21 Cool Christmas gifts for your girlfriend

Christmas is nearing and selecting a gift for your loved one is going to be difficult. If it is for girls or women it is going to be tougher and if it is for your girlfriend you will be in a dilemma.

Christmas gifts

But do not get worried so much because we are here to help you in this regard. Below is the list of 21 Christmas gifts that you can gift to your girlfriend.

1. Stylish Smartphone:

Stylish Smartphone

Smartphone has become very important for everyone in this modern world. People keep themselves busy with their Smartphones. A Smartphone can be one of the cool Christmas gifts for girlfriend. A  Stylish Smartphone that is sleek and stylish with the latest features and applications can delight your girlfriend. A Smartphone is easy to carry and she can communicate with her loved ones. You can chat with your girlfriend the whole day and night. A Smartphone can help her to stay connected with friends through the social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Fashionable Sweatshirt:

fashion hoodies and sweatshirt


Women love to try new and variety of fashion hoodies and sweatshirts. You just need to make sure that you choose a good color so that it is really adorable and turns out to be one of the cool Christmas gifts for girlfriend. Women are crazy when it comes to fashion and dresses. Your girlfriend will feel really happy to wear the sweatshirt you buy for her so don’t worry about the money and just go for it.

3. Charming Pendants:

Charming Pendants

If you give a beautiful and charming pendant to your girlfriend I am sure she will love it. There are many pendants available in various designs and fashion. It is also available in many colors, shapes, and sizes. The best part is that pendants are available in any price range.Though pendants are small in size it is beautiful which can make it one of the cool Christmas gifts for girlfriend.

4. Diamond Necklace:

Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklace is really one of the cool Christmas gifts for girlfriend. A costly and good looking diamond necklace can help you to impress your girlfriend.The diamond necklace will make your girlfriend more beautiful. The shine of a diamond is just like a shining star in the sky at night.Good diamond necklaces are always very costly.

5. Golden Ring:

Golden Ring


Golden ring is usually used for marriages or engagements and has a greater value for people in life. A golden ring shows your commitment towards your girlfriend.A golden ring is a symbol of true love and is one of the cool Christmas gifts for girlfriend.A ring that is worn on the finger always reminds of their loved ones even when they are not with us.

6. Electric Guitar:

Electric Guitar


There is no one in this world who does not love music and musical instruments. An electric guitar can surely be one of the cool Christmas gifts for girlfriend. She can use it while singing songs and can be used during picnics or camp fires. Your girlfriend will surely enjoy playing an electric guitar on the day of Christmas too. Your girlfriend may love to pose with the electric guitar for taking selfies.

7. Stunning Camera:

Fujifilm X-T100 Mirrorless Digital Camera


A good camera can be used to capture the best moments in our life. Gift your girlfriend a good camera so that she can take many pictures with you, her friends, and her relatives. A camera can help your girlfriend to improve her photography skills and she can take pride on it. A good stunning camera is really a cool Christmas gift.

8. Leather shoes:

Leather shoes


Christmas is a holiday season and is good for shopping. A good pair of shoes is a cool Christmas gift for your girlfriend. She can wear the new pair of leather shoes and roam around with you or her friends. Leather shoes can protect your girlfriend’s feet from getting cold and dirty. She will remember you even when she is walking or running with the new shoes which you have gifted.

9. Dangle & Drop earrings:

Dangle & Drop earrings


A good pair of earrings will add more beauty to the ears of your girlfriend. Girls like changing their earrings based on the occasion and dress. Dangle and Drop earrings will be one of the cool Christmas gifts for girlfriend. There are many fashionable earrings available in many shapes and sizes. It is also available in many colors and designs.

10. Classic Glass Art:

Classic Glass Art

A glass art is a good treat for eyes. Gift a classic glass art to your girlfriend so that she can keep it on her study table or cupboard. A glass art is good to see but needs to be careful and make sure that it does not break so please keep it away from children.The one in the link is a rose in a glass dome something like in the “Beauty and the Beast”. A Classic glass art is really one of the cool Christmas gifts for girlfriend.

11. Colorful Painting:

Colorful Painting

A colorful painting adds elegance to the place where it is kept. Gift your girlfriend a good colorful painting so that she can keep it in her room.You can even get you both also painted. Let the colorful painting add more color in your girlfriend’s life. A colorful painting is surely good and a cool Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

12. Round Sunglasses:

Round Sunglasses


Sunglasses are always good for eyes. It not only protects your eyes from sunlight but also from the dust.People wear sunglasses when they out or travel so it protects the eyes from sun, dust, and also from the wind. A round sunglass will be ideal for your girlfriend. She will look more fashionable wearing those sunglasses. It is surely a very cool Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

13. Stylish bracelet:

Stylish braceletBracelet is easy to wear and will look stylish on her hands. A good stylish bracelet is one of the cool Christmas gifts for girlfriend. There are many types of fashion bracelets like Beaded bracelets, Charm bracelets and Bar bracelets. Choose the best bracelet for your girlfriend so that she can wear it all the time. You can see a lot of people wearing bracelets these days so take ideas from that.

14. Classic Coffee Mug:

Classic Coffee Mug


Most of the people start their day by having a bed coffee. Some people tend to have coffee quite often in a day. Gifting a classic coffee mug is really very good and cool Christmas gift for your girlfriend. She will start the day with a cup of coffee thinking of you. A coffee mug is easy to get and these coffee mugs are not that costly.

15. A Smartwatch for your smart girlfriend:

Verpro Smart Watch


A smartwatch is one of the best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend. Wearing a smartwatch is like wearing a small computer on your wrist. It can be used not only to perform calculations, distance tracking, calorie tracking, video or audio recording, voice control, and game playing but also to run many mobile applications from the comfort of your wrist. Your girlfriend will love this smartwatch with latest applications. Only a smart boy can think of gifting a smartwatch to his girlfriend.

16. Fashionable shoulder bags:

Fashionable shoulder bags


A girl will always carry her personal stuff in her shoulder bag. Shoulder bag has become a very important accessory for ladies. A shoulder bag is also a cool Christmas gift for your girlfriend. She can take the shoulder bag when she goes out for shopping or for any other work. A shoulder bag should be stylish, spacious and comfortable to carry so that your girlfriend loves it.

17. Coats and Jackets:

Coats and Jackets


During Christmas, it will be usually very cold and people will be suffering from the minus degree temperature, so gifting a coat or a jacket will not be a bad idea and is one of the cool Christmas gifts. A coat or jacket which you gift to your girlfriend can keep her warm. There are many varieties of leather jackets for women which are good looking and of good quality. The price may vary from brand to brand.

18. Makeup kit:

Makeup kit

Usually women spend more time for their makeup so that they look beautiful. A makeup kit can really impress your girlfriend and is really a cool Christmas gift. Your girlfriend can do the makeup work on her eyes, nails, lips, and face. It will also add more glow to your girlfriend’s face. A girl will be very happy to get anything which will help her to look more beautiful.

19. Photo Frame:

Photo Frame

A photo frame may look very simple but it is a cool Christmas gift. It is not very expensive and still, you can gift it your girlfriend. Take a photo with your girlfriend and keep that photo in that frame which you are going to gift to your girlfriend. She will love this gift for sure when she sees your photo along with her in that photo frame. You can even surprise her with a photo that you took without her knowledge.

20. Hollabears Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho Teddy Bear:

Hollabears Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho Teddy Bear

The only bear with a swag greeting is what Hollabears Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho Teddy Bear promises to be. Made of polyester fleece material, this soft toy is the ideal gift for the ‘not so girly girl’. Now surprising your woman on Valentine ’s Day just got better!

21. Portable Audio and Video:

Portable Audio and Video


A good digital Mp3 and Mp4 player is easy to carry andis a cool Christmas gift to your girlfriend. Your girlfriend can watch her favorite videos or listen to her favorite music when she is getting bored or feeling lonely. She can also listen to music when she is traveling, walking, or when she is working out. This will help your girlfriend to relax and she will be happy to have this cute little gift.