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30 Christmas gift ideas under $20

As everybody knows Christmas is the time of celebration and gifts. Here we will discuss about the 30 Christmas gift ideas that you can buy under $20.

30 Christmas gift ideas under $20

     1. Cupcake spatula:

The cupcake spatula which can be used to scrap the batter that is attached to the side of the bowl.

Cupcake spatula

     2. Woolen socks:

Woolen stocks are ideal for Christmas gifts and also come under $20. The socks  are ankle socks made of wool and can be used in winter.

woolen socks

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     3. Vase:

Get a flower vase for your friend and gift it with fresh flowers. You can even get Happy Christmas engraved on the flower vase.


     4. Mini Candles:

These can be used to decorate the rooms for Christmas. You will get set of 50 or 100 in the market and I have included the link of a set of 50 mini candles.

Mini Candles

      5. Candy canes:

These can be gifted for your family members who are fond of candies. Candy canes are traditionally connected to Christmas.

Candy canes

      6. Wine glass:

There can be no Christmas celebration without wine and so gifting a wine glass will be thoughtful and classic. You can buy them from a store or online.

Wine Glass

     7. Recipe book:

Gifting a Christmas recipe book will be very helpful to your friend who loves cooking.

Recipe book

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     8. Christmas wall stickers:

The wall stickers will be helpful for those who may not get time to decorate their house for Christmas.

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Christmas wall stickers

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     9. Mouse pad:

Christmas is holiday season and people will be using their personal computer more in this season. The mouse pad has a gel wrist to reduce the stress and tiredness on the wrist.

Mouse Pad

     10. Christmas tree:

Christmas tree is an essential part of Christmas decorations and you can gift one to your friends.

Christmas tree

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     11. Coaster set:

Coaster set can be an ideal and yet affordable gift to anybody for Christmas. The set  has 4 coasters and you can get other with more coasters in the set.

Coaster Set

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     12. Christmas ornaments:

With the Christmas tree you need ornaments to make it more special and ready for Christmas.

Christmas Ornaments

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     13. Magnetic frame:

The magnetic frame can be used to stick small photo frames to the magnetic surfaces. You can stick the Christmas photos using these magnetic frames.

Magnetic frame

     14. Christmas wreath:

Wreaths are perfect to decorate the door for Christmas.

Christmas wreath

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     15. Measuring cup:

Present an adjustable measuring cup for your chef friend as Christmas gift.

Measuring cup

     16. Christmas star:

Christmas star  symbolizes the Bethlehem star; so is a Christmas gift.

Chistmas Star

     17. Christmas garlands:

Garlands to help your loved ones to decorate their house is another Christmas gift.

Christmas Garlands

     18. Gift wrapping paper:

You will be thinking why I have listed gift wrapping paper. Just like we present gifts they also do gift their loved ones. At that time these can be useful for them.

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Gift wrapper

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     19. On-the-go men’s travel kit:

This is ideal for male friends and they can use this while travelling.

travel kit

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     20. Earmuffs:

Winter earmuffs are used in Christmas season to protect your ears from cool breeze.


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     21. Fish bowl:

Gift a small wall mountable fish tank to decorate office or house.

Fish bowl

     22. Mason jar:

The Mason jar to carry liquids like juices while travelling can be given as a Christmas gift (wrap it in a gift wrapper).

Mason jar

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     23. Apron:

You can gift an apron which looks like Santa’s outfit to that home chef who loves to experiment.


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     24. Nativity scene:

This is something that can be used to decorate your house or bedroom table. A typical Nativity scene contains Infant Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph. In some other figurines of animals also come.

Nativity scene

     25. Loop scarf:

Another ideal gift for the Christmas season is the winter loop scarf for which you can see.

Loop scarf

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     26. T-shirt:

You can gift a T-shirt with customized Christmas message printed on it.

Customized t-Shirt

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     27. Santa bag:

This is a simple gift and is under $20 which is a gift bag that looks like the Santa’s bag.

Santa bag

    28. Santa costume:

Santa is an inevitable part of Christmas celebration and you can gift a Santa costume to your friends.

Santa Costume

     29. Reindeer decoration:

Reindeer known as the vehicle for Santa can be used to decorate Reindeer head your mantel in Christmas season.

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Reindeer decoration

     30. Christmas toy:

The last in my list of Christmas gifts is a Christmas toy which can be gifted to kids in your family.

Christmas toy

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