Christmas gift ideas for gardeners

Christmas is special for everybody, and everybody should get something that they like. For those close to you should definitely think of something unique and unusual to give. Considering the fact that Christmas only comes around once a year you can definitely go out of your way and pick something that they will cherish. Below you can find a few tips and tricks to keep in mind while buying a gift or trying to think of Christmas gift ideas for gardeners.



  • Figure out your budget and how much you are willing to spend on a gift. Keep in mind that you may be giving gifts to more than one person, so you have to plan out your budget accordingly.
  • Don’t leave it all for the last moment. If you do this, you will end up struggling financially and being under a lot of pressure to pick a gift.
  • Keep in mind the persons likes and dislikes when choosing a gift.

Gift Ideas:

1. Fairy lights


Fairy lights

A properly decorated patio or garden area always has fairy lights. This is why it is the perfect gift to give to someone who truly treasures their garden. Fairy lights illuminate a place with subtlety which is why every person who may simply enjoy a quiet evening in their garden needs this. These lights are multi-colored and you can even set them to flash or stay on without any blinking. These lights are even more attractive because they are shaped like little blossoms. You don’t have to worry about these lights being on the outside and being affected by the elements like rain because they are completely waterproof. With all the benefits of owning these lights, it is amazing that they come at such a reasonable price.

2. Handbook


gardener book

If you know someone who is just starting out with gardening or who is considering starting a small organic farm right in their backyard, then this is a book you need to give them. This hand book is brimming with useful information that everyone needs, even if they are just thinking of growing a few vegetables and aren’t sure of where to start. If the person you want to give this to has a Kindle e-book reader then you can save even more money and buy them the e-book version of this book. This book is a great Christmas gift idea that you should keep in mind while shopping.


4. Solar lights


solar lights Gift ideas for gardeners

These outdoor lights that are meant for the garden area are the perfect Christmas gift for those who want to save money. These solar lights run completely on solar energy but are sure to brighten up your garden area in the evenings and night. There are 30 of these round lights that extend for about 19.7 feet. They also make the best Christmas decorations. It is ideal for anyone who takes pride in their garden area and would like show it off with a chilly garden party, perhaps. Being powered by the sun, these lights will work for a good 6 to 8 hours on solar energy. It is simple and easy to setup and use, so you don’t have to worry too much about those factors at all.

4. LED lights

LED lights Gift ideas for gardeners

If you really want to brighten up someone’s garden area or patio then this is the way to go. You want to give them something useful, energy efficient and eco-friendly – these lights are just what they need. You decorate the shrubs in the garden with these lights or line them up on the patio or patio roof. You can basically do anything you like with them and your garden will look all fancy and beautiful in the night, thanks to these bright LED lights. These lights even come with a 1 year guarantee and last for about 8 hours at night if they are fully charged. You can even set the mode for these lights, it can be a slow glow, flashing, steady on and off; there are a total of 8 modes that you can choose from if you ever get bored of just one.


5. Garden fairy

garden fairy Gift ideas for gardeners

Garden accessories can sometimes be hard to find, but if you want to find the best gift to give to a gardener this Christmas then this garden fairy is what you have been looking for. This fairy is delicate and dainty and does not steal any of the glamour away from all the hard work and effort that has actually gone into setting up and maintaining a garden. However, it does add a special and unique touch to a garden. Not only does this fairy add finesse to a garden during the day, but it lights up, so as to offer your garden a lovely glow even at night. This fairy does not even require electricity; it runs completely on solar power, so all you have to do is ensure that it is properly charged.

6. Christmas Tree Stand

Tree stand Gift ideas for gardeners

Some gardeners enjoy taking their gardens to new heights of amazing. They often times like to put a Christmas tree right in their backyard, or even grow one by themselves. This is why this Christmas tree stand is a great idea as a gift for some gardeners. The swivel stand means that you can turn the tree in any direction that you like. This ensures ease of access to all sides of tree and you will know for a fact that your tree will not randomly fall over for any reason. It does not even take long to set this stand up, a few minutes is all your need – it is that simple and easy.


7. Garden tools

Garden tools Gift ideas for gardeners

If there is one thing that every single gardener needs is a set of garden tools. Garden tools are essential for both beginners and long-time gardeners alike. What they need along with these tools is a neat and easy to wash bag to store all the tools. It also makes it easy to transport the tools from one part of the garden to another and helps you save on time and effort. This is definitely a Christmas gift that every gardener will thoroughly love and be surprised by the thoughtfulness and usefulness of this gift. You can also read some Christmas gift ideas for girls.