What To Do On Christmas 2022?

Christmas is observed as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world and observed mostly on 25th of December. Although Christmas is a religiously significant event for Christians, non-Christians and seculars have also adapted the ceremony commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Observed as a public holiday in almost every corner of the world, 25th December initiates the season of Christmastide, which lasts for twelve days – from 25th December to 5th January. But apart from the birth of Jesus Christ, one of the strikingly interesting facts about Christmas 2015 is the folklore of Santa Claus, a tradition closely associated with the name Christmas.


It is a popular believe that Santa Claus brings gifts to children on the Christmas season, riding his sleigh pulled by Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and his friends. The modern time Christmas day is usually spent with recreational activities, cooking, having a get together, and the most important Christmas Eve special dinner. Religious Christians generally gather up in the church in the morning for the early mass.

Are you tired of doing the same things every Christmas? Gifting the same old things to your relatives? Then it might be the right time to dig deeper into this article to find out what have you been missing all these years and how to make your Christmas super fun and pass you some Christmas gift suggestions, as we show you what to do on this Christmas.

1. Read a book under the Christmas tree:




Christmas without a Christmas tree is like Diwali without any lights. It is always quite fun to snuggle up beside your loved ones under the Christmas tree as you go through a book. Don’t have a Christmas tree? No worries, we have got your back! Check out these awesome Christmas trees that you can buy from Amazon. And while you are at it check out these outstanding Christmas reads to boost the spirit of Christmas in yourself. Christmas tree happens to be one of the best Christmas gift ideas that can both melt hearts and solidify relations.

2. Gift your beloved one a muffin mould and spend a great time with the family cooking:



It is actually quite a tradition to munch on tasty muffins on the day of Christmas. Just add a little twist to it and instead going out to shop for muffins, bring home the bakery itself by the help of this wonderful Christmas gift. Check out this wonderful selection of Muffin moulds  to buy this Christmas. Be sure to get creative with the toppings because afterall it’s Christmas! We wish you the best of luck in getting your hands dirty as you and your family advent on a quest to muffin-land for making the best muffin you have ever tasted.


3. Watch a great movie together with your family:




What can be a great way to spend the Christmas day than watching a wonderful movie together with your family! So put the popcorns in the microwave and get the blankets ready for spending an awesome time with your family watching great Christmas classics. Well if you are short on movie or want to gift the youngest of your family a lovely movie set to cheer him up with the Christmas spirit then go for The Polar Express  which depicts the story of a young boy who learns about bravery, friendship and the Christmas spirit on his journey in the Polar Express leading to the North Pole. Quite a touching story – ain’t it? You know what is more heartwarming than that?

4. Christmas Mug

A mug filled with steaming hot cocoa (you must check out this yummy Cocoa Powder  from Hintz, makes the Christmas spirit get better and better! Pick up this specially designed Christmas Mug from FurnishFantasy and make your family enjoy the sip with delight.


5. Team up with your loved ones for a game:

After you finish watching a great movie together with your family you may consider playing a game with them. From normal board games to outdoor games, you can play anything with your beloved family members. But I personally encourage you to try out board games as no one will feel left out while playing board games. There are a handful of board games that you can choose from like Monopoly Electronic Banking board game by Hasbro  or you can even take a normal game like crossword puzzle and redefine it to play together with your family as it is equally fun as any other board game while being tremendously educational at the same time. Although most of the grownups do not want their children to play video games, you can always spoil the young one in your family by buying him/her a Gaming console this Christmas. Even if there are no children in your family and if you are a rabid fan of video gaming yourself then bring home happiness with these heavily discounted Console and PC Games. It is one of the best Christmas gift ideas we can give to any game fanatic.


6. Convert your car to The Polar Express:

This is an activity you might consider doing early in the morning of the Christmas day or the night before Christmas. Buy some wreaths and other Christmas decorations to decorate your car to look almost like the Santa’s sleigh. Prepare some hot chocolate and marshmallows, and be sure to play some Christmas music in your car stereo. It will be better if the tracks are known carols or popular Christmas hits as that way everyone will be able to sing together while taking a ride in your Christmas-mobile. Take inspiration from these evergreen Christmas hits compiled in the album named 30 Stars. If you execute this idea perfectly then the ride will be something that will remind your family of the Christmas of 2015th for many years to come by. To add to that, it will actually be quite a great time to place the Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree while the others wait in the car.

30 stars


7. Remind your beloveds that you still miss them:




We all have some beloveds who live too far away from us and have such a hectic schedule that they cannot even turn up for a family get-together. To let them know that you still miss them and you still want them to spend time with, you can always send them small tokens of love. In fact Christmas is all about sharing love, joy and happiness. So share your happiness with the less unfortunate ones who cannot turn up for the gatherings by sending gift cards to them. If they are tech savvy, or live too far or are too much picky about stuffs, then it is better to send them electronic gift cards instead of physical gift cards. What can be a better gift to them than going online, choosing from millions of items and buying the one that suits their needs! Check out this awesome selection of Seasonal Greetings e-gift cards from Amazon and send them along with custom messages for the people concerned.

8. Attend a party:

It has become a tradition to join a get together or crash at a party with friends on the Christmas Eve. In India, places like Candolim in Goa and Park Street in Kolkata light up in luminaries and attract hundreds of thousand visitors every year on the eve of Christmas. If you live nearby then your chances are you already have been invited for at least a couple of parties to attend. Don’t hesitate in attending them as Christmas comes only once a year. However, make sure you are ready for the party, i.e. groom yourself nicely before you get out. You might like to buy yourself a nice grooming gift set this Christmas to look dashing in the party. Christmas gift suggestions for him: Choose from a wide range of products from Gentlemen’s Tonic. Christmas gift suggestions for her: You might consider the Calvin Klein Eternity fragrance  for yourself, this Christmas.

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