Spreading joy in the form of gifts on festive occasions

The holidays call out to everyone in their own unique ways. While for some, it may be a time of overwhelming plans and increased stresses, for others it’s all about memories and getting together with loved ones for celebration. There is definitely something magical about listening to joyful carols on radio, seeing the beauty of houses adorned with gorgeous sparkling lights, savouring the tangy taste of sorrel and taking the enticing aroma of cakes being baked in the oven and the joy quadruples when you get to celebrate with people who matter to you. However regardless of everything, holidays are a time to remember, reflect and rejoice in gifts that just can’t be bought from stores. And there are just as many occasions as you can think of to bring out a smile on your loved ones’ faces by surprising them.


While most of the public holidays in the United States have a historical or political background, there are festivals rooted in traditions and religious beliefs that different ethnic groups brought along with them. And more often than not, gifts play a major role. Friends and relatives meet and meal together and bring each other gifts and joy, which is often the heart of celebrations. If you are in search of meaningful gifts this holidaying year, read on to wander how best you can pamper people with brightly wrapped parcels all throughout the major occasions.

St Patrick’s Day (March 17):

St Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious event majorly celebrated in Ireland to commemorate and appreciate the noble deeds of St Patrick. This global celebration of Irish culture is dedicated to Ireland’s great patron saint, who had successfully ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. St Patrick’s Day may not be popularly known as a traditional gift giving occasion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it one. In fact, from rather very small gestures to larger ones, this holiday offers incredible reasons and great opportunities to surprise your friends, family and even colleagues.

pub on patrick's day

Gift ideas to suit this holiday appropriate mood do abound. From simple leprechaun hats to sophisticated and elaborate gift baskets symbolizing holiday cheer, there are a myriad of ways to spread fun and care for people you love. Gift hampers brimming with special clothing, holiday fare, buttons and many more can help to add to the fun and excitement that this day offers. From Irish green horns to diamond shamrocks and traditional derbies, you are likely to find a range of options from kitschy to classy gift ideas.640px-St_Patricks_Day_Parade_Montreal

Sexy Leprechaun:

What St. Patrick’s Day brings to the rest of the world are beautifully dressed leprechauns, creatures deeply embedded into Irish folklore. If you have a friend with a soft spot for this gold hiding little creature, then getting them a leprechaun costume would be an ideal gift for them. Ladies would absolutely love to be draped in green and honor the occasion in the best possible manner in a sexy leprechaun dress.

patrick's day

St Patrick’s Day Brownie Pops:

Handmade specifically to fit the season, this exclusive gift comes with twelve brownie pops. There will be four “Pot of Gold”, four “Green Mug” and four “Leprechaun’s hat” that embody the season in the most ideal manner. These hand decorated, amazing fudgy brownie pops are just the perfect gift to treat your loved ones on St Patrick’s Day.

Home Brew Chalkboard

Home Brew Chalkboard:

If you are deciding on the perfect gift for a beer lover, take this opportunity to brew up one customized gift like a chalkboard to hold your daily reminders and lists. Available on various stores, this personalized chalkboard is the one step solution to all your worries on selecting the apt gift.

Flashing Shamrock Dangle Earrings

Flashing Shamrock Dangle Earrings:

To adorn this beautiful earrings from Shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day is the dream of every woman. The earrings are individually carded with six shamrock LED flashing lights that can turn on and off. They are 3 inches long, cute, flashy and make the perfect gift for the women in your life.

Good Luck Clover Wrist Bands

Good Luck Clover Wrist Bands:

There is absolutely no better way of lifting up someone’s spirit with some crazy flair on Thanksgiving Day than gifting them with these wonderful elastic wrist bands that feature a beautifully embroidered shamrock. This great head band is a great accessory completes your outfit for this day.


Help your girlfriends get creative with their nails or sponsor an Irish tattoo sleeve: If you are really not a fan of draping yourself in green, painting your nails can be a more subtle and creative way of celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Help your girls with endless design possibilities from rainbow stickers to shamrock drawings in glittery green varnish. Another unique gift for a friend can be investing in a fake Irish tattoo sleeve. Such a sleeve that features green swirls and shamrocks is surely noticeable and will garner in a lot of compliments. Or else you can take your friend to a real tattoo parlor and do the real thing.

Easter (First Sunday of a full moon day after March 21):

Easter morning on a spring holiday brings in many celebrations with a special breakfast brunch comprising of plates of eggs, waffles and pancakes; or a special sit down dinner with ham, lamb and other ethnic specialties. Containers on tables with beautiful tulips highlight the entrance of spring. Colored eggs in various shades are set upon green grass and inside baskets filled with many other delights for the old and young. Easter celebration, the day surrounding Christ’s death and resurrection, is observed in various communities all over the world. Different countries have evolves different Easter traditions such as decorating eggs to reading mystery books and flying kites. In a few places, Easter has also become secular, creating the Easter break traditions during school year.


This spring holiday welcomes in new growth and flowering. Budding trees, blooming flowers, and greening lawns give way to new optimism filled with warmth and cheer. There is plenty to enjoy on this day such as the chicks, bunnies, baskets for children filled with candy and simple family gatherings. Easter celebration is marked with gift ideas for all. Easter eggs and bunnies are the major attractions, during this festival or renewing life and the living. People often acknowledge this day by exchanging gifts. And when it comes to selecting gifts, you definitely have a lot of options by visiting the nearest local store or browsing through online shops. If you are seeking for some good unusual Easter gift ideas, go ahead and take your pick.


Lots of chocolate:

Not only is this gift set dedicated towards children, but adults can also get to be a part of all the delicious fun. Go ahead and fill that basket with loads of goodies and we definitely aren’ttalking about those hollow cheap bunnies. Everyone is aware that Cadbury Crème eggs top the list in hierarchy of Easter candies. So do not forget to include a dozen of these and also go for Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs because they are just as amazing.

Alcohal on easter


Honestly saying, there isn’t a better way to complement and class up an Easter basket for an adult than throwing in a Prosecco bottle, but you can also take a step further to mix up things with samplings of nips bottles. Also if you are really in the mood of getting festive, try hiding them in those colored candy plastic eggs which open up.


Lottery tickets:

You won’t find these terribly expensive and yet they can pay off literally. Putting aside win or lose, everyone loves scratching off tickets, so stick in a few there and you will never regret it.

Yowie Surprise Chocolate Egg

Yowie Surprise Chocolate Egg:

These are a bit different than your regular surprise eggs and they come packed with educational values. You can find these edible eggs in various colored foils. Yowie eggs are usually filled with replicas of many endangered wild animals or Yowie characters. Such a concept was originally designed to educate families and children on ecosystem as well as our natural world that include those threatened or endangered species.

Personalized wine gift pack

Personalized wine gift pack:

If you do not want to go with tradiitonal way wishing “Happy Easter” with chocolates, do it with wine instead for those who enjoy a tipple. Get the perfectly gorgeous silk lined box to gift their favorite tipple accompanied with engraved glasses and may be a few sumptuous chocolates. Also you can personalize the label on wine bottle with a thoughtful message. Such Easter ideas definitely show a taste for finer things in life that people are bound to fall for.

religious gift

Religious gifts: If you are invited for an Easter meal and you know that the hosts are great followers of Christianity, then some appropriate gifts for the holiday can include various symbolic religious gifts. For instance, gifts depicting a cross or Jesus are quite common. Wall crucifix or cross pendants are more popular Easter time gifts. For non-Christian hosts, you can put together a nice themed gift basket or even simple flowers would be just appropriate.

Halloween (October 31):

On Halloween’s eve, you will find witches flying all over the skies, green ghosts howling and black cats yowling. Straddling in between the fall and winter, life and death, plenty and paucity, Halloween is usually a time of superstition and celebration. The concept is thought to have originated during the ancient Samhain Celtic festival, where people used to light bonfires while in weird costumes in order to ward off the roaming ghosts. During the 8th century, Pope Gregory III started incorporating the tradition of Samhain and honoring all martyrs and saints on November 1, which came to be known as All Saints’ Day. The previous evening was remembered as All Hallows’ Eve and the next as Halloween. Over the years, Halloween evolved in to a more secular and community based event. In most of the countries around the world, as day grow shorter and nights start getting colder, people begin to usher in the winter with costumes, gatherings and sweet treats.


With the onset of fall season, the gift giving season begins. Halloween kicks off gift giving with candies, sweets etc. Soon, arrives Thanksgiving, Chrismtas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, bringing in even more opportunities to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Gifts can brighten someone’s day, and the attention and care you take in putting together a gift makes their mood even more special. The fall, being that that time of the year wherein folks are more than inspired to give, following are some gift ideas to help you bring a smile on people’s faces.

Halloween gift basket

Halloween gift basket:

Often used as gift baskets are wicker baskets which form a popular choice for Halloween too. Special Halloween versions painted in seasonal colors are available and can be bought or if you have one of those suitable baskets lying around, you could try painting it yourself. Apart from traditional ones, you can use other kinds of containers also such as a skull or a cauldron. You can get these items available in stores that sell supplies for Halloween. Next comes the fun part where you have to fill it up. Many people prefer Halloween food like candies, cookies in pumpkin shape and other motifs and similar kinds of edibles. Other ideas include Halloween decorations and toys, scary music, DVD, balloons, streamers, masks, candles or other party items. When you have finalized on your gifts, add some simple and beautiful finishing touches. Try sprinkling a few decorative items such as a few sequins or tying a Halloween ribbon in the form a bow around the handle. Also you can gift wrap the whole basket, preferably with a Halloween themed paper.

Halloween themed items

Halloween themed items:

This is the best time of the year to find loads of decorative items which can be utilized at home. Browse through various markets and pick some great Halloween themed décor items for your guests as gifts. You can choose anything from pumpkin shaped lanterns and candles to different kinds of Halloween urns and candy bowls, freaky candle stands, table top decorations, Halloween themed photo frames or even themed t-shirts.

Hard drinks produced specially for Halloween

Hard drinks produced specially for Halloween:

Generally adults have a liking towards special or unusual wines and all other kinds of hard drinks. Thus, if you can get hold of few wines that have made specifically for the season, it would be a great gift idea for adults. Often these wines come with freaky names and spooky labels such as Twisted Oak River of Skull, Big Red Monster and Vampire. Few varieties of Vodka also do come under this list. You will come to find black and blood red vodkas only during this time of the year. These Halloween gift ideas are sure to impress the adult guests in your party.

Haunted House CDs

Haunted House CDs:

In order to create the perfect ambience in a Halloween party, you will need some creepy and scary music trailing throughout the venue. And one of the best ways of imitating this mood is by getting some haunted house CDs. Also you can choose to gift these to your guests so they can in turn utilize them in their parties.

Stuffed toys and action figures for kids

Stuffed toys and action figures for kids:

Stuffed toys go well for the season if you have kids around. Just look for in various stores and you can definitely find something similar to Hocus the Bear, Merlin the Cat, Pocus the Bear, Ghosters the ghost, Shriekers the Ghost or Ghoulianne the Ghost. For kids who aren’t into cuddling, get them a few action figures that come from Halloween movies like Nightmare in Elm Street, Batman or Night before Christmas. There are also classic characters like the Headless Horseman, Frankenstein or a simple skeleton.

Help someone host a party

Help someone host a party: One of the best gifts you can give someone this Halloween without having to spend any money is by helping him/her host a party. You can help the hosts to set up the place, even cook and clean up afterwards when their hands are full and they require every support available for making the party as successful and organized as possible.

Thanksgiving (On the fourth Thursday of every November):

Once in a year, American families get along to relish in delicacies like turkey and pumpkin pies, enjoy parades and American football. On the fourth Thursday of November, the US celebrates Thanksgiving Day, a feast to acknowledge the fruits of the previous harvest. It is usually that time of the year wherein families come together and take delight in fine foods. The traditional meal revolves around the turkey, stuffing and the vegetables, which is then rounded off with pumpkin pie. Most of the big towns and cities hold Thanksgiving Day parade, the most famous one among them being the Macy’s parade held in New York City. The entire three hour event gloats of costumes, huge helium balloons and floats. Also one of the longest held traditions on Thanksgiving is playing or watching American football.


Looking back, each one of us might want to thank our friends and families for their care, support and continued love. And with Thanksgiving approaching, people often give out gifts to one another for conveying their deep love and gratitude. Among the numerous presents available in the marketplace, which ones would be best for your parents, friends or your special someone? Maybe you will agree that no gift is best, since what matters is your love. But since you are actually considering this, why not invest some time in picking out some amazing thanksgiving presents for your dear ones.


What to gift your mother: When you think of celebrating Thanksgiving with a word of thanks, probably the first person you think of is your mom. For mothers who shower their selfless love upon us all the time, what kinds of gifts can do justice? A bunch of carnation can be a good choice, since it’s quite affordable and filled with romance. Also you could go with thanks giving cookbooks for your mom, and expect to get a cozy dinner for your family instead.

What to gift your father

What would your father want: Often we ignore a father’s strict, silent and implicit love, but it is his toughness that makes us what we are today. So what can be the most suitable gift for him? If your father loves traveling, you can gift him a digital camera or a pair of nice fashionable travel shoes that will get some young blood going in him. Alternatively, you can also bring him a watch, tie, handmade crafts etc.

thanksgiving dinner-party-friends-wine-

For friends and relatives: For friends and people who have always had you back, you can appreciate their love with these unique thanksgiving ideas.

  • Homemade gifts: Homemade gifts carry a lot of significance and it would definitely please your friends. Try your hand on something that you are good at. If you love cooking, bake a yummy cake or any other dish that is your specialty. Also you can craft your own beautiful Thanksgiving card, knit a scarf, sweater or make a painting on the area of interest of your friend.
  • Chocolates: One of the many delicious gift ideas for a friend or relative could a box of his favorite chocolates. This again could be clubbed with additional goodies to make a nice wholesome Thanksgiving gift hamper. Dry fruits and gift sweets also make for great gifts if your friends are fond of those.
  • Lunch or dinner treat: The most common way of celebrating Turkey day is by dining together with friends and relatives. You can treat them by throwing a big lunch or dinner party at their favorite restaurants. It’s also a great way of connecting with your old friends and reliving some good memories together.
  • Gift cards: A prepaid gift card that can be used everywhere, or simply a gift card for some particular drugstore, grocery store or eatery such as Starbucks, is an amazing gesture to show you appreciate and recognize your relation.
  • Books and Games: If you are visiting someone on Thanksgiving Dinner, bring along a deck of cards, a board game, a set of dominoes, a football, coloring books for kids or a fun coffee table book to get the conversation going and have some fun before dinner. Of course, you may want it run it by the hosts before you can whip it out.
  • Gift baskets: Thanksgiving gourmet gift baskets filled with cheddar cheese, sparkling apple cider, rye bread, gourmet coffee, chocolate cream pastry cookie, summer sausage, grained mustard and assorted cream chocolates will certainly provide a feast for any family. Another of the popular gift baskets constitutes vanilla cream cookies, smoked almonds, French chocolates, creamy garden herb with vegetable dip and exclusive “Thankful” candy corn mix.

Christmas Eve/Day (24 and25 December):

Every year, December brings along a month filled with holidays and celebrations with numerous gift giving traditions. It is probably one of the most awaited events of the year celebrated around the globe with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. The onset of winter season kick starts the preparations for this amazing event. Treats, fairs, celebrations and gifts can be seen all over the markets and streets. So, if you are planning on delving into the magical spirit of the season, look no further and get ready to make the most of this beautiful day. When Christmas is around the corner, the frenzy gets kicked in all around you and you will not want to leave out anyone when it comes to finding some great items to gift your loved ones. Read on to find out how you can play the role of a Santa in someone else’s life to bring in the true joy of Christmas.


Gift Cards:

These are a no brainer that makes for really great stocking stuffers. Gift cards are available in every price bracket and for almost every interest. You can find vouchers for restaurants, movie theaters, music downloads, stores, online websites etc. You can either buy these gift cards online or pick them up from the checkout counter of your favorite stores. This way, you don’t have to worry about selecting the perfect gift and whether the person for whom you are buying would like it or not.

gift gym equipment to your friend

Gear or Equipment or a Gym Membership:

With holidays, comes accompanies fellowship, fun and great food. And with all the good food, there’s added pounds that tend to make people less active during the winter months. If you have a lazy friend, get him a gym membership, a hot new exercise equipment or some new sweats to keep him boosted and moving during that time.

Get your friend in spa

Take a friend for a relishing spa:

Pamper your friend in the most amazing manner by inviting him/her to join you in your favorite spa’s relaxation and leisure activities for the day. Together you can escape and unwind it all with a relaxing spa day. Along with cleaning, rehydrating as well as rebalancing your skin, spas are designed to target specific areas that relive muscle pains and reduce stresses. Also it boost the general sense of your well being.

Gift someone a Christmas pet

Gift someone a Christmas pet:

This will work best only if you are completely sure that whomever you are shopping for will be able and completely willing to care of a pet. Kittens and puppies make classic Christmas gifts. Birds also are an interesting choice; especially parakeets are they are inexpensive and easy to care for. They are found typically in shades of green, yellow, white and blue and you can always find one in someone’s favorite color.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies:

These have always remained a holiday tradition for many years. In fact, modern day cookies can even be traced to recipes that were inspired by the Medieval European biscuits that used modern ingredients such as black pepper, cinnamon, nuts, dried fruit and ginger. Although there are numerous kinds of Christmas cookies popular with families during this season, people throughout the world usually enjoy the five most popular Christmas cookies- gingerbread, sugar cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, Austrian Linzer cookies and Italian Anise Holiday cookies that make for great gifts any Christmas season.

golf-clubs-golf-bag-shoes-balls-and-tees christmas gift for dad

Last minute Christmas gifts for your dad:

Have you thought of sending your father a monthly gift club subscription this season? Most clubs offer wondrous selection of monthly gifts that are certain to turn it into a smoking hot Christmas for cool dads. Also you can think of sending your dad on an adventure that will create wonderful memories to be cherished for many more Christmases to come. If your dad is into golf or more of an adventurous person or identifies himself with race car driving, then make sure that an exciting adventure is just waiting for him.

Christmas gifts for mom

Top gifts for your mom:

Why not try and create a special customized gift for your mother this Christmas season? Gather in few of her favorite items and make your own gift basket. Include things like bath and body products, candles, a nice bath robe or a bottle of her favorite wine to impress her or you can even choose from exclusive gardening accessories like bulbs and seeds for spring and colorful dazzling garden stakes or any other décor for enhancing her gardening experience.

Christmas personalised gifts

Customize your Christmas gift:

By their very nature, customized gifts show that you put in special thoughts to your purchase. Furthermore, these are guaranteed to be exclusive – one of their kind. Also you can create your own customized gifts online by uploading your pictures and putting them on shirts, mugs, baseball caps, t-shirts etc. For young children, personalized children’s books make amazing gifts.