15 DIY Gift Ideas For Your Sister This Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan as you know is the perfect time to strengthen the relationship between a brother and sister. Varied traditions are followed on this occasion and among them the most important is the exchange of Rakhi return gift.

This is the right time to plan for your return gifts for sister. Of course, you can search the web for Rakhi gifts for sisters to find a perfect one for your little or even your elder sister. But, gifting something that you make on your own will be something special for your sister.

Also, you can opt for DIY gift ideas, when your budget is not that much high this year. Here are top 15 Do-It-Yourself gift ideas and you can get the supplies needed for making these simple gifts online at a very affordable cost, in case your budget is the problem.

DIY Gift Ideas For Your Sister

1. Fun photo bookmarks

If your sister loves reading books, she might already have a collection of bookmarks with her. But, understanding her love towards books, you can gift her fun photo bookmarks that can be made just with the help of items available at your home, such that your shopping for gifts can be eliminated this year.

Things needed:

To make the photo bookmarks, you can take the full-length photos of yourself and your sister or just some photos of your sister alone or the photos of her pet or a family member or anything that she loves, like it can be her favourite hero’s photo as well. You will need the following things:

  • Some photos on the basis of number of bookmarks you wish to make
  • Embroidery floss in the favourite colour of your sister
  • Large needle
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Gum

Large needle

Just cut out the cardboard in the shape of the photo and to make it more fun-filled you can cut the photo and the cardboard both in the shape of the image in the picture.

For instance, if it is the photo of your sister’s pet jumping, just cut out the remaining parts and keep the dog alone with his legs on the top in jumping position. Cut the cardboard in the same shape and paste the photo to the cardboard. Once it is dry, make a hole in the top of the photo like on the leg of the dog with the help of the needle.

Then, take the thread to the desirable size and attach it to the hole. That’s it your bookmark is ready. Make four or five such bookmarks and place them in a box and gift wrap for your sister.

2. Photo collage

You can find huge wooden letters in crafts shops and also online and you can just buy a letter suitable for the name or initials of your sister.

You can make a photo collage with your family photos, your sister’s photo and also the photo of her friends or any other photos and can gift her for the forthcoming Raksha Bandhan, which can be a perfect gift for sister on Rakhi. Collage can be made by pasting photos on the huge wooden letters that can be hung by your sister in her room.

wooden letters

3. Photo pendants

Girls generally love pendants and when you give a pendant that you have made on your own with her photo or your photo on it, she will be really enthralled.

Nowadays, you can find circular shaped small boxes in stores. Just get a transparent plastic box and take a photo of your sister and just cut her face alone by placing the box on the photo.

You should cut in such a way that you can paste the photo on the box. You can get jewelry making supplies online and can make a pendant by attaching the plastic box to a hook.

transparent plastic box

4. Pull out photo album

This is yet another DIY item that needs some photos and you will need a wooden box. You will need a long card that can even be a chart paper. Just measure the inside measurement of the wooden box and cut the chart paper like a long sheet. Fold the paper in such a way that a square sits over the other.

Just paste the photos on each square and at the end of the chart paper, attach a tiny tag. When your sister opens the box and raises the tag, she should be able to see the photos arranged one after the other.

wooden box

5. Do it yourself glitter cup

Nowadays, you can get transparent acrylic tumbler with straw over the web. You can also get glittering stars. If your purpose is not to save money, but to make an attractive gift yourself for your sister. Just paste the glittering stars on the tumbler and let your sister enjoy her favourite juices on the handmade glitter cup presented by her brother.

Glittering stars

6. Homemade soap

Can you imagine presenting a soap that you made right with your hands at home as one of the best gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan? You can just shop for soap base online available in different sizes and you can add any of the ingredients like coffee beans, fragrance oil, etc. You can find useful guides online to make soaps at home with the help of different ingredients.

soap base

7. Recipe book

If your sister loves cooking and keeps collecting different recipes, you can make a recipe book as the gift for her. You can just take print out of useful recipes online or you can also write them on your own and can file each of the recipes in a stick file to present your own recipe book to your sister.

You can also present her two or three such books for different types of recipes. Stick files are available online in different colors and at affordable rates.

Stick files

8. Stash for valuables

If your family frequently makes long trips and every time when it comes to locking the home, if your sister is searching for a suitable place to hide her valuable jewelries, you can make a stash for valuables for her.

This stash will look similar to that of a book and she can store her valuables inside the book and anyone coming across will consider it just as a book and not as a stash of valuables.

For doing this, you will need an old book or an old diary that will not be of any use. Just cut out the center of a book in the shape of a box after completely gluing the sides of the book with white gum.

You will have to cut out the center once the book is completely dry. When she gets this gift, your sister will think it as a book, but to her surprise, it will be a keepsake for her.


9. Magic bottle

If your sister is a young girl, this can be one of the perfect DIY Raksha Bandhan gift ideas. Yes, just get a transparent bottle and fill it with water, then add glittering stars, plastic confetti, transparent stones or anything that glitters.

When you little sister shakes the bottle, there will be a magical movement inside the bottle with all glitter and when the bottle remains untouched, everything will settle at the bottom.

Magic bottle

10. Cleaning slime (homemade)

If your sister is highly concerned about dirt and dust and wants her room and her electronic supplies to be clean from dust, the best thing you can do is to present her a cleaning slime that you can readily make at home with the help of borax powder along with water.

You can make this cleaning slime in different colours with the help of food colours that are readily available in the market, when adding water to the powder, mix the suitable colour and knead until the mixture gets to the shape of slime.

Just pour out the remaining water and let the mixture dry before placing it in a zip lock pouch to present to your sister.

Borax powder

11. Bottle of memories

Even though both of you have grown now, both you and your sister would have some sweet memories of the past. Just collect those valuable and memorable items that will remind both of you of a past moment and place them in a transparent bottle.

Just decorate the bottle with some attractive stuff with the help of glittering pen and make it a memorable gift for your sister. This is one of the best Rakhi gift ideas that most girls loved to receive from their brother.

transparent bottle

12. Homemade body butter

Most women are conscious about their beauty and if your sister is also such a girl, you can present her with homemade body butter for this Raksha Bandhan. With just three ingredients, this butter can be used as a lip balm as well by your sister.

This will be a perfect gift to groom herself during the forthcoming winter months. You can add a little tag with words showing your love towards your sister. You will have to mix coconut oil, orange extract and honey to make this body butter.

Homemade body butter

13. Gift a cup

Nowadays, insulated cups are available in the market and you can just get such a cup and fill it up with some favourite stuff for your sister.

It can be anything like beauty products, cookies, chocolates or anything that you feel will be suitable and this will turn out to be one of the favourite gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan.


14. Customized mugs

Nowadays, you can get plain ceramic mugs in different colors. Just choose one and with the help of acrylic paint create anything artistic on the bug and you can also add your Raksha Bandhan wishes on the mug to personalize it to your sister.

Customized mugs

15. Homemade jewellery

Your sister will surely feel happy about receiving the jewellery that her brother made for her. Among the many gifts for Rakhi, this will turn out to be her personal collection as she will understand the affection you have towards her in spending some time to make jewellery for her.

Homemade jewelry-1

As mentioned earlier, Rakhi gifts that you make on your own at home for your sister will bring special happiness, even though many Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister are readily available online. Just try out any of the ideas mentioned above and make it a wonderful occasion this year.