Have a Look at this Adorable List of Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys!

Having a baby boy in the family, friend circle or neighborhood is always a delightful experience. These tiny tots are an instant mood lifter. No matter what grave days you go through, one glimpse of their giggling bright face will make you forget all tensions and worries.

gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

However when it comes to searching birthday gifts for 1 year old boys, one has to go through a tough time. He is so small and delicate that his gift has to be extremely well chosen- something that will enrich his growing experience and at the same time be 100% safe.

Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys:

Completing the first year is indeed a milestone and one of the happiest occasions for the baby’s family members. They usually prefer celebrating it with pomp and grandeur. However, before you rush to the store to find best gifts for 1 year old boy, have a look at the following list-

1. A Superman dress for the upcoming super hero!

A Superman dress for the upcoming super hero


Needless to say, all boys have the dream of saving the planet with their superhero skills. Let’s give them the freedom and spirit with a miniature superman dress on his first birthday! The only problem is that these do not last very long. But, that’s okay the baby too will grow up too fast to fit into it for too many years.

Check out the link below for this amazing attire. It will indeed be one of the best presents for a 1 year old!

P.S. – Don’t forget to take enough snaps to show him later!

2. Or a cute onesie can be great gifts for 1 year old boys!

Or a cute onesie can be great gifts for 1 year old boys


There’s nothing more adorable than a ball of sweetness wearing a cute onesie! These are one piece clothings that have a triangular cut out in the lower portion with two loops for passing through the legs. These are really convenient to put on a one year old for they kick and move too much!

Here, check out the cutest one in the link below!

3. A sport center

A sport center


Want to train a baby boy for soccer and basketball together right from his first year? Consider gifting him a sport center. These are plastic made short sport center. The supporting framework for the basketball ring also serves as the play set’s goal post.

You can also consider this option even when thinking of Christmas gift ideas for 1 year old boy.

4. Walk-along wooden puppy!

Walk-along wooden puppy


One year olds have just learnt to stand on their own feet, walking is a fascination for them! So, get them a walk-along wooden puppy to encourage him going for walks with you.

If you choose a good quality one, then it will last him for at least 4 to 5 years.

5. A rocking horse for an energetic little master!

A rocking horse for an energetic little master


Children at the age of 1 are always bubbling with energy. Therefore, presenting a rocking horse can be one of the best gifts for 1 year old boy. It will both consume his play time and also relieve the other family members from his mischiefs and naughtiness!

I once gifted a one year old baby boy this rocking horse and he still remembers me for that lovely piece of childhood memory!

6. A Toys dump truck

toy dump truck


Want to see a baby grow up with good habits and concern for the environment? Choose to gift him a plastic toys dump truck. These are moveable and the baby can drag along with him all his toys no matter where he goes. Only make sure to choose a model that is made of 100% recycled plastic and is absolutely BPA free!

7. A set of rattle and roll cars for his playtime!

A set of rattle and roll cars for his playtime


Children of this age like noises. So when searching for presents for 1 year old boy, look out for rattle and roll cars. The period between 12 to 18 months witnesses babies differentiating between different sounds, shapes and colours. He will probably remember the colour of the car for the rest of his life for it’s likely to be his first car. So, make sure you make it special.

8. Block builders:

Block builders


First year old boys are bubbling with creativity. So, a set colourful building blocks will be great Christmas gift ideas for 1 year old boy. It will allow him to explore the creative part of his mind. Moreover these are big in size and easier to handle for little kids.

Click the link below to get a fair idea.

9. A musical rhyme book

A musical rhyme book


Experts say music is very important for brain development. That is why baby cribs always have musical mobiles. Now that the baby is already a year old, spending time with a musical rhyme book will surely benefit him. So, keep him cheerful with a musical rhyme book.

10. Bath toys

Bath time is a fascination for babies. Make it more fun by adding to his bath some of his Disney friends! Check out the link below for some inspiration.

Bath toys


It is true that buying presents for 1 year old boy can be quite a task for you have to keep in mind his safety and how the present will benefit him. Still, it is not that tough either. Just keep in mind that he is a tiny tot who knows nothing but play, have fun, sleep and eat!

So, choose from the list above and make your little master happy on his first birthday!