What do you expect on your birthday?

Birthdays are an important event of the year. Whatever gender, age, circle may be but you never fail to plan it differently every year. The surprise element adds icing on the top the cake. You make a note of it that no any important appointments or examination come across this day. To start with you must be working on designs, color ,style and cost of your outfits on your special occasion. Months ago orders would be given. But the exciting part would be what your near and dear ones are planning about your day. You must be clearing the questions of about whether they remember or not. Are they planning anything big or you need to hint them. Trust me still you will be confident about being surprised on that day.


On your special day you would be wanting to be pampered with surprise party arranged with some lovely theme at your favorite place or room at your home or in terrace under the stars.  The party should have people who are closest to you but strange fact is you would have absolutely no problem with unknown people too. Coming to cake it can be fancy or simple but should be of your favorite flavor.  You would be eager to know who all are invited,  who knew and remembered your birthday or whose life you have made such an impression that they want to be part of your special day.  You would be lucky if you get to celebrate your birthday with your family.  They just redefine your presence and importance of the day. Usually the people present there are of much precious factor than anything else, it makes you feel special and wanted and loved.

A surprise birthday Party preparation

With all food and drinks of your choice comes the most surprising and exciting part and it is the opening of gifts. Diving into the heaps of presents gives you immense pleasure as it states how much people know you, understand you, care for you and love you. There would be gifts of your choice: some may be bought and some handmade. Some gifts would be exactly what you wore expecting and some you were longing to possess, some may be from your friends and some from the people whom you didn’t expect.  Gifts speak a lot. Without words they go on to express all the feelings , care and concern people have for you. That’s why they are special and call as presents.

Birthday gift

In which ever way you celebrate hour birthday it always remains special. It always succeeds to create innumerable memories that you can relish from years to come. Whether it’s planned or unplanned it turns out to be the most beautiful day of that year. That date just glows in your life calendar. It feels like all your wishes came true and you are thankful to everyone you contributed to it. Friends, classmates, neighbors, teachers and families everyone blessings just makes you feel you are on top of the world.. though you forget the fact that you just got older by one year!

Sravan Kumar

Sravan Kumar

Hello, I am Sravan. I work as a Digital Marketing Expert. I have always been good at gifting and here I am sharing my powers with you.