5 best horse gifts for girls available online

Who doesn’t love horses and ponies? They are an important part of every fantasy. And, girls really, adore them. Don’t you feel obsessed when your little girl goes on talking about those tiny little horses, she saw in the cartoon and assume interesting things about them? They bear a strong connection with ponies and that is the reason, why “Unicorns” are so popular. Their kind and loyal behaviour and the royalty takes everyone. Even, i as a kid, was fascinated about these creatures and dreamt of keeping them with me. So, we understand how important it is for you, to give your horse lover girl, her best present. That’s why, we have enlisted down, some horse gifts for girls. We assure, you’ll get the same smile on her face, as you had imagined before.

Horse gifts for girls

1) Horse stuff toys

toy horse

Aurora World, being the global leader in the manufacture of plush toys and premium quality gifts is well known for it’s services. It provides the diverse range of children safe products with creativity. This stuff toy features a soft, plush fabric toy with big pair of eyes. It is filled with beans to make it feel more cozy and soft. This product is perfect for your girls to cuddle and play enthusiastically. It has been styled in a realistic way in order to preserve the realness. This makes it easier for children to go along with this product well.


  • It can be a wonderful item to gift.
  • It involves a fine, plush fabric.
  • It is extremely soft and cuddly.
  • It has been styled to give a realistic look.
  • It comes with big googly eyes.
  • It is one of the most famous horse gifts for girls.


2) Horse Musical Jewelry Box

jwellery box

These product have been designed specially for the purpose of bringing happiness to your children. The other sets also include creative designs like ballerinas, princess, fairies and angels enchanting fairytales and singing out loud the story from the storybooks. The product encompasses a tiny horse which twirls to music. These musical jewellery boxes are safe to use and are perfect to make your child learn how to organise her bracelets, necklaces etc properly.


  • It is a graceful piece of musical jewelry storage box.
  • The horse dances on the tune of the song “Home on the Range”.
  • It also involves an oval shaped mirror with pullout storage drawer.
  • It has been especially designed for organising the jewellery of your girls.
  • It is lined with light brown toned fabric.


3) Horse Colouring Book


coloring book


This colouring book beautifully depicts a number of beautiful horses and ponies. The whole book comes in 50 pages, also 100 pages with each side of the page are counted. It has a good variety and is not boring. It comes in a beautiful cover and standard packaging. It’s variety is a major component which provides ample figures to colour, depending upon the mood of your child. It is a hit among the girls and is a perfect way to keep them occupied.


  • It has a beautiful portray of horses and ponies.
  • It has a variety of figures and is popular among the kids.
  • It involves a nice cover with 50 pages in total.
  • It can be one of the best horse gifts for her.


4) Horse Printed Fleece Blanket

unicorn blanket

This product is perfect for those chilly nights where you enjoy watching TV or read your favorite book around the fire. This blanket is reversible and it’s super soft printed flannel fleece gives an irresistible touch of softness to it. It’s material is 100% polyester and is safe for sensitive people or those who are prone to allergies. This blanket is also safe from shrinking and wrinkling. It can be easily be machine washed with least efforts and displays a cute unicorn of your child’s dreams. It can take her down to her land of fairies where unicorns exist and play with the good little girls.


  • It has a blanket size of about 60″ × 80″.
  • It is extremely warm and soft to use.
  • It has a good fabric content.
  • It is very convenient to take care.
  • It comes in an attractive display of beautiful design.
  • This can be the perfect horse gift for her.


5) Horse Stable Set

horse play set

This Melissa and Doug stable set is uniquely designed for those children who dream about horses and love them. This beautiful piece of stable set comes in an attractive construction which includes 8 beautiful horses, a beautiful piece of wooden take along stable with an attached breed guide. It effectively ensures creative playing, learning and understanding. The whole stable set has been made from premium quality materials to ensure durability. This also gives a sturdy stamp on it’s constant usage and children can take their play set wherever they please. The set also comes with it’s own touch of personalisation. The horses come with tags on which children can write their own horse’s name and label their stalls accordingly. This piece is perfect for putting the creativity of your children into correct usage.


  • It encourages creative learning and understanding.
  • It comes in durable construction.
  • It has been personalised carefully according to the needs of a child.
  • It assures durability and guarantees happiness.
  • People have voted it as one of the best horse gifts for girls.



So, these are few items which you can select to gift your girls. They are perfect for every occasion and can be put into multiple use. Either. it’s a gloomy day or your little girl has a bad mood, all day long, these products can undoubtedly, cheer them out. They provide a closer bonding to their perfect imagination of horses and in this way, they won’t be stopping to dream bigger and bigger.