Top 20 gifts for your boyfriend this Christmas

Christmas is the time when winter falls and love blooms. The observation of the festival to commemorate the birth of Jesus is perhaps the only major celebration of the winter season and that is why billions of people take part in it, irrespective of age, gender, nationality or religion. Christmas incorporates the feeling of love and togetherness among friends and family by bringing them close for the very purpose of celebrating the festival. Feasts are one of the most common elements of Christmas proceedings and are organized by several households. It is followed by sharing of gifts between near and dear ones and concluded by carol recitations after gathering around a Christmas tree. Christmas is surely the best time to celebrate with someone special, as both the eve and the atmosphere speak of love.

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend, then your search surely ends here as we have 20 incomparably best and unique Christmas gifts in our pocket that would surely help you to win his heart instantly. Don’t hesitate and order the best for him as you never know till when the stocks would last.

  • Party Shirts:

Christmas is all about attending parties and hence, it is the best time to gift your beloved a stunning party shirt that is sure to make him look even more handsome. You too can proclaim that both he and his shirt are completely your choice for the eve! Make the Christmas party go bold for him by gifting the Hancock Men’s Business Shirt  that fit’s both the budget and the purpose.


  • Hoodies:




If you two have a winter party out in the open and you already have been experiencing the cold blows of the season, then it’s perhaps the best time to gift him a hoodie that would not only save him from getting cold but would also make him look dashing. Consider the Campus Sutra Men’s Printed Hoodie as the most necessary gift this Christmas.


  • Shoes:

A man is identified by the shoes he wear and thus, the bolder the better. If you are hovering for Christmas gift suggestions, then we recommend you to buy him a pair of shoes for the eve of Christmas. The Albert & James Men’s Formal Shoes is one of the popularly bought shoes of the winter season which suits to any apparel with ease.

formal shoe

  • Watches:

Watches are universal gifts for any occasion and no matter what your budget is, you would definitely get a stunning watch at every price range. Gift him a watch this Christmas and make him count every minute of the quality time you two spend with each other. We have gone through innumerous watches and have finally hooked up on the Matrix Analog Black dial Men’s Watch that’s both budget friendly and equally stunning like the others.

matrix watch

  • Trimmers:




Christmas is the time to groove oneself and look more outstanding than the crowd. If you wish the same for your boyfriend, buy him an electronic trimmer to help him shave with style and impose new looks on himself. The most blessed person would surely be you! Consider the Philips Beard Trimmer for him this Christmas.


  • Belts:

Belts are an indispensable commodity of almost every man who love to keep their apparels upto the mark without any loose ends. You can help your man in the same by gifting him the Clayton Pure Leather Black Belt that’s finely made with imported luxurious leather.

clayton belt

  • Fragrances:

Considered as one of the best Christmas gift ideas, fragrances are loved by all, irrespective of age and thus, it’s your best shot at making a good impression on him by buying the Nike Fission EDT for Men. Create some fission on Christmas Eve and enjoy the party to the fullest.



  • Hair creams:

Changing hair styles and looks is a common trend of any Christmas party and no matter how formal or informal the party is, your boyfriend would always try to amaze you with his hair experiments. Be an understanding sweetheart and gift him the Enliven Active Care Hair Gel.



  • Marshmallow:

Christmas implies winter and winter implies marshmallows. Whether your boyfriend loves chocolates or not, he would surely love the sweet and spongy taste of marshmallows. Sweets are incomparably one of the best Christmas gifts as they spread love with them. Even Santa Claus is known to bring sweets and chocolates for everyone. Buy him a pack of Haribo Chamallows, one of the most popular marshmallow brand in the market.



  • Cocoa:

Winter and chocolate are homologous terms and most winter desserts consists of cocoa powder. If your boyfriend is a lover of chocolate, give him a lifetime experience of having liquid dark chocolate that’s ideal for drinking or baking cakes and muffins. You can even make use of chocolate moulds to make chocolates of attractive shapes and sizes. We recommend the Hintz Cocoa Powder for your beloved, this Christmas.


  • Mocha:

As soon as winter starts knocking on the door, tea is quickly substituted by coffee at most households. Gift your boyfriend a pure blend of rich hand-selected coffee beans by buying the Nescafe Cafe Parisien. The smooth, roasted, aromatic soluble coffee grains are sure to delight any coffee lover.



  • X-Mas mugs:

Hot coffee served in a customized mug makes the person feel even more special. Allow your beau to feel the same by buying a beautiful x-mas themed coffee mug for him. He can even use it for different purposes apart from drinking coffee. Consider the FurnishFantasy Christmas Best Wishes Mug  as one of your best gifts for him this year.

chrit mug

  • Movies:

Is your boyfriend a movie freak? Does he take you out often for watching new releases? If that’s the scenario then buying him his favorite movie DVD would perhaps be the one of the best gifts that you can think for him. Choose from a wide range of blockbuster movies that are sure to make his Christmas Eve more special. Buy and watch Love Actually and spend some quality time together.

love actually


  • Books:

For every fiction loving girlfriend, there is an equally realistic bookworm boyfriend. If you two fall under this category then don’t hesitate in buying some romantic books for him this Christmas. If you have a book in mind, go ahead and purchase that soon or consider S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. The book would surely redefine your meaning of love and bring you closer to him making the eve even more enchanting.


  • Musical instruments:

If your boyfriend is seriously into the music department and loves to spend time with music, listen to his mastered tunes by gifting him a musical instrument of his passion. You’ll be blessed with loads of love in return. If he loves to play harmonica or have been practicing the same for quite some time, then gift him the Hohner Ocean Star Harmonica on the eve of Christmas.


  • Fashion gift cards:

If you still have been looking for better Christmas gift suggestions, then, we recommend you to buy fashion gift cards for your boyfriend and give him the liberty to choose his own commodity. You can choose the brand he prefers from a wide range of customizable gift cards that are sure to make his Christmas Eve more promising than ever. You might consider the Van Heusen Gift card  and enter a price denomination from INR 500 to 5000.

  • Amazon Christmas gift cards:

Amazon has wittily designed Christmas gift cards that are sure to win the heart of anyone being gifted. These gift cards not only offer selection independency to the person concerned but also offer an infinite collection of a variety of things to buy from. Select a good card theme and instantly gift your boyfriend the Amazon Christmas e-mail gift card by entering any denomination in accordance with your budget starting from INR 10 to 10000.


  • Video games:

You can never keep a boy away from his video games and so it’s better that you accomplish this impossible task with a different approach. Gift your beloved a video game this Christmas but before handing over the gift to him, make him promise to take you out on Christmas Eve and enjoy with you to the fullest. In this way, both of you would be happy in your own terms. Buy the latest PES 2016 for him and watch him turning mad with happiness.


  • Earmuffs: It’s winter and no one can deny the chilly blows of the season. As you wish to keep your boyfriend safe and prevent him catching cold, buy him a pair of earmuffs that can protect him against the weather. We recommend the Winter Warmer Fleece Cover Earmuffs that are not only made of high quality materials but are effective under all conditions.

warmer pad

  • Wallets: If you still haven’t found anything ideal, then our final recommendation for you is gifting a wallet to your beloved this Christmas. Like belts, wallets too are an indispensable commodity for men and thus, can be considered as one of the best masculine gifts year round. Don’t waste any more time and order the Woodland Men’s Premium wallet  now! Selecting Christmas gifts was never this easy.