How to celebrate New Year 2022

Considered as the most widely celebrated event all over the world, New Year marks the start of a fresh year on January 1st in accordance with the commonly accepted Gregorian calendar. Though the history of the celebration of New Year dates back to 2000 BC in ancient Iraq, the most popular cause of celebrating the day is commemorating the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ. A major public holiday of the winter season, New Year has all the elements of serving joy to people. The advent of New Year promises freshness in life along with promising good luck for the year ahead. At most places, people light firecrackers at midnight to celebrate the arrival of the new day of the new year.

How to celebrate New Year 2020

New Year means family gatherings, celebrations and the inevitable sharing of gifts. People adorn themselves in new clothes to signify the arrival of the year. One of the most intriguing part of a New Year day is the taking up of resolutions in order to define the motif for the rest of the year. When it comes to sharing of gifts, selecting the best and ignoring the rest can be quite a tough job but with our incomparable New Year gift suggestions¸ this New Year celebration would be the most happening day of your life. New Year is all about enjoying and spending time with your loved ones and you can accomplish the same by engaging your day with the following activities:

Wake up to some hot espresso

New Year falls in the winter when tea is replaced by coffee. You can make your 2020 New Year morning a bit special by waking up to a mug of hot espresso served in a specialized coffee mug. You’ll feel blessed to have such a wonderful start on the very first day of the year which would surely make your entire day even brighter. Consider the premium quality Davidoff Espresso Coffee  served in the HomeSoGood Coffee Art Coffee Mug  for the very purpose of New Year.

coffee espresso

Get inspired by reading a book

Power of positive thinking

New Year is all about getting inspired and taking up resolutions for the rest of the year ahead. You cannot have a better New Year morning without reading a classic that would surely turn into a once in a lifetime experience. You can also have a positive outlook towards life by reading The Power of Positive Thinking  by Norman Vincent Peale. Alternatively you can select from a wide range of booker prize winners or life changing stories that are considered as assets by book lovers.


Share the love of reading on New Year by gifting someone a book gift card

There’s no better way of sharing the joy of reading than sharing the reading material itself. This New Year, gift your loved ones the world of imagination by buying him/her a Book gift card. In this way, they can purchase the genre of their choice, thus, reducing your burden of selecting the preferred book. We recommend the Crossword Gift Card  with varied denominations as one of the best New Year gifts for 2020.

crossword gift card

Exercising on New Year is a good sign

It’s never too late to think about your physique and this New Year, resolute to boast a sleek shape in the shortest possible time. Once you embark upon doing proper exercise on the first day of the year, you will develop a sheer will power to continue it year round. Have better results by using gym exercise tools like the Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball  that has enough potential to keep you fit and make you slim in no time.

gym ball

It’s time to relax

Exercises exhaust a lot of energy if they are done seriously and effectively. After a good exercise session on New Year, relax for a substantial amount of time to restore your lost energy as well as to calm yourself down. The Ekya Premium Yoga Mat  is sure to make you distressed after all the hard exercises you perform. Also, the Yoga Mat can be used to meditate after a tiring day at work or a stressful event for the rest of the year.

yoga mat

Organize the day ahead and follow the same throughout the year

It’s very important that you stay organized and plan your day ahead in order to avoid any problem in the daily flow of life. So we strongly recommend you to keep track of your daily activities and follow a basic routine throughout. The Success Planner Daily Organizer Diary 2020  will fetch you success as soon as you start giving effort.

success planner

It’s time to mend your garden and your interiors too

Doesn’t it look beautiful to decorate your home and keep both your interiors and exteriors clean? New Year is the time to beautify your surroundings and make no mistake, it’s your duty to promise your family a healthy environment. After all, Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Hence, this New Year, buy gardening utilities like the Seven Circle Garden Scissor  and JW Garden Tool Set  to give your exteriors a better picturesque view. Alternatively, you can buy the Coido Portable Vacuum Cleaner  to take better care of our interiors.

garden tool set

How about a New Year cake?

New Year implies celebration and we all know that no celebration is complete without feasts. Unless you organize gatherings at your place, the New Year day would seem dull and lifeless. But once you have invited guests, what to serve them as starters? A New Year cake is what you might be looking for. Not only would the cake complete the very arrangement of the feast but would also sync with the cold winter season. Astonish your invitees with the Pillsbury Sweet Delights Cake Mix  on the very first day of 2020!

pillsberry cake

Play your favorite tune

Keep aside some time for yourself and for your hobbies. Our actions define us and whatever we do on New Year Day would directly or indirectly imply that we would perform the same throughout the remaining 365 days. It is, thus, of utmost importance that we have time to think about our likings and desires. You can engage yourself in playing your favorite tune on New Year to make the day even more happening. You can select your preferred instrument from a wide range of specialized Musical Instruments  and buy it to play it.


Ignore all the above and go abroad

If the daily chores of life bore you to death, it’s time to pack your bag and go out to have some fresh air. The world is as enormous as you can think of and hence, you can have a huge choice of places to visit. Buy the American Tourister Travel Duffle , include your essentialities and rush out to the nearest airport to start your exploration. If you are looking for unique New Year gift ideas related to travel, consider the Thomas Cook Gift Card  as it is available in several denominations in accordance with your budget.


Gift a Smile

It’s the time of the year that you should start thinking a little about others, i.e., thinking not only about your family but also about the ones who don’t even have a family. Support a Charity or an Orphanage and Gift a Smile  on New Year cause it’s never too late to bring love to someone.