30 Baby Shower Gift Ideas For The New Born

Expecting the arrival of a new member to the family is the happiest moment in the life of any women and here are some gift ideas for baby shower ceremony.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

In many countries of the world, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected birth. Friends and family members present gifts to the mother and the father at the party. When this is the case of some countries, in some countries, it is a way to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother.

Irrespective of the tradition, if your friend or family member has invited you to such a party, here are some baby shower gift ideas to help you out:

1. Shoes for the baby:



Even if the baby is expected to arrive at the world during warm summer months, he was inside for so long and so he will feel the cold for a few days. This is where this set of 5 toddler anti slip-skid socks and sneakers will come handy for the baby. This set of 5 is suitable for babies of 0-2 years. This set also comes with a gift bag and a gift card to share your wishes with your friend.


2. Baby shower advice card:


If you are older or if you have the experience of having a baby earlier and if this is the first baby for your friend, you can present her this gift. This set comes with 25 bits of advices for the mommy-to-be. Each flat card in this set measures 4.25” X 5.5 inches.

You can just present the cards without any words and can request the guests arriving at the party to write their advice for the forthcoming days for the expecting mom.


3. Baby rocker:



Even though the baby will not move out of the mother for the initial days, he needs some separation at some instances. This is where to keep him calm, you can present this Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler portable rocker. The great thing about this gift is that it comes with adjustable features such that the size can be adjusted as per the size of the growing baby from infant to toddler.

To keep the baby entertained, two toys are attached to the rocker. It has soothing vibrations to calm the baby and to make him sleep. When not in use, it can be folded for saving space.


4. Sleep sack:



When the mom cannot go in search for pillows and other stuff to protect the baby from falling down from the cot, she will find this sleep sack to be highly helpful. It is made out of pure cotton and so it will be safe on the soft skin of the newborn. It comes with animal and cartoon embroidery and it is unisex. It is can be easily cared and machine washable as well.

5. Nursing pillow:



Besides telling the importance of breastfeeding for the new mom, it will be helpful to present her with the best nursing aid for both her convenience and for the convenience of the baby. To ensure prevention of sore nipples and maximum production of breast milk, it is important that the baby should be positioned rightly when he is fed.

This is where this nursing pillow from ‘My best friend brand’ will be an excellent gift for your expecting friend. This is a wraparound nursing pillow that secures the baby in the right position to ensure utmost comfort both to the baby and to the mom. Also, the backrest will ensure maintaining good posture when feeding.

To ensure that shoulders and arms are not strained holding the baby, this unit comes with arm rest and elbow rest. It also comes with a convenient pocket to hold a phone, burp clothes, water bottle or other breastfeeding supplies.

6. Baby Carrier:


Every mom-to-be secretly wishes to get a baby carrier as one of her baby shower gifts. So, you can enthrall your friend with this carrier from Baby Bjorn brand. This will bring more convenience and ergonomic carrying comfort for both the baby and the mom. This is perfectly designed to hold the baby until his three years.

It comes with four ergonomic carrying positions with a wide seat for the baby. This product has earned the acknowledgment as a hip-healthy baby carrier and it can provide the best support to hips, legs and spine of the mom. It makes an amazing gift idea for baby shower.


7.Diaper bag:


With the newborn, diaper should be part and parcel of the collection, wherever the mom takes the baby. This diaper bag from SoHo Designs is an 8-piece set of a diaper bag. The roomy main compartment is an addition to the 8 pockets and this space also has multiple pockets. It comes with adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. It also has four multi-purpose mesh bags for snacks, clothing and for carrying other stuff.


8. Bath thermometer:



When it comes to bathing the baby, the mom should be highly careful that the water should not be too warm for the soft skin of the baby. It should also not be too cold and it should be at the right temperature. As the new mother, your friend will naturally have this concern. To relieve this concern after childbirth, you can present her with this most useful gift.

This safety bath thermometer from Aquatopia in green will be easy to use for your friend. There are no buttons to activate or deactivate it will automatically activate and will continue reading the water temperature once in two seconds. If the water is too hot, it will give a warning alarm for your friend to alert her.


9. Baby sleep aid:



Even though the initial days, most babies sleep without any difficulty, some months after that the babies start crying for something. They won’t sleep and will also disturb others in the family by crying. This is where Baby Shusher, the soothing sleeping miracle for babies will help. It produces a rhythmic shush sound to make the baby sleep.


10. Baby food mill:



After some months, the baby should be given external foods like fruits and vegetables and as you are an experienced mother, you might be aware of the importance of a baby food mill. Why not take your experience to your friend and present her this food mill from KidCo? It comes with a travel tote for easy carrying and it comes with a 4oz serving cup. It has medical grade SS cutting blade and strainer.

11. Baby bottle warmer:


Generally, infants cry for food immediately after waking up from sleep. So, the mother should be attending the baby immediately after he wakes up to prevent him from crying. In such a case, the mother cannot spend time in preparing for the next external food for the baby. She should prepare it in advance, but will have to keep it warm suitable for the baby to drink.

This is where this baby bottle warmer will help your friend. This warmer comes with Stainless steel warming chamber and it is easy to use and clean as well. It has a BPA-free compact design.


12. Baby bottle holder:


Feeding bottle is something that becomes important for a baby for drinking water and milk once the breastfeeding months are over. You might be aware that many guests will bring feeding bottles as baby shower gifts. So, you can consider presenting this baby bottle holder. It comes with an expandable collar to fit any size of a baby bottle.

Its lightweight design makes it easier for the baby to hold. It is easy to clean for moms as well. This can be the best gift for your multitasking friend as she cannot sit around the baby when he is drinking something in his bottle.

13. Fresh food feeder:



After some moths, the pediatrician would recommend your friend to introduce some solid fruits and vegetables to the baby. This is where this baby shower gift can come handy for your friend. This set comes with two fresh food holder.

It has a mesh and a textured handle for easy holding. The mesh will make sure that the baby will not mess up the fruit here and there. It can also be the best entertaining for teething babies and it is healthy as well as the mom can add fresh fruits like apples to the mesh.


14. Blooming bath:



Making the baby bath is one of the toughest things experienced by most moms. This baby bath in hot pink can be the best way to bath the cute baby. It is an excellent alternative for bathing tubs for babies. It is cuddly and super soft to make the bath time comfortable for the little one. It can fit into most of the sinks and it is the ideal recommendation for babies from 0-6 months.


15. Bean bag for baby:


To provide utmost security and comfort to the baby, this baby bean bag is overlocked and double stitched. It can bring extra strength and is made with the double assurance that no beans can escape. The beans can freely move around and can get into places that are available to provide the best comfort to the baby. This can be the great gift for the newborn and also for toddlers. It comes with a comfortable seat belt to ensure the safety of the infant.


16. Baby Milestone marker:


Some moms wish to remember each and every date as a milestone in the life of their baby. For instance, they wish to remember the date on which he was born, next the day on which he started to look at the faces of others, the date on which he started to crawl, etc.

If your friend has such interests and she always wants to remember important dates in her life, this can be the perfect gift for her for baby warming ceremony. She can document the monthly growth of her baby with the fashionable milestone stickers. The stickers are easy and safe to use and they come with unisex designs.


17. Baby’s first photo album:


If she loves collecting photos, she should be presented with this great gift. Right from the day of the birth, she can start collecting the unforgettable movements of her baby in this album and can cherish the great moments forever in her life. After a certain stage, when they grow as kids, the present day babies love to see their own images. So, this can be the excellent gift for sure.


18. Bib set:



When it comes to feeding a baby, right from the initial months of births, a bib cloth will be helpful for the mom. Not just during feeding, but also when the baby is playing around, have a bib around his neck will present a lot of mess up.

This is where the set of 4 Matima Baby Bandana Bib-set with super-absorbent capacity will help your friend. These clothes come with adjustable snaps to make sure that they are in place.

19. Baby arrival gift set:


The baby arrival gift set from Honest encompasses 7 essential items made out of non-toxic, natural and safe ingredients. These ingredients are included to make the first days of the baby more delightful. This set is wrapped in a reusable wooden box that is lightweight. As this box is made out of sustainable paulownia wood, it is a perfect item for storage of toys, photos, diaper and also arts and crafts. It contains natural essentials both for mom and the baby.

20. Super soft wash clothes:


It is important that the mom should be highly careful about using the right towels on the soft skin of the baby. This set has a collection of 6 soft towels and these are 100% natural bath towels. The size of the pack is 10” x 10”. This set from Bamboo Baby is identified as the most durable soft towels for the newborn. This set is organic to make it safe for the baby, all-natural and hypoallergenic. This silky smooth set of towel can be the excellent baby shower gift for sure.


21. Baby food storage and breastmilk container:



If your friend has plans to continue her job after childbirth, this baby food storage and breastmilk container can be useful for her and for the baby. This food storage container can be used for storing breast milk safely after extraction. It is made out of high-quality premium FDA approved food-grade silicone and will not stain or scuff and is also resistant to bacteria.

This set is safe to use in a microwave, dishwasher and also in the freezer. The containers come in 6oz portion size that is perfect for toddlers and growing babies.

22. Baby hand print and footprint photo frame:


Most women love photo frames and if your friend also has a great attraction towards photo frames, you can choose this wooden frame. The center of the frame is for placing the photo of the baby, while there are two spaces on both sides for placing the footprint and hand print of the baby.

This frame comes with a non-toxic ink pad for placing the marks of the foot and palm of the baby. Your friend can just take a print on the first day of the birth or on his first birthday and can place it on the table as a memorabilia.


23. Baby stroller cover to protect baby:



Your friend might have already bought or might have got a baby stroller cover as a gift. So, rather than opting for a stroller, you can opt for this stroller cover from Baby Care to protect the baby from rain and wind. When going for a walk with the stroller, the baby will not be affected in the case of rain or wind when the stroller has this cover attached to it.

It can fit all strollers and the mom can see through the cover to make sure that the baby is safe inside. It has a quality design and is made out of quality material to ensure longevity. The baby will also feel comfortable as he can see through without any difficulty.

24. Set of baby onesies:


This unisex onesie set has 5 onesies and you can choose either pure white, white with brown design, ducks, elephant or hippo design. This set has 100% cotton onesies and so they will be safe for the soft skin of the baby. It is machine washable and the each cloth in the pack of 5 features snap closures and lap-shoulder neckline. This product is from the popular Gerber brand.


25. Teething rings:



Teething rings can be an excellent choice when it comes to gifts for baby shower. This set of multi-color teething rings has stackable rings. The rings are made out of soft silicone to make it safe for the baby to lick. The delicate gift bag with this set item comes make it gift-ready. Your friend need not have to provide her baby with a wooden object, which can be harmful.

This set is both a toy and teething object. Initially, it can be used for teething purpose and once the baby grows, your friend can use it as an educational tool for her baby as this stacking set can sharpen the brain of the child.

26. Baby-on-the-way scratch calendar:



This can be the most useful gift for the baby shower for your friend who is expecting the arrival of her baby. This is a beautifully designed wall calendar on which the expecting mother can scratch off the days to reach the day of her baby’s arrival to this world. In addition, this calendar comes with some useful tips, hints, and trivia about pregnancy.

This calendar contains 236 fields with useful information about the development of the baby and also excellent tips from experienced mothers and midwives. The facts and tips are related to the particular stage of pregnancy and so this can be the useful gift for your friend.


27. Toilet potty step trainer:



Potty training is something that becomes essential for a baby after some months. So, you can consider presenting this step trainer for your friend on the baby shower ceremony. This stand comes with wide and no-slip foot pads to secure the toilet seat, such that the baby can safely step to the bowl. It has comfortable cushioned seats and handles for the toddler to get trained easily.


28. Pregnancy pillow:


At this time when the baby is growing, your friend will feel the pressure on the other parts of the body. Her doctor might have recommended her to follow certain positions while sleeping. So, this pregnancy pillow can be highly beneficial for her to get complete rest, which is essential for the growing baby as well.

Only when the mother is in complete rest, some processes will take place towards the growth of the baby inside in a healthy manner. This  pregnancy pillow can relieve joint pain and will provide full-body support due to its J-shape design.

29. Learning walker:


After some months of birth when the baby learns to walk, it is highly important that there should be some safe supplies to help her at home. This V Tech Sit-to-stand learning walker will make those days frustration-free for your friend and her partner with this great gift. This interactive baby walker has a removable play panel.

It has five piano keys to help with cognitive development of the baby. To enhance role-play fun, this stand has a pretend telephone handset and mechanical element. There are also sound effects and fun phrases for the baby to learn walking in a fun-filled manner.

30. First 100 words:



When the baby begins to speak, he should be taught some useful words and this is where this book of initial 100 words will be helpful for your friend and her family members to teach the baby.

As the book comes with attractive pictures, the baby will learn and remember the words quickly. Also, the papers in this book are made out of tough board for hours of fun reading. In addition, the covers are softly padded for the soft hands to handle with utmost safety.

So, choose the appropriate gift from those given above and make the baby warming ceremony, the memorable for your friend.