14 Amazing Holiday and Christmas Wine Glasses for Everyone Out There!

Wine and wine glasses! The first thing that everyone turns to at any family occasion; especially Christmas! So, this year, why don’t you plan to gift Christmas wine glasses to your loved ones? These are undoubtedly sophisticated, attractive and very lovely presents!

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Gift a set of wine glasses for Christmas and you will see the receiver use it for every occasion.

Be it your parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, with every sip from the wine glass you have given them, they will remember you.

So have a look at some amazing collection we made just for you. See below and explore…

14 amazing holiday and Christmas wine glasses!

1. Couple glasses

Mr. and Mrs.! You always have that one ideal couple in your life whom you look up to. They are funny, charming and very caring as well so why don’t you give them something thoughtful?

Check out this gift and you will surely like it –

Couple glasses


2. Customized Stainless steel wine glasses

Get your loved ones some personalised Christmas drinking glasses and they will definitely love you even more! Write their names in the glass of their favourite colour and see their elated face as they unbox!

Customized Stainless steel wine glasses


My husband gave the same to my sister a month back and I tell you, she loved it!

3. Holly & berries balloon wine glasses

Holly & berries balloon wine glasses


Holly & Berries and Christmas make a dazzling combination and these wine glasses simply depict it all. This glass set will look amazing on the table especially if you keep the lights dim or place candles around.

4. Snowflake printed customized wine glasses

Snowflake printed customized wine glasses


A snowflake printed wine glass would also be a nice gift to a wine lover. Some sparkles and lots of love with the person’s name on it; what else can be better than such a personalised gift?

5. Handcrafted and printed wine glasses

If you are considering handcrafted decorative wine glasses as gifts, then you are on the right track. People nowadays tend to choose handcrafted as they value the effort just to create the craft, and for sure, your loved ones will love them as well.

Handcrafted and printed wine glasses


These handcrafted wine glasses are unique with a regal touch to it as well.

Keep up with these good choices and lay your hand on this interesting gift –

6. Pretty beaded wine glasses

When it comes to selecting wine glasses for girlfriends, a nice wine glass with a bead and carving design always a good idea.

Pretty beaded wine glasses


Just one tip – Make the wrapping interesting!

7. Silver plated engraved wine glasses

Need something elegant and stunning? Lay your hands on silver plated engraved wine glasses. These are perfect to reflect class and sophistication. Gift this to your loved ones to affirm their class.

Silver plated engraved wine glasses


8. Fairy Godmother holiday wine glasses

Someone just turned 18 in your family? Now, he or she is legally allowed to sip some good wine! So, help make the first experience even better with adorable pieces of fairy godmother wine glasses.

Fairy Godmother holiday wine glasses


Also, one can use these glasses just as decorative pieces later.

9. Gold fizz confetti wine glasses

Gold fizz confetti wine glasses


Confetti is so in style now and gold is an immortal choice for festive wine glasses so fizz up the party with this gorgeous gift and bring a sweet smile on everyone’s face.

10. Bright pink sparkle wine glasses

Bright pink sparkle wine glasses


Pretty and pink! This is a great choice for any woman who is fascinated with having fancy sips. The sweet smell of wine in this beautiful decorative glass simply gets amplified.

11. Handmade vinyl quoted wine glass

Handmade vinyl quoted wine glasses are a unique choice! It looks stunning and elegant with a bit of personal touch so never miss a chance to bring a beautiful smile on your loved one’s face with this wine glass.

Handmade vinyl quoted wine glass


Want to make this gift even more special? Get a bottle of red wine along with this!

12.The Shark Wine Glass Crystal Cup Goblet

The Shark Wine Glass Crystal Cup Goblet


Fortunately for the drinker, this shark is docile – although mighty thirsty! He prefers red seas of wine but enjoys blush and white seas as well

The sparkling handcrafted lead-free crystal Shark Wine Glass™ is built to withstand multiple attacks from the drinker. Handle with care, or the shark may bite!

13. Reindeer Holiday!

Want funny Christmas holiday wine glasses to recreate the casual yet festive mood? Get this set of glasses with the reindeers on a holiday.

Reindeer Holiday


14. Wine glass stickers

After browsing through a whole range of wine glasses, it is time to think of something new – wine glass stickers! These are funny, colourful quotes which one will simply love to put on one’s glass.

Wine glass stickers


So, grab the beautiful wine glasses before they run out of stock. Make the occasion even more than a happening!