20 DIY Cheap Christmas Decor Ideas

When it is time for Christmas the first thing that comes to your mind is decoration. You will want to decorate your house using the items that you made yourself.


So let us discuss about some homemade decoration items here and help you with some ideas.

1. Paint the plastic bottles:

The first in the DIY Christmas decor ideas makes use of the used and waste plastic bottles to decorate your house. You just need some paint in hand and art in heart. If you are trying to make a penguin out of these bottles, cut two bottles and stick two base parts. Paint it with white paint and paint the penguin with black color. You can even tie bows to these penguins and keep them everywhere in your house. You can place these on the mantel, living room, and kitchen or bed room.

Paint the plastic bottles

     2. Create an advent calendar:

Advent calendar can be bought from store or online, but making it at home gives you a special feeling. Here I am going to discuss about the advent calendar that can be made from paper cups. Take 24 paper cups and wrap them in china papers. Select any color or different colors for different dates. Glue the paper onto the cups and write the date on them. Cover the paper cup’s mouth too with the paper so that you can write the date on that. Then glue these 24 paper cups onto a canvas paper and decorate your living room with this. You can arrange the paper cups in the shape of Christmas tree.

advent calendar

     3. Candy cane flower vase:

This flower vase can be placed on the dining table, bed room table or even on the mantel. The materials needed are pack of candy canes, two sided tape and vase. Stick the two sided tape to the vase and then stick the candy canes around the vase so that the vase will not be visible. Once that is done you can tie a red bow around the vase and place fresh flowers on Christmas Eve or on Christmas day.

Candy cane flower vase

     4. Unused bulbs:

You can use the damaged glass bulbs to decorate your house for Christmas. Collect unused bulbs in your garage and paint them in red or white color. You can even paint them to look like Santa or birds. Attach a string to the end and hang these on the Christmas tree or in the kitchen. Add a small hat with the string to hang which makes them cute and beautiful.

Painting unused bulbs

     5. Tree using baubles:

Here I am not talking about decorating Christmas tree with bauble but make Christmas trees with baubles. Yes, you need only few ingredients for this. You need at least 20 balls (of 4 different sizes), long knitting needle, paper paint, and spool. You have to place the knitting needle upside down in the spool so that the needle will stand straight. Now string on the big baubles first to the needle and then use the second large bauble. Like that continue till the top (Smallest bauble will be at top) and your tree is ready.

Tree using baubles

     6. Use empty cans as glowing snowman:

I will list the items you need to make this décor. You need empty milk cans, glue, scissors, knife and Christmas lights. Collect all the empty milk jugs, clean and dry it well. Now decorate one side of the jug with eyes and nose of snowman. After that, cut out a flap from the other side to put in the Christmas lights. Now connect the light to the plugs around your house and whal-la your glowing snowmen are ready.

Use empty cans as glowing snowman

     7. Homemade stockings along staircase:

This Christmas let us make different type of stockings with the mittens or oven gloves. Usually Christmas stockings are of sock shape but here it will look like mittens. You may even use infant gloves Hang these along the staircase handrail and you may even fill these with small stockings fillers.

Homemade stockings along staircase

     8. Cookie cutters to decorate kitchen:

This is an unusual type of decoration and can be used to decorate mainly your dining table or mantel. Take out those cookie cutters and hang those using red and white strings along the dining table or mantel. If you do not have enough cookie cutters at home you can always buy these online or from store.

Cookie cutters to decorate kitchen


     9. Decorate your tables will baubles:

In this decoration we need only one ingredient, and that is Christmas baubles. Usually on dining tables we keep fruits in a bowl. For Christmas let us change that tradition and use baubles to decorate the bowl on the dining table. If you have silver or golden color bowl, it will perfect for this. You can decorate your living room table, and even bed room table using this.

Decorate your tables will baubles

     10. Pine cones to decorate Kitchen:

This is the most cost effective idea for Christmas decoration. You have to just collect the pine cones and paint them in to whatever color you like. Since it is for Christmas I would suggest white, red, silver or golden colors.Use a ribbon which is glued to the bottom of the pine cone to hang these from all the cabinet door knobs in the kitchen. You may even make a garland and decorate your living room or staircase using these.

Pine cones to decorate Kitchen

     11. Decorate your mantel with Christmas cards:

This is another simple yet fun filled activity to decorate your house using old Christmas greeting cards. Just attach a string to the old cards and hang them on the Christmas tree, staircase handrail or mantel.


     12. Cover your plant pots using Santa caps:

If you have small plant pots that are kept on the window; cover them using the Santa cap (Red and white color with Pom-Pom). When we are decorating the house why leave out the plants, let them also celebrate Christmas.

Cover your plant pots using Santa caps

     13. Door frame garland:

This is decoration idea for all doors in your house. You can frame the doors with garlands. You may buy the garlands from online or can make different types of garlands for different doors. For kitchen you can use pine cone garland, bed room door you can use green garland and for living room you can use bauble garland. You can make all these garlands at home.

Door frame garland

     14. Decorate using mini trees:

When I say mini trees, I meant those made from wood at home. You can even use plywood to make these tiny trees. Then paint them in red, white, silver or golden colors. Place these on your study table or bedroom table and decorate by yourself.

Decorate using mini trees


       15. Snowflake coasters:

The ingredients needed for this decoration are the white snowflakes and red velvet clothes. Cut out the velvet fabric in the shape of a hexagon (The size should be suitable for one snowflake) and stick one snowflake on to that. You are done with the snowflake coasters and now decorate your dining table and living room tables with these beautiful coasters.

Snowflake coasters

     16. Decorate using cookie garland:

This is a rare but difficult DIY idea for Christmas decoration. Bake and cut cookies in the same shape (bear, star, round, heart shaped). Now when you cut these remember to leave a hole in the center; do this carefully. Then make garland using soft string though these holes and hang the garland around the dining table or mantel. The only risk is that, this decoration won’t last long (Cookies will be over).

Decorate using cookie garland

     17. Use lanterns to light up the house:

You can decorate your house and porch with these homemade lanterns. It is very easy to make these luminarias at home. Get some color papers, sticks (bamboo or wood) to make frame for lanterns. Wrap and glue the color paper around the frame. Place candles inside and let it light up the Christmas season with happiness.

Use lanterns to light up the house

     18. Felt mistletoe:

As everybody knows mistletoe does not have a particular shape; but just a bundle to decorate the place. The old sweater which gets damaged if you put in the washing machine is called felt. We will cut these in the shape of reindeer antlers and tie these using the red ribbon bows before decorating your walls.

Felt mistletoe


     19. Wrap bows around dining room chairs:

Decorate your dining room chairs for your guests. Use wide red ribbons and tie bow around the chairs. You may even buy readymade bows and decorate using them. Just wrap the chairs in white cloths before tying the red bows.

Wrap bows around dining room chairs

     20. Cut out paper angels:

The last in the list are the paper angels which can be made at home easily. You need some white papers and a knife to cut the paper into angel. You can use these to decorate kids table or dining table.

Cut out paper angels

You can combine these ideas to decorate your house, but I am sure this year Christmas decoration will be a bit different.