Looking for some fresh ideas to Decorate? Select from These 11 Amazing Christmas Stickers!

Christmas is just a month away and it’s just about time to deck up your house accordingly to the season…

But wait!

Do you want your boring apartment to blaze with the latest décor? Well then, all you need are Christmas stickers!

Christmas Stickers

These are affordable and unique décor options. Give your home a new look this Christmas with these ever-trendy, cost-effective and beautiful furnishings that could be a blast together with your creativity!

However, it can be tricky to find a pattern that uplifts the décor and fits your taste.

Compiled below is a list of 11 innovative walls Christmas stickers that will make you feel the spirit of Christmas to the fullest:

1. Decorate your windows with baubles, bells and snowflakes

Decorate your windows with baubles, bells and snowflakes


Nothing spells Christmas as much as snowflakes, bells and baubles! With such stickers, you can usher in the festive season in full swing. Stick them on windows and make your home look right out of the postcard.

What made it more interesting is the fact that they are reusable, you can reuse them same time next year!

2. Turn to your religious side with the magic of Christmas wall decal

Christmas wall decal


Looking for Christmas wall stickers that would bring out your religious side? Well, this might just do the trick! Paste a sticker which celebrates the presence of Jesus in the aptest manner. The wall sticker states exactly what Christmas is all about: not just about presents but for the love of Christ!

Jesus! It’s just so glorious.

3. Relive the nativity scene on your walls

nativity scene wall sticker


Re-live the story of Christ’s birth with the nativity scene wall sticker this Christmas Eve! Add the flavour of nostalgia to the sparkling night of celebration with these trendy Christmas decals! Celebrating the birth of the Almighty One wouldn’t be better without this nostalgic sticker around your home. Get one!

4. Keep it simple with Merry Christmas decal

Merry Christmas decal


Don’t want to deal with large statement decals? Then keep it low yet adorable by putting up a simple merry X-Mas sticker on the wall. Being white in colour, the wreath around the writing augments elegance to its splendor and can go with almost any dark wall colour!

5. Bring in the snow with the snowflake decals on the windows

What’s Christmas without snow?

Bring in the snow with the snowflake decals on the windows


Bring the snow right to your windows with the snowflakes Christmas wall decals! They will impart a picturesque look to your house and will undoubtedly make your windows stand out. Some might even think that it’s actually snowing outside!

6. Reindeer games on your walls!

 Reindeer games on your walls!


Reindeers, especially Rudolph, are one of the many symbols which embody the spirit of Christmas. So, how can any Christmas decorations be complete without such a wall decal? This wall decal, in the shape of reindeer, comes in green and even flaunts snowflakes on it will definitely complete the picture of your merry decoration!

7. Usher in the season of the holiday with ‘happy holidays’ sticker

Christmas is loved by many not just because it is a time for celebrations but also because of the long break from work almost everybody gets! So, why not put up Christmas wall decals for celebrating these holidays? Get some ‘Happy holiday’ stickers for your wall and revel in the spirit of 25th Dec!

Wondering how it’ll look on your wall? Here’s a suggestion:

happy holidays’ sticker


8. Light it up with merry Christmas decals

merry Christmas decals


Now, this is a new way to wish your guests! You can collect a ‘Merry Christmas’ sticker like a hanging chain and paste it on the door. As these can stick on any flat surface, you can put it up anywhere – be on the bedroom or the drawing-room wall!

9. Santa – Sleigh – Reindeer – all on your backdrop!

Santa – Sleigh – Reindeer – all on your backdrop


“Santa Clause is coming along, riding on his sleigh”! Imagine this entire scenario happening right at your backdrop, on your wall! Sounds interesting? Well then, get these stickers and stick them to the wall and set the festive mood on.

10. Spread the message across

Spread the message across


Your good wishes mean a lot, especially during Christmas! As they say, the Almighty himself showers his blessings and fulfills all wishes. So, as a gift, you can also choose stickers that will take your message across to your loved ones.

11. Complete your decorations with Christmas tree wall decals!

This Christmas, go a bit crazy and buy a bunch of Christmas tree wall stickers. Available in multiple colours, these Christmas decals will transform your dull walls into a celebrating festive backdrop.

Interestingly, these stickers look more like beautiful wall art instead of stickers due to the material they are made of.    Christmas tree wall decals


Did you like the choices above? Create a shopping list now.

However, apart from these, there are many other unique Christmas stickers available online. Select and place your order at a reputed website to make your Christmas a joyous and wonderful event.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!