10 Very Special Gifts for 3 year Old Girls for Every Occasion

Isn’t buying gifts for 3 year old girls exciting? The new princess of the family is now growing up slow and steady, as well as developing the sense to say, ‘I don’t like this gift.’ And that’s a nightmare for everyone who ever thinks of gifting something to the little girl.

gifts for 3 year old girls

So, how will you make a better choice and get the correct gifts for the small princess? To help you in this, here is some gift suggestion to look for which will make the 3 years old jump with glee!

10 extremely special and adorable gifts for 3 year old girls:

1. Beads for bracelets

Beads for bracelets


Want your little girl to do some fun learning? If yes, then start with the beads. Ask her to make a necklace with 5 pink beads or a yellow necklace of 20 beads. It will help your kid to learn faster.

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2. Disney princess trunk

Disney princess trunk


Every little girl desires to be right out of the amazing Disney books. You can certainly make her dream come true with the perfect presents for 3 year old girl. All you need to is surprise her with the amazing Disney princess trunks and get her all the favourite dresses of her.

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3. Audio playhouse set

Audio Playhouse


Looking for some amazing gift ideas for 3 year old girl that will be educational too? You have laid your cursor on the right gift. This is a very interesting toy house set that will encourage your little budding girl to learn alphabets, songs, nursery rhymes and more.

This way, your girl will never be bored of learning!

4. Hand kites and boxes

Hand kites and boxes


Hand kites are so beautiful with ribbons flying freely. It certainly will be a great thing to give, and the girl will love it.

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5. Sorting and learning set

Sorting and learning set


Is it being difficult to teach your child colours, numbers and alphabets? So, bring home the gift that will solve this issue in no time. Get sorting and learning game sets for Montessori kids and see how happily as well as easily your daughter gets to learn.

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6. Audio and activity learning desk

Audio and activity learning desk


Keen to give the best gifts for 3 year old girl? Then you must look for something that will help her in future and what can be better than easy learning? The only way you can do it is by giving an activity learning desk where she can type the alphabets, create works and learn them.

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7. Colour set

Colour set


Running out of gift ideas for 3 year old girl? Wait then! You have missed a good colouring set. It is always a great thing to gift, and a baby girl will love it for sure. It will let the little doll draw her imagination on paper and colour it.

Interestingly, as per scientific research, 7/ 10 children who are inclined towards painting and colouring at a young age are more likely to be very creative.

8. Boho poncho!

Boho poncho


Winter is the season for merry and getting warm clothes is a must. Make the festivals better with presents for 3 year old girl that will make her look stylish! See how happy she will wear the poncho and look adorable in it.

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9. Dream unicorn

Dream unicorn


When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for 3 year old girl, you must pack her a unicorn. It will almost be a dream come true to see a cute unicorn by her side. Also, try to get the ones on which she can draw or write.

Once you give this gift, you will surely see the best smile ever on her face!

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Don’t be surprised if you see your girl cuddling the pretty unicorn all the time!

11. Doll pendant for a doll!

Doll pendant for a doll


Doll pendants are so cute, and it looks brilliant on the little ones! Get it in her favourite colour and make her wear the cute little necklace that will complement the three-year-old so radiantly.

Ready with the list which ones you want to buy? Then there is no waiting! Get your hands on the best gifts for 3 year old girl and fill her life with joy!

Go Get Some!