20 Best Gift Ideas For Doctors

Being a doctor is next to being God – said a wise man a long time ago. Quite often we forget the role a doctor plays in our well-being. It is always a difficult task to find out thank you gifts for doctors in your life.

gift ideas for doctors

The ideas that come to your mind will be common office gifts. In some cases, doctors will be reluctant to take gifts from patients, especially expensive ones. So, here is the list of some affordable and personalized gifts for doctors.

Best Gift Ideas For Doctors

1. Engraved Photo in Wooden Frame saying Thank You

Engraved Photo in Wooden Frame saying Thank YouWe say “Thank you” to those who help us in our life. Just like that, we can share a thank you note with our doctors who take care of our health. Say “Thank you” to your doctor along with his/her photo engraved beautifully in a wooden frame.


2. Doctor’s Clock


The clock is a gift which we can give on any occasion and there are models covering all occasions and occupations. In the thank, you gifts for doctors this desk clock is a small clock with replicas of stethoscope and Caduceus emblem on it. Now your doctor does not have to turn around or check the mobile to see the time. Your doctor will appreciate your gesture to say thank you.


3. Doctor Symbol Keyring

Doctor Symbol Keyring

Next in the list of personalized gifts for doctors is a keychain. You would be thinking about why a keychain is added to the list. When you want to present your doctor with a personalized gift you can give a keychain that has a chrome-plated emblem on that. This 3-inch key chain has the Caduceus emblem on it. The next time he or she is going to get her keys, you will be in their mind.


4. Pen with Doctor’s Logo

Pen with Doctor's Logo

A personalized pen in a gift box is a perfect gift for doctors. If you can get those personalized with your doctor’s name, the gift will become special.  This is a pen with a Caduceus emblem on it. It is plated in chrome, which gives it a luxurious finish.


5. Personalized Doctor’s Apron

Personalized Doctor's Apron

An apron is something that doctors will need all day and chances for the coats to get dirty are very high. Because of that, lab coats are added to doctor gifts. These can be worn by both female and male doctors. It is very much comfortable to wear as it made up of 100% cotton. These are machine washable. You can personalize the lab coat once you get it delivered, by stitching your doctor’s name on it.


6. Physician’s bag

Physician’s bag

This is something that can be given as a gift to any doctor. We have added a physician’s bag to the list of gift ideas for doctors since there may come a need to visit a patient at home. This can also be a graduation gift for your loved one who just completed their medical degree. The bag looks professional and is very much functional. You can easily carry all your medical equipment and place them neatly in the given compartments.


7. Comfortable Footwear

Comfortable Footwear

Doctors have to stand in hospital and operation theatre for a long time. If their footwear is not comfortable, doctors will have difficulty performing their daily duties. You can buy slippers which are easy to wear and are comfortable. This can be given as thank you gifts for doctors by patients for whom they have done surgeries. The footwear has cushioned footbed, lightweight, extra soft, and anti-skid. It is also available in different colors.


8. White noise machine

White noise machine

Doctors are busy people and they may not get enough sleep. A white noise machine is something that can be used by people who get little time to sleep but cannot sleep because of the noise from outside. These devices produce random sounds that sound like rushing water or blowing wind. You have to buy one which is a sleeping aid. These types of devices produce soothing sounds so that the surrounding sounds will not be too audible. A white noise machine can definitely be added to the list of gift ideas for doctors and he/she is going to appreciate your gesture.


9. Desk Name Plate

Desk Name Plate

Desk nameplates are simple thank you gifts for doctors. You can gift a beautiful desk nameplate to your doctor. The material is acrylic, so there is no fear of breakage. There are clear, transparent, v-shaped desk nameplates. It is versatile and durable at the same time. You can easily insert the copy paper on both sides of the nameplate.


10. Paperweight for Doctors

Paperweight for Doctors

For any office desk, the paperweight is a necessary accessory for keeping and arranging papers properly on the desk. For doctors also, a paperweight is needed since they will be checking results and other papers for treating patients. We have added this paper weight with the doctor’s emblem which can be gifted to doctors.


11. Hand carved Book End

Next in my list of doctor gifts is the set of bookends. Doctors will be having many books and encyclopedias for reference and to keep themselves updated about the changes in the medical world. There will be a small library at their home or clinic and bookends can be useful for them. Bookends keep the books in each raw safe from falling down. This hand-carved wooden book end is the ideal one to be gifted.


12. Wooden Plaque with a Pen & Notebook

Wooden Plaque with a Pen & Notebook

This is an exquisite gift set that has a desk clock, notebook, and pen. All these are packed in a women plaque. The gift looks premium and is eco friendly.


13. Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder

The next in the list of gift ideas for doctors is a business card holder. Doctors treat many patients and their services should not be confined to limited people. A business card is usually a way of letting people know about your whereabouts and help them find you. To house such an important set of cards, we need to get a good business card holder as a gift to the doctor in our circle. Though this may not be a huge item, it has its own value.


14. Stethoscope


The Stethoscope is a doctor’s best companion. For a long time, doctors have been pictured wearing a stethoscope around their neck. This depiction signifies the importance of a stethoscope in the medical profession. Quite often we tend to ignore the basics and search for other things. Instead, you can gift the very basic requirement of a doctor – the stethoscope. This is the reason why we have added a stethoscope to the list of doctor gifts.


15. LED mini flashlight

LED mini flashlight

Though a flashlight may not be the most important thing a doctor often uses, it can be quite handy for first-level diagnosis. This is mostly used when there is minimal lighting or when the doctor has to inspect interior parts of the buccal cavity, throat or ear. We found a LED mini flashlight that is easy to carry and the specifications indicate that it produces a bright light beam as well. In fact, it can be easily mistaken for a pen. Get a similar one and gift it to that doctor!


16. Doctor Cufflinks


This gift is specific to the male doctors. There is nothing wrong with the doctor being fashionable. It adds all the more charm if he flaunts his profession. So, the next gift in the list of gift ideas for doctors is a pair of “doctor” cufflinks. This one is of high quality and is plated with 18K white gold that adds to the look quotient. They are in the shape of a folded stethoscope, to indicate the profession of the individual. I am sure he is going to love this lovely gesture of yours and gain a few compliments for thoughtfully choosing them!


17. Tiny stud earrings

Tiny stud ear rings

When it comes to making a fashion statement, let us not leave the female doctors behind. After all who does not like to be fashionable? No matter what the profession is, it is an individual’s choice to determine what he or she should wear. For that wonderful female doctor you admire, we have a tiny set of stud earrings which are unique doctor gifts.


18. Doctor Coat Shape Pen, Pencil Holder Stand

Doctor Coat Shape Pen, Pencil Holder Stand

The next in the list of personalized gifts for doctors is a small sculpture of a doctor’s pen or pencil holder. This can be kept on the desk. Every time the doctor sees this, he/she will be reminded of your special gift.


19. Band aid sticky notes


Sticky notes are used to attach notes to documents or any other surface. Band-aid Sticky notes will have an adhesive tip to glue it to the surface. You can add sticky notes to the doctor’s gifts since they will have to keep track of several things in their daily routine. For example, if the doctor you know conducts seminars or classes for his juniors, he can use these sticky notes to intimate them about their duties. The pack of sticky notes contains 3 different sizes and is in the shape of band-aids.


20. Activity tracker

Activity tracker

The last in the list of gift ideas for doctors is an activity tracker. The activity tracker gives the information about the activities you do – the number of steps you take, calories burned, heart rate, etc. The activity tracker has an auto-sync facility (using a mobile app) to track and strategize your next workout session to meet the goal. This can be added to the list of great thank you gifts for doctors. Your doctors help you to stay healthy and the activity tracker helps them stay healthy.


This concludes the list of doctor gifts. The above list includes personalized gifts for doctors and thank you gifts for doctors. From these gift ideas for doctors, you can select the one that suits you and your budget.