Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

Nearing the back-end of the Year 2019, and kicked off the season of festivals here at all parts of the world. Christmas is coming and hence the preps have started already at various parts of the world. This year it has been all Eco – Friendly and pro-Green so why not have a for the nature Christmas and not go all berserk all over it. If we talk about Christmas, the first thing we are bound to jump in is the décor. Decorating the house, the yard even the garage is in the queue but first and foremost is the Christmas tree. So, if decorating the tree, then let’s go ahead with some eco friendly Christmas Tree ideas.

Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

Why eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas? Rather how?

Coming along the décor of the whole tree we might come across limited options but nowadays online shopping has made it easier. If we could just sit the evening out at the couch and scroll along with the internet by just writing “eco friendly Christmas tree ideas” in the search engine. So then why not just go for it and help to save nature.

Here are some eco friendly Christmas tree ideas for you to go ahead with and spark up the décor game this Christmas.

1) 6 ft Eco-Friendly Aspen Fir Christmas Tree

Eco Friendly Christmas Tree

This is the first step towards the process of eco friendly Christmas Tree ideas. U-miss 6ft Eco-Friendly Aspen Fir Christmas tree is just the right thing anyone would buy. It’s artificial so no chopping off a real tree. Real green is saved so half work is done. And the rest is clean-cut recycling. This could save the time and stress of hunting down a tree offline or online for a couple of years if maintained well.

  • The tree has many branches covered with 1300 tips which gives a real plump feel.
  • It can be dissembled into three parts which add up-to-the portability.
  • It does not take much place.
  • Great durability.
  • 1,100 Tips; 37″ Max. Diameter
  • 3 Section Hinge Tree Construction
  • Made up of Flame Retardant 100% Recycled Non-Toxic PVC Plastic


2) Premium Artificial Christmas Tree

Premium Artificial Christmas Tree - Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

Like the previous option, this one is also an alternate for the nature wreck. Looks natural. Hardly looks like an artificial tree which is necessary at times just to look fresh at a glance. For people who like to decorate with big decors, this is a piece you want to have it in your living room.

  • This is big and big by 7.5 ft big.
  • It’s easy to assemble and is foldable.
  • Sturdy and balanced.
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 52″(L) x 52″(W) x 7.5’(H) (including stand)
  • Covered in 1,346 tips for the 7.5-foot version or 2,028 tips for the 9-foot version


3) Christmas Tree Combo Kit

Christmas Tree Combo Kit - Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

This product gives you light game a boost and supports the cause of “eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas”. This is a complete alternate if anyone does not want a full-fledged tree in their hall room. This product is all about three differently sized artificial trees with little LEDs on them. Saves up the time to drape the tree or trees with a bunch of LEDs.

  • The branches are flexible enough.
  • A 24-volt adaptor along with a 16.4 ft extension is provided.
  • LEDs on the tree are waterproof.
  • Full guarantee for the product.
  • It includes 4′, 5′ and 6′ sized trees.


4) Fabric Wrapping Ribbon

Fabric Wrapping Ribbon - Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

First and foremost, the product is Eco-Friendly and Natural. It’s made up of natural burlap, Burlap is completely eco-friendly.

  • Burlap ribbon is no-fray. It has sewn/overlocked edges to prevent fraying.
  • Burlap Ribbons is a mixture of soft and tough.
  • It helps to hold the shape of materials and crafts. Acts as a reinforcement deal.
  • It is completely no-smell which comes along with the natural aspect.
  • Won’t fade out in color as its completely natural.


5) ForrestShop Christmas Bags

ForrestShop Christmas Bags

Rather than using any kind of plastic or harmful material, this is a winner in those aspects.

  • Made up of cotton, makes it natural and completely reusable.
  • Customized and gives it a pretty look to it.
  • The theme is sticking to its core which is strictly Christmas which makes the product apt.
  • It is a pack of 5 and not costly so it could be bought in bundles to give out gifts.

It’s a must-have in every household. Gifts and little things are given out to the family are those moments of their festive day and these storage stockings are just going to make it authentic.


6) LED’s

LED's - Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

Decorating the house and using a bunch of lights are a mandate. And this one is no extraordinary but it is the simple and little things which add up to something extraordinary.

  • Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient
  • Quality of the LEDs are premium.
  • It’s a 99ft bendable copper wire and it can be shaped as well as you want.
  • The lights are durable, works in synergy for better coverage.
  • Waterproof copper wire.
  • It comes with 24 key remote control.
  • Dimmable lights.
  • Safe to use also with kids around.
  • 12V output low voltage lights.


7) Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper - Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

It comes in the wrapping materials. So, searching for wrapping papers the designer ones are very nice but going with this product would mean a lot to the environment and the cause of eco friendly Christmas tree ideas.

  • 100% recycled Kraft paper.
  • Can use the paper as a DIY wrapping paper.
  • People can design it accordingly.
  • Un-waxed and eco-friendly traditional wrapping paper.
  • Industrial Grade


8) Decor Ball Ornaments

Decor Ball Ornaments - Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

Talking about eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas then how can one forget about the shiny little Christmas Ball Ornaments. Buying those is a mandate and getting them off a good quality helps it reusing them for years for the same reason one bought them for. The quality and quantity both matter and this product serve both.

  • 5 special finishes are provided: Shiny Swirl, Glitter, Shiny, Mirrored and Matte.
  • This is KL Stores’ new 2019 collection so it is indeed a quality trendy product.
  • Availble in 23 different colors with 3 different sizes.
  • Perfect for Christmas decors and also for DIY crafts.
  • It is Shatterproof.
  • Set of 34 and is made up of harder than plastic material.
  • Balls are equipped with Strings, Caps, and Hangers.


9) Ribbon Strings

Ribbon Strings - Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

Ribbons are the deal on Christmas and yes if it is a material which is quite an eco-friendly one then why not go for it? This bunch is a fair enough investment as at Christmas it’s all about wrapping, packing and making things look pretty so this product serves the purpose.

  • Eco- Friendly, Biodegradable, Recyclable
  • Matte-finished paper ribbon.
  • The color combination is Christmas perfect. Red, Green, and Kraft.
  • Size: 1/4″ raffia, 492 feetin total, each roll is 164 feet


10) Decoration Set

Decoration Set

This whole set is a bunch of reusables and a must for the Décor. The list of Eco friendly Christmas tree ideas is incomplete without this combo pack of Confetti Pentagram, Snowflake, Santa, Pine, Merry Christmas Alphabet, Elk Confetti set.

  • Features some of the signature Christmas decorative materials.
  • A pack of 4800 pieces and 100 grams per pack.
  • Small Items shall be kept away from kids as they are sort of swallow hazards.
  • Durable, reusable and Shiny
  • Fits in perfectly for all kinds of DIYs needed at Christmas but also can be used on various occasions.


11) LEDs with Remote Control

LEDs with Remote Control

These stringy lights are just the trendy thing in the market now and getting for this Christmas would get the décor game stronger. Plus, the battery usage or the USB usage helps to serve the cause of lessening the use of electricity or rather wastage of it. The colour of the lights is just perfect for the mood of the winter festival too.

  • String Operated Lights and Low powered so safe for children and pets.
  • Battery operated which saves up some amount of electricity.
  • Requires a 3AA battery.
  • Wireless Remote Control with a built-in timer to shut off at an appropriate time.
  • Extra USB cord plugs to behave as an alternative to the batteries.


So, the sole purpose of the “eco friendly Christmas tree ideas” list is that at least one family tries to take up the responsibility and celebrate with the authority of nature. The purity in which a celebration occurs is often misled to a wreck of nature by the end of a celebration and that can be controlled if and only if a step is taken ahead.

Christmas is all about gifting and eating and spreading happiness all over the world but it is also a festival when loads of wastage and havoc are caused by nature. Starting from chopping down trees, wastage of electricity and wastage of food.

Sometimes when you are bound to go out for any kind of décor materials you tend to think for a millisecond that do I need to buy them? Cause at times people do get the tendency of reusing their old materials in place of buying a new one. Sustainability is a factor now and that occurs when you question it thoroughly on the upfront of the festival not only Christmas but all of them. Though going online helps us a lot in choosing the right materials or products to sustain along. As the “eco friendly Christmas tree ideas” list above was stating a few of the options which are in turn very eco-friendly by every means.

The List showcases some of the vital aspects of decorating an eco-friendly Christmas tree. Such as lights, snowflakes, Ball ornaments and also wrapping paper and the tree itself. Christmas décor has been fun always by all means but if one can make it nature-friendly then why should not, we all try it out?

Questions have been raised about Nature sustainability all through this decade and by all aspects, we can say upfront that loads of those questions were answered upfront. But during the festival’s we people tend to forget what we practiced all year for nature. So, Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to pull up your socks and get you Décor game up.

Lastly, the eco friendly Christmas tree ideas are just the start of something very beautiful and nature-friendly. This can lead us to a whole new level of celebration where we are not exceeding any kind of anti-nature limits. Christmas is all about magic and wonders. All these years we have been selfish to ask and wish for ourselves, then why not be a little bit more selfish and wish for a better future for our future generations.

Let’s go make this Christmas magical and not wasteful anymore.