiful message that will make your father proud forever.

7. Organic Grooming Gift Set

Organic Grooming Gift Set


The premium bodycare set including a full sized face wash, face balm and shave oil in an attractive thrive box is precisely what you need this Christmas for your dad. Irrespective of whether your dad is an urban adventurer or fitness fanatic, the organic and natural ingredients of this unique kit invigorate your skin unlike anything else.

8. Christmas Pyjamas Set Kids Mums Dads Xmas Gift

Christmas Pyjamas Set Kids Mums Dads Xmas Gift


Cherish the spirit of Christmas holidays with printed PJ sets. Soak in the delight of spending this festive season with your family by dressing up like the white, red striped candy canes! Made of soft, comfortable material, the Christmas Pyjamas Set Kids Mums Dads Xmas Gift is ideal for any family!

9. Personalized Pilsner Beer Glass

Personalized Pilsner Beer Glass


With up to three lines of customized text, make sure that you put in the best engraving on this pilsner beer glass because it’s the best thing that your father will cherish this Christmas. Perfect for craft beers and all kinds of settings, your dad is going to have a great time ahead with this amazing beer glass gift.

10. Ceramic Coffee Mug


Ceramic Coffee Mug

Let your dad know that no matter what, he will always be your hero and you will always look up to him with this customized message on a coffee mug. Conventional and easy to use and carry as well, the simple mug makes a classic gift on the occasion of Christmas.

11. Proud Dad T-shirt

Proud Dad T-shirt


Daughters always make their fathers proud and this is yet another amazing way of doing something extra to make your father feel loved and proud. The design and comfort is great and every time he puts it on, you can take happiness in being his favorite one.

12. Journal for your Dad

Journal for your Dad


The fill in the blank lines inside this little book will let you pour out your feelings for your dad and something that he will treasure forever. This thought provoking book will reveal it out all for your dad and make up for all the long intimate conversations that you never had.

13. Magnetic Wristband for Holding Tools

Magnetic Wristband for Holding Tools


This is a perfect must have gift for your dad that will find enormous use in home improvement, auto repair and construction projects. It comes with strong magnets that are embedded in the adjustable wristbands for holding nails, screws, washers or drill bits.

14. Wooden Picture Frame

Wooden Picture Frame

Daughters are the closest to their dads and this beautiful wooden picture frame with a special message engraved will only take the relation a step ahead. The classic wooden frame comes with a folding easel as well as a hanger, so you can either put it on the table or hang it on wall, as you may like.

15. Personalized Leather Holders


Personalized Leather Holders


Make your pick from a range of leather holders and put in your customized message that fits your dad’s personality or simply just type out his name. Leather holders are one of the best Christmas gifts for dads that can be carried along while traveling while still flaunting that touch of personalization.

16. Guitar Pick Gift

Guitar Pick Gift


For music loving dads who enjoy playing the guitar, this stainless steel guitar pick with the perfect message is something that will make them feel special on this Christmas season. It is sturdy, presentable and plays perfectly well on acoustic as well as electric guitars.

17. Black Flask Gift


Black Flask Gift


When you are getting promoted to become a dad, let your dad know how awesome he is as a father with this black flask that has a special message engraved on it. Made from stainless steel, the flask can carry 6 ozes of liquid and is a great companion while traveling.

18. SwitchMe Retro Quartz Pocket Watch

SwitchMe Retro Quartz Pocket Watch


This father’s day, bring tears of joy to your old man’s eyes by getting him this smooth precision Japanese technology retro quartz pocket watch. With a diameter of 1.81 inches, this pocket watch was crafted only for your dad. Sleek on the outer edge with retro designs, it is a definite eye-catcher.

19. Leather Key Chain

Leather Key Chain

This classic leather key chain with laser engraved on it is an ideal gift to present your dad on this Christmas. Show your dad how much he means to you with this simple key ring that has a powerful message displayed across it.

20. Coffee Mug and Jelly Beans

Coffee Mug and Jelly Beans


The message on the coffee mug is an indication of the immense trust that we have upon our dads because they are our superheros. The gift bundle also includes different flavors of gourmet jelly beans in a 5 ounce bag.

21. Thin Mens Wallet

Thin Mens Wallet


A minimalist wallet that can be personalised with names or any special message is a special keepsake that your dad will love to have. Made from italian veg tanned leather, it’s a beautiful piece of work and wont wear out easily as well.

22. Dad Picture Frame

Dad Picture Frame


This gorgeous picture frame with a beautiful message “Worlds Best Dad” engraved on it is a great Christmas gift that your dad will preserve forever. The picture frame is also available in a variety of colors so that you can color cordinate with your home interiors.

23. Personalized Burlap Print

Personalized Burlap Print


Let this gorgeous jute burlap print hang on your walls this Christmas and your dad will be overwhelmed by the love and appreciation depicted through the beautiful message in it. The handmade item is available in different sizes to best suit your decors.

24. Square silver cufflinks

Square silver cufflinks

These unique personalized silver cufflinks are something that your dad will cherish for years whenever he puts them on because of the simple messages engraved that will stand out always.

25. Father daughter cushion

Father daughter cushion


Pamper your dad on this Christmas like he has always pampered you with this father daughter world map print cushion. You can also get a customized one highlighting some of the countries or putting across a unique message.

26. Personalized Leather Passport Holder


Personalized Leather Passport Holder

This leather passport holder is the best handmade gift for your dad this Christmas season. It can be customized to have any of your favored monograms imprinted on the leather for better and beautiful designs.

27. Daddy Cool Keyring


Daddy Cool Keyring

Button This bottle opener cum metal keyring with a special message on it makes it the most super cool gift to present your dad.

28. Dad Desk Clock

Dad Desk Clock


This decorative timepiece is one of the essentials that your dad will love to have on his workdesk. With the loving personalized message engraved on it, this timeless gift is something to be cherished for over the years.

29. World’s Best Dad Frame

World's Best Dad Frame


Let your dad know how much he means to you with this simple picture frame that speaks of your love and gratitute. The picture frame comes in variety of colors so that you can pick the best that complements with the photo within.

30. Personalized Hammer

Personalized Hammer

ButtonSurprise your dad this Christmas with these unique hammers and put across a personalized message so that he can flaunt it everytime he sets out for gardening with his friends.