5 gifts that start with c - Unusual Gifts

5 gifts that start with c

It has always been difficult to think for out of the box gifting ideas. Especially, in those quirky themed gift exchange parties where everyone has to come with unique pieces of gifts. In order to simplify these situations, we have provided a list of some items which can be browsed to get your loved ones a gift, gifts that start with c.

gifts that start with c

1) Coffee Gift Pack:

Coffee Gift Pack

This can be the perfect gift for your coffee lover friends. This gourmet box of coffee includes sundae flavored coffee, Peruvian fair trade speciality coffee, hazelnut flavoured coffee and many more. This set will not only make their taste buds explore the different flavours of coffee but will also equip them with wonderful assortment of high quality coffee from around the world.


  • It comes in a gourmet box.
  • It specialises in Arabica coffee and Flavored Coffee.
  • This product is sugar free, gluten free and lactose free.


2) Chocolate Making Sets:

Chocolate Making Sets

This can be the perfect piece of gift for the younger generation. This wil allow them to unwrap their creative talents in decorating and designing. This Chocolate Bar maker comes with silicone pods which are both safe and easy to use. Moreover, the chocolate bars made from it, can be gifted off as personalised gifts.


  • It comes with creative sets of moulds.
  • It also comes with deco pen, stamps and wrappers which allows easy personalisation of your designs.


3) Club Board Game:

club board games

This club board game is one of the most popular gifts that start with c. It can be both a learning and a fun experience. It allows the young minds to set up strategies to explode their volcano first. This game was especially curated by a team of experts who expertise in imparting education to children. It also comes pre-equipped with all the needed supplies. This game ultimately makes “Science” fun and interesting to learn.


  • It provides a great learning experience.
  • It comes with a large two sided laminated board.
  • It also comes with volcano bowl, 4 sets of colored measuring cups.
  • 80 science topic cards and 16 science master cards have also been included in this set.


4) Candles:


The aroma of this candle creates a serene environment. It balances, calms and enriches the benefits of Lavender. Being richly equipped with essential oils of thyme, rosemary, bergamot and eucalyptus, it’s fragrance creates a fresh scent all around the place. It also diffuses touches of orange blossom everywhere which relaxes both the body and the mind.


  • It provides an approximate burn of 50 hours.
  • It features self trimming wicks.
  • It is made from blend of natural soy wax.
  • It’s fragrance is embedded with natural oils.


5) Chalkboard Wall Sticker:

Chalkboard Wall Sticker

This Vintage styled chalkboard wall sticker can be the perfect chore charts for the kids and adults. It requires easy application like “peel, stick and done!”. It provides organised columns and rows for fitting in your busy schedules. It is easy to erase and can be used again and again. With the help of this, kids can learn to plan out their activities, according to their mood without making a fuss.


  • It provides high visibility.
  • It is easily removable.
  • It is ultra-versatile for home, business and events.
  • It uses a strong and non-permanent adhesive.
  • This can also be one of the kid friendly gifts that start with c.



So, these are some of the quirky gifting ideas from us. You can simply check them out and gift your loved ones with these unusual yet useful pieces of gifts.

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