5 Gifts That Start With E

Are you excited for this year’s Christmas? But, yeah! With it also comes the grand Christmas party. Are you still doubtful of what to buy your siblings as presents. Worry not, we have googled out a bunch of gifting items and this time, it’s not just the ordinary things. We have enlisted down a couple of gifts that start with e.

gifts that start with e

Gifts That Start With E

1) Ear muffs

ear muffs

This product is made to provide the best protection to your ears. They cancel out the noise via it’s soft yet effective earmuff cup. This product can be readily used during shooting practices, working in industrial sites etc to cancel out every trace of harsh noise prevailing around you. This can be among your presents beginning with e.


  • It comes with NRR sound technology.
  • It is a certified product.
  • It comes in an adjustable handband design.
  • It is also compact and portable.

2) Egg slicer

Egg Slicer

This product can be your best companion during your household chores. Being equipped with sharp blades and safe design, they slice your boiled eggs to perfection. With this product, egg salads can be made anytime with least amount of effort and mess.


  • It is made from safe quality material.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is also easy to clean after application.
  • It can also be used for other purposes like slicing of vegetables, fruits etc.

3) Eyelash Coffee Mug

Eyelash Coffee Mug

This quirky styled coffee mug can perfectly fit into your collection of gifts that start with e. In addition to this, it also adds variation to your mug collection. It is made up of high end porcelain to ensure unnecessary cracks. This is a perfect product to hold your favourite coffee with style.


  • It is made up of porcelain with plastic open-close lid covers.
  • It is travel friendly.
  • It is safe and sturdy.
  • It can be gifted way as christmas gifts starting with e.

4) Earrings


These acrylic sets of earrings are perfect to fill in those empty ears. They come in fun and quirky style with lots of patterns and designs going on. They can easily suit your casual wears, ethnic wears etc. This whole combo of six pairs provides an easy selection of earrings according to your outfit.


  • They are lightweight and do not irritate the skin.
  • They come in fashionable patterns.
  • They are beautiful carved in unique designs.
  • They can be easily accessoried with your favourite costume.

5) Estee Lauder Perfumes

Estee Lauder Perfumes

This can be among your selected bunch of gifts beginning with e. These are meant for those who love to wear perfumes. Being mildly scented with the best quality oils, this can be the perfect addition to one’s perfume collection. Be it your date or a night party, this perfume can never go wrong.


  • This is made up of high quality fragrant oils.
  • It is worth the money invested on it.
  • It remains sufficiently for a longer duration.


So, get ready to surprise your friends and family with these quirky range of gifts that start with e and make them cherish these moments forever.