5 Gifts that Start With A

Isn’t it a cool idea to gift your friends, named with the initial letter “A”, with unique sets of gifts. Below, some gifting ideas have been detailed out. These can surely help in extending your gifting options and gifts that start with a for your gift exchange party.

gifts that start with a

Gifts that Start With A

1) Arrow Light Up Sign

Arrow Light Up Sign

These arrow light up signs can decorate and illuminate any living space. They can be personalized and customised in different shapes and sizes according to the theme of your interior decor. They feature LED lights which can efficiently last up to 50,000 hours, thereby, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. They can also be given as housewarming or birthday gifts.


  • It is a perfect decorative piece.
  • It only requires easy installation.
  • It is made up of iron and hence, durable.
  • It requires power supply from 2 × AA batteries.
  • This can also be included in your list of gifts beginning with a.


2) Avocado Face Mask

Avocado Face Mask

This is the perfect gift for those who like to pamper themselves. It’s rich clay formula dives deep into the skin to remove dirt and oils from the pores. They provide long lasting skin softness and brightness. After it’s application, the skin feels soft and bright. This can be a perfect addition to their self care routine. It can also be one of the gifts starting with letter a.


  • It nourishes and purifies the skin.
  • The skin looks clean and feels fresh.
  • It suits combination skin well.

3) Apple Scented Candle

Apple Scented Candle

This product can be one of the gifts that start with a. It is perfect for enjoying all of your go to fragrances. It provides a long burn, thereby diffusing the dinner parties with pleasant aroma. These products are made up of premium quality paraffin candle wax which has been exported from around the world. In order to ascertain best quality burn, each wick of this product has been straightened manually by hand.


  • It is sufficiently long lasting.
  • It delivers a clear and consistent burn.
  • It gives the perfect aroma of fruit peels, crisp greens and juicy Macintosh apples.

4) Apple butter

Apple butter

If there’s a foody person in your acquaintance, then, this can be the perfect gift for him. Flavoured with delicious juicy apples, this butter is made with high quality of natural sugar. No artificial colouring or sugars have been added into this product. And this can be the perfect table spread for your morning bowl of oatmeal or your breads.


  • It stands out in it’s quality.
  • There are no artificial sugars added to it.
  • It tastes good and has a comparatively longer shelf life.


5) Axe Body sprays

Axe Body sprays

This pack of 4 axe deodorant sticks can be among the funny gifts that start with a. Gift these deodorant sticks to your mischievous group of smelly and stinky friends. It’s fragrance lasts upto 24 hours and in turn, boosts confidence. They are 100% safe to use, prevents body odour and refreshes the soul.


  • It keeps you dry and fresh for longer period.
  • It includes a subtle blend of woods and fruits.
  • It doesn’t cause skin irritation and is 100% safe to use.


So, these are the range of gifts that start with a. Gift them to your A named buddies and make the smiles on their faces count.