10 Thoughtful Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys on Completing a Decade!

The age of 10 is an “in=between” phase. Your boy is not old enough to be a teen; neither is he young enough to be a child. This later childhood period is a gradual transformation from early childhood to teenage. Boys start undergoing massive bodily and hormonal changes, which have considerable influence on their appearance and attitude as well.

Their level of curiosity heightens; they wish to be called grown-ups now! Therefore, choosing gifts for 10 year old boys is not an easy task.

gifts for 10 year old boys

As a parent or guardian, it is your task to buy presents for 10 year old boy that will keep him engaged, make a positive contribution in developing his cognitive mind. Recorded below is a list of 10 thoughtful gifts that will both enhance his mental and physical growth.

10 thoughtful gifts for 10 year old boys!

1. A star wars alarm clock!

Waking up young boys for school is a task all mothers dread. That’s why gift him an attractive alarm clock. Your child would love to wake up on time! Moreover, the Star Wars Storm trooper will be an addition to your boy’s Star Wars’ collection!

A star wars alarm clock


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2. Electric scooter

Electric scooter


Add some fun to your boy’s playtime if you want great gift ideas for 10 year old boy! If you feel that he is too young to go around the neighborhood on a bicycle, then hand him an electric scooter. It is a great way to encourage young individuals in outdoor games rather than spending time with smartphones and video games.

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3. A Halloween hoodie!

A Halloween hoodie


What is the single most exciting event that comes before Christmas? Halloween, of course! Creepy and fun costumes are all that young children demand on Halloween. So, get these best gifts for 10 year old boy and make his Halloween extra special!

P.S. – These hoodies are made of pure cotton and can be worn 365 days!

4. A Lego kit!

A Lego kit

Kids can never say no to Lego. Moreover, the choking hazards that usually accompany a Lego set do not even apply to these 10 year old near-to-mature kids. So, leaving them in a group with a Lego set can yield real creative results!

I got a Lego building set last year for my 10 year old nephew. He and his friends created really amazing buildings and skyscrapers with it. One of them now wants to be a civil architect!

Check out this mine builder Lego set for your 10 year old lad-

5. A skateboard

A skateboard


10 years onwards, boys start developing an affinity towards sports and adventure gaming. Do you want your kid to flourish with his passion? Then a skateboard is among the top gift ideas for 10 year old boy! Only remember to buy him knee, arm guards as well as a helmet, for beginners usually face injuries while skating.

The light weight skateboard is ideal for kids and can also be carried around!

6. Remote control car

Remote control car


If you care to recollect your childhood, you must remember having a huge fancy for remote controlled cars! Well, so does your son! So, if you are still searching for Christmas gift ideas for 10 year old boy, why not a radio controlled monster truck!

7. Superhero birthday t-shirt!

Superhero birthday t-shirt


Let your young master feel elated on his birthday with a superhero t-shirt. What more you can do is, have the digits “10” printed on it. It will make him feel all the more special, loved and wanted! You can choose from a range of attractive colors and prints!

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8. Set and strike target games

Set and strike target games


Boys at this age receive huge inspirations from gunfighters and military men. Target shots enthrall them. So, when looking for presents for 10 year old boy, did you think of a target and strike game?

These are extremely helpful in improving hand and eye coordination along with enhancing your son’s targeting skills!

9. Cure a curious mind with a book that answers why!

Cure a curious mind


Young minds are extremely curious and want an answer to everything that’s happening around them! It often happens that parents do not have the answer to their inquisitiveness. Hence, to cater to a mind that’s so eager to rationalize and analyze everything, a “WHY?” encyclopedia is one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy!

10. Binoculars

Binoculars are among the best Christmas gift ideas for 10 year old boy! The young lad is growing up and wants to see the unseen and know the unknown. As parents, you might want to nurture that adventurous spirit by encouraging him with these travel companions.



Moreover, for boys who are very quiet and observant in nature, a pair of binocular will serve as a great Christmas or birthday present!

Turning ten is really special as your boy completes a year! So this year, either on his birthday or on the occasion of Christmas, show your thoughtfulness with gifts that are both fun and helpful! Hurry, start your shopping now before the products run out of stock!