Make This Raksha Bandhan Special For Your Brother With Best Handmade Rakhis

Rakhi is a physical symbol of the emotions associated with the great festival called as Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi symbolizes your love, affection and care towards your brother and so rather than buying a rakhi online, decorating your brother’s hand with one made by you will be more special, isn’t?

If you are particular about making online shopping, you can shop for the supplies needed for making rakhi at your home.

Here are some tips that will help you prepare Best handmade Rakhis for your brother

1. Car or aeroplane rakhi

If your brother is a little boy with great attraction towards cars, you can make a car rakhi for him as one of the best rakhi gifts for brothers.

To make this rakhi you will need foam stickers in desirable shapes and felt cylindrical sticker. All that you should do is to stick the foam sticker on to the circular felt sticker. Now, you have the center of the rakhi ready.

Now, just stick the felt sticker to the center of the satin ribbon to keep the rakhi ready for the forthcoming Raksha Bandhan. In a similar manner, you can also make an animal rakhi for your little brother with the help of animal-shaped foam stickers.

Car or aeroplane rakhi

2. Wool rakhi

To make this, you will need two different colors of woolen threads. Also, you will need bead similar to one of the color thread.

For instance, if you have red and yellow threads, just twist the red colored wool around your fingers for about 20 times. Now, slowly remove it and just tie it at the center with yellow thread.

Once, it is tied firmly, just cut both ends of the red colored bundle and spread the thread to get a ball like structure. At the center, connect a yellow colored bead to the yellow thread and place it at the center.

wool Thread - Best Handmade Rakhis

3. Craft foam rakhi

Some boys do not want funkier and ornamental rakhis and if your brother is such a person, you can make this symbol rakhi just with the help of a craft foam sheet in the favorite color of your brother.

Just cut out the foam to your favorite shape and attach it with a satin ribbon. Your handmade rakhi is ready for your brother.

Craft foam sheets

4. Rakhi with zari motifs/butis

Nowadays, you can get zari motifs in different designs online. Just get your favorite design. As these motifs come with fabric backing, you can easily stitch them or stick them to golden colored threads to create an attractive rakhi at home for your brother.

You need not have to buy rakhi online, but can buy the suitable supplies online to create the rakhi on your own for your brothers.

Rakhi with zari motifs

5. Felt and motif combination

If you want the rakhi to look even more attractive, you can just cut out cylindrical shape felt papers and can stick the motif design onto the felt paper chosen in a color contrast to the motif.

Once this is ready, you will need a thread or satin ribbon to attach both to get your rakhi ready.

felt paper

6. Rakhi with sequins

Sequins are always known for their attractiveness and you can use them on the felt paper to create an attractive-looking rakhi for your brother.

You can get different ideas to make designs with multi-colored sequins by having a look at some models available at rakhi online shopping sites.

As against felt paper, you can also use foam stickers and can make designs with sequins on the foam sheet to make attractive rakhis right from the comfort of your home.


7. How about adding your’s or your brother’s photo on rakhi?

Yes, just take a passport size photo and just cut the photo on the shape of a circle, such that face will be clearly visible. Now, paste the photo on a felt paper and you can place this photo at the center of any circular type rakhi to make your rakhi more personalized for your brother.

How about adding your’s or your brother’s photo on rakhi

8. Button Rakhi

If you are good at rangoli designs, just draw some in colorful felt papers. Just cut some designs on different color felt papers.

For instance, you can cut a star symbol in red color and a smaller size circle in yellow color and can place the circle over the start and now you can make a smaller star in red color and again a smaller circle in yellow color and place them one over the other to create a sequel design.

Finally, at the center, you can place a button in matching color to give a pendant like appearance. Now, you can place the entire piece on a satin ribbon or colorful thread to see your beautiful rakhi ready.

color felt papers

9. Silk thread rakhi

Similar to that of woolen thread rakhi that we saw earlier, you can make rakhi with silk thread. As silk thread is traditionally used in Raksha Bandhan festival, you can make your rakhi even more traditional for your brother.

silk threads in multiple colors-1

10. Silk thread beaded rakhis

You can get silk threads in multiple colors online. Just place order and once you get the bundle, twist multiple strands of silk threads and add golden beads then and there to make your rakhi even more attractive and special to your brother.

golden beads

11. Computer rakhi

If you wish that the rakhi should bring a look that is similar to the profession of your brother, it is not that you should buy rakhi online India.

Yes, you can easily make a computer shaped rakhi. For doing this, just take a match box and cut out the two narrow portions. Now, glue the other two broader portions and just stick a gray colored paper onto it and write ‘Windows’ horizontally.

Now the monitor is ready and you can give it a bright border with the help of colored tape. Finally, cover it with a transparent plastic sheet.

colored tape

To make the keyboard take the narrow sides of the matchbox and cover it with fluorescent color paper. Then, draw the keys with the help of a sketch pen.

To make a mouse, take the peel of a pista nut and draw the mouse keys over the shell of the nut with a sketch pen.

Assemble everything properly and attach them to a satin ribbon. Now, computer rakhi is ready to enthrall your brother.

12. Chocolate and biscuit rakhi

Let this Raksha Bandhan be a sweet festival for your brother. To make this rakhi, you should take a Marie biscuit. Just place three Gems chocolates in the place of eyes and nose and finally, place two cherries at the place of ears.

The biscuit should now look like a smiley and for mouth, you can paste a thread like a laughing smiley. Finally, paste the biscuit to a satin ribbon and that’s it your rakhi is ready.

satin ribbon

This is the right time to show your affection to your brother. Follow these tips to make the 2016 Raksha Bandhan Special both for you and your brother to cherish the memorable moments for several years to come. Happy Raksha Bandhan!