10 cute Baby Gifts

Gift is an emotion, an attachment, a relationship, and an interest, it should be remembered for life time. Especially babies are attracted towards different type of colorful toys and articles with different sounds. So we should be choosy while selecting baby gifts. Baby gifts should help them to have fun and gain the knowledge. Gifts keep the babies active and calm.

Babies are just out of mother’s womb and new to this world and its atmosphere, so everything has to be taught to make them perfect human being. Gifts play a major role in their behavioral changes and brain development. When we are choosing baby gifts, we should be more careful about the material used and the design as it should not harm the babies while playing. Let us discuss about the best ideas for baby gifts

I am new to this world

1. New Born feeding set

This is one of the typical baby gifts we can give for a new born baby. Breast feeding may not be a possible all the time and a feeding set will serve the purpose. Feeding set usually contains the feeding bottles, feeding nipples, travel caps, user manual and sometimes the cleaning tools.

New Born feeding set

2. Bath Robes for new born babies

The bath robe will prove to be the best gift for babies below 9 months old. You will get robes that look like cute animals or other shapes. I found this bath robe looking like a shark and looked so cute with the theme and little fake shark teeth and tail.These are available in different colors and shapes; and mothers will love to see their kids in these bath robes.

Bath Robes

3. Teethers and Soothers

The baby teeth start to come out of the gum in between the age of 6 months to 10 months.This teething process may give an irritating feeling to the babies and they start to chew or bite things. Parents will be eagerly waiting for this, so that they can gift their babies a soother or a teether. Teethers and soother will give some relief from this irritation and will help the baby get used to using its mouth. It also lays the foundation of learning to speak.

Teethers and Soothers

It’s the time to laugh loudly and learn something

1. Baby Activity Gym or Play mat

Babies are thrilled about the environment they are in; however, you can make them more active and busy with this activity gym. This activity gym or play mat usually contains arches, quilts, cloth mat, and bars and hanging toys. In some of these, you have the facility to set different modes and play music for baby. This will be an entertainment for the kids.

Baby Activity Gym or Play mat

2. Laugh and learning gift set

It gives complete entertainment to babies along with learning.  Babies are so intelligent that they will follow whatever the toy says, but not what parents say. So, laugh and learn toys are very helpful and it’s a perfect gift pack for the babies of a year old. These gifts sets are bundled with different playful accessories along with toy radio and much more. Most of these gift sets require batteries to play. I found one of these kind online here. These sets contains variety types of toys; some will be singing, some will be talking and even helps the kid in learning phrases.

Laugh and learning gift set

3. Shape sorter or puzzle toys with sounds

These toys will help the babies to gain knowledge in identifying the colors, shapes, and sounds. Babies observe and grasp everything happening around them. Be it the sounds or anything they see (shapes and movements). Shape sorter toy concepts lies on “place it in – take it out” and “turn it on and off”. Encourage the baby to take out a shape from the toy,then baby will hear music or sound. This keeps the baby motivated to continue doing the same. Over a period of time, baby will try to figure out where exactly the shape will fit.

Shape sorter or puzzle toys with sounds

Enough with Crawling; let me learn to walk

1. Learning walker

Learning walkers are one of the best baby gifts for a toddler. We know that it is the time to gift a learning walker when babies start to walk from crawling. Now days, these learning walkers comes with interactive play panel, where baby can learn colors, animal names, alphabets and more. The product mentioned in the link contains a detachable play panel with shape sorters, piano, spinning rollers etc.

learning walker

2. Push and Pull Toys

Push and Pull toys are perfect baby gifts when they are in the learning curve of walking. Using these toys they will learn how to look ahead in order to avoid obstacles and gain confidence as well. These toys come with wheels attached to a cord or rope. The pulling or pushing has to be done by the baby. The pull toys help the babies to gain concentration and to balance; as they have to turn around and look back to make sure that the toy doesn’t bump into anything.

Push toys will give the support while walking and it also guide the baby to a particular direction. The benefit is, these toys articulate the kid’s brain and helps to be coordinated.

Push and Pull Toys

Hey! I know how to say Mama and Papa need to learn more

1. Teach my baby learning kit

When the first birthday is nearing, baby starts to talk little bit and it is the time to engage them with toys or articles which help them to learn basic alphabets, numbers, etc. Teach my baby learning kits are equipped with pieces to teach numbers, words, sounds, and many more. Parents have to spend some time with the kids to help them learn all these new things to develop learning skills and logical thinking.

Teach my baby learning kit

2. A Ball

A play ball is a common gift for a toddler. This is very useful to improve the movement and strength of muscles. This kick ball that I saw online is funny and motivates the kid to play outdoors.There are others available in the market like sprinkling beach ball, lightning ball, etc.

A Ball