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Durga Puja: How the biggest festival of East India is celebrated


After the gloomy, sulking and rather grey monsoons, we enjoy the glory of the autumn. The blue skies, the cotton clouds and a little bit of chill in the weather announces the arrival of winter in the distance. The faint fragrance of the Sheuli flower and the sight of the willowy Kash remind all of us, especially the Bengalis that …

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DUSSEHRA- The Festival of Triumph!

Essence of Dussehra

To many of us life may seem very unjustified. With scams, corruption, and murders occurring on a daily basis, around every nook and corner, it may seem that evil has totally taken the reins. We fight every day, every minute but it seems that justice is a bit too late. But the fight against evil takes time. And that is …

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Durga Puja – When Rama invoked the Goddess of Power

Durga Puja in West Bengal

A faint fragrance of the flowers lingers in the autumn air. The dryness in the air is perceptible, along with the visual shortening of the days it encompasses. For Bengalis the world over, it is that time of the year again, when they make merry and celebrate the homecoming of Goddess Durga, to her father Himalaya’s home. Durga Puja is …

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This Dussehra, take a twist in gifts

This Dussehra take a twist in gifts

Dussehra is almost here!! The significance of victory of good over evil in Treta Yug is here to shine upon. Be it Lord Ram taking on Ravan or Goddess Durga slaughtering Mahisasur, the auspicious day vibes poses power, success, worth, wealth and prosperity of the righteous. Celebrated on the month of Ashwin’s tenth day, according to the religious Hindu lunisolar calendar, this …

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