Top 20 Special Gift Ideas For Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan

When we talk about Raksha Bandhan, sharing of gifts is a compulsory event that needs to be followed. Though the initial trend was only to accept gifts from brothers after tying Rakhis on their wrists, the trend evolved over the years and now even sisters have to gift a token of their love to the brothers.

To aide you in selecting the best gift to put up a smile on his face we have come up with top 20 gifts for brother so that you have ample of raksha bandhan gift ideas.

raksha bandhan - Special Gift Ideas For Your Brother

Special Gift Ideas For Your Brother

1. Premium Rakhis

Premium Rakhis

Although we know that the very custom of Raksha Bandhan follows the trend of exchanging gifts apart from the Rakhi tying ritual, you can always opt for combination for both by gifting your brother a premium Rakhi that really comes at a price.

2. Designer Mugs

If your brother loves to have his morning tea in a sturdy designer cup which appreciates him as the best brother, you can make his mornings brighter every day.

There are quite a number of choices you might come across while selecting the best one for him and hence we would like you to consider the Giftsbymeeta Number 1 Brother Mug to make him feel special.


3. Fiction Titles

Fiction Titles

No one knows your brother better than you do and his never ending love to fiction titles. Detective stories, murder mysteries and similar genres comprises of his world.

Books can always be considered as one of the best raksha bandhan gifts you can present to your brother to assure him that you understand him more than anyone else in this world. How about buying the Memory Man by David Baldacci ?

4. Movies

Does your brother get filmy every now and then? Does he use dialogues from his favourite films often? If the answers are positive then we are sure how much he loves to watch films and rejoice them time to time.

Let him be like the way he his and pamper him more for his nature by buying him a copy of Fast and Furious Series . You might get a chance to see him cry for the ending scene in memory of the late actor of the film.

5. Bags

If your brother has to spend a substantial amount of the day outside for studying or earning, then his only sole companion is his bag in which he safely keeps his documents, water bottles and several other things.

Hence gifting him a well-built bag to give his shoulders a bit of comfort will be greatly appreciated by our brother. We recommend the American Tourister Code06 20 L Backpack for the same.

american tourister

6. Wallets

Puma Peacoat Wallet

The true inseparable companion of a man’s life is his wallet. A wallet is of thus of utmost importance to him. If you are looking for gifts for brother, then we will recommend buying a wallet for him this Raksha Bandhan. After all no one understands his needs better than you. The Puma Peacoat Wallet would suit your purpose the best.

7. Sunglasses

It’s important that you take care of your brother and at the same time take care of all his needs. A pair of Aviator sunglasses would thus make a great Raksha Bandhan gift idea this year. Consider the Joe Black Aviator Sunglasses to make your brother look even more handsome.


8. Music CDs

Is your brother a music maniac and spends the major time of his day shaking his head with music? Well a Music CD can then be a great gift for him. However you might run into the risk of spending the remainder time of the day with loud music all around, loud enough to damage your ear drums.

9. Grooming Kits

Park Avenue Men's Grooming Kit

If you are still searching for raksha bandhan gifts for your brother then we recommend gifting a grooming kit which can be of great help to him.

Whether he is travelling or somewhere outside, the grooming kit can help him to shave and refresh his looks to look even more handsome.

The Park Avenue Men’s Grooming Kit which comes with a free travel pouch can be one of the best gifts for brother this Rakhi.

10. Body sprays

Almost all men are specific about the body sprays they use in order to maintain a certain character sketch in the society they dwell with. While this very concept may see absurd, you can always consider gifting him his favourite deodorant set to make him smell bold.

Although choices may vary, the Nike Gold Man Gift Set has however gathered huge popularity among both Nike and non-Nike users.


11. Power banks

power banks

Your brother’s phone might not have a good battery life and as a result you might end up hearing complaints about his phone’s charge backup every now and then. A solution to this problem is buying a power bank as a gift on Raksha Bandhan so that his phone won’t run out of juice when he is outside without a charging point nearby.

12. Trendy T-Shirts

Trendy T-Shirts

How about adorning your brother’s good looks with a trendy T-shirt on the day of Raksha Bandhan? T-shirts comprises of the major ratio of raksha bandhan gift ideas and thus buying a trendy T-shirt of his choice can be one of the most well accepted raksha bandhan gifts you can present to your brother.

13. Fashion Gift Cards

Give the power of selection to your brother with the wide range of Fashion Gift Cards. He can choose apparels of his choice and compare with others before he buys the best one for him.

You objective is to see him happy and you can simply do it buy gifting him a customizable Peter England Gift Card.

peter england

14. Amazon Gift Cards

We know that with the present trend of online shopping, a majority of people opt for products available online instead of buying them offline. You can do the same for your brother and at the same time can also consider allowing him the opportunity to buy the commodity of his choice and need.

A customizable Amazon Raksha Bandhan gift card can be one of the best gifts for brother you ever thought of purchasing.

15. Video games

Grand Theft Auto V

Boys and video games are connected like two opposite poles of a magnet. They cannot imagine a life outside the gaming world and appreciate anyone who understands this cause.

So in order to reassure the love your brother has for you, gift him a popular gaming title like Grand Theft Auto V and consider him running and screaming with the game DVD for a couple of minutes unless he settles down on his chair to install the game into his machine.

16. Watches

Watches are really an important commodity of day to day life which also helps to maintain a style statement. A trendy watch can thus be one of the best raksha bandhan gifts you can give to your brother this year.

adamo watch

17. Skates


Skates attract boys like nothing else. They can be used for fun and games and at the same time can be used for travelling. So if you think of introducing your brother to skates or buying a pair of new skates to replace the old ones, then the Cosco Tenacity Super Roller Skate is sure buy for your brother.

18. Trendy ear gears

For the music loving brothers who love to spend their leisure time by plugging in their headphones, a unique gift you may consider buying for him this Raksha Bandhan is a pair of trendy ear gears. Your brother would love the way you thought for him when he gets his own JBLT250SI On-Ear Headphone.


19. Pens

Cross Classic Century Ballpoint

If your brother has a love towards poetries and loves to yield his often, gift him a premium Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen which will invoke his talent to produce extraordinary masterpieces. And when he shall achieve fame and glory, you will be the proudest sister of all.

20. Handmade paper diaries

Handmade paper diaries

This can be gifted along with the pen we mentioned above to help him scribble his thoughts on hand made paper.

The very elegance of a handmade paper is simply incomparable and the love for writing it instils in its user makes it an inevitable asset for anyone who loves writing. The most popular at this moment is the Rajrang Hand Printed Hand Made Paper Note Book Diary.